AIPM Announces New Corporate Council Program

The Academy of Integrative Pain Management (AIPM) greatly values its relationships with the commercial sponsors who make the products that enable members to provide the best pain care possible. To that end, AIPM considers commercial sponsors to be an integral part of the pain care team. These sponsors support AIPM and its programs through a variety of means, including by joining AIPM’s Corporate Council. (For a listing of our current Corporate Council members, go to (For a listing of our current Corporate Council members, go to Corporate Council Supporters.)

In the past, the program’s dues structure limited Corporate Council participation to commercial sponsors who had substantial budgets to cover such participation. That means that many smaller companies, some of whom have exciting new products, have been unable to join and to avail themselves of the benefits of Corporate Council participation.

Recognizing this, AIPM is pleased to announce a new tiered Corporate Council participation structure, one that we believe will enable companies of all sizes to participate and to receive the benefits that accompany that participation. This chart outlines this new structure.

Note that many of the benefits of Corporate Council participation are the same across all levels, while others, primarily those involving financial benefits of participation, increase in value as the level of corporate support increases. In particular, AIPM is pleased to be able to offer a number of:

  • free AIPM memberships
  • free Annual Meeting registrations, and
  • discounted advertising rates to Council members

Additionally, Council members are eligible for:

  • premium visibility opportunities in advertising positions
  • a number of enhanced opportunities related to participation in the Annual Meeting, and
  • advance notice of new opportunities and programs

In addition to these financial benefits, Corporate Council members are offered the opportunity to interact with AIPM staff and Board of Directors members in a number of ways. Each month, members will receive an update from AIPM’s Executive Director about AIPM’s programs. At the Annual Meeting, members are invited to attend a networking reception with members of the Board of Directors, and to participate in an Issues and Strategies Executive Roundtable, where they can share their thoughts with AIPM staff and Directors. These opportunities to interact can be invaluable, as members and AIPM staff share information and discuss important current issues related to pain management.

Members also can take advantage of their relationship with AIPM by receiving executive summary reports of member and patient surveys undertaken by AIPM, and by providing input into additional planned surveys. These surveys can provide invaluable information about clinicians’ and patients’ experiences as they navigate the tricky waters of pain management, and can guide companies’ decisions regarding new product development and enhancement of existing products.

Finally, Corporate Council members also receive prominent recognition for their support through the Corporate Council webpage, in ads in AIPM publications, at the Annual Meeting, and through a wall display for the company’s offices.

AIPM welcomes all commercial supporters, and is eager to expand the variety of participating companies through this tiered participation structure. We are excited to offer this new opportunity, and look forward to establishing new and enduring relationships with a wide variety of supporters.

For more information on our Corporate Council program, please contact Sheila Miller at, or by phone at 209-288-2204.