Snake Venom And Cannabis: Kenya’s Economic Salvation?


In an interesting proposal from a presidential candidate in Kenya, harvesting snake venom is considered a measure to boost the economy. This is apart from legalizing cannabis so it can be grown in its pure form to fetch more money for the government.

According to medical experts, snake venom is already used to produce many drugs for high blood pressure, treating blood clots, and heart problems. Other than that, they are essential in developing antidotes for snake bites which are required in every country.

Snake Venom And Cannabis: Kenya's Economic Salvation? 3

Sources say that the price for snake venom can go up to $120 for every gram, and this is expected to become a $1.5 billion market by the end of 2027. Kenyan Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah now wants the country to capitalize on their resources of snake venom and cannabis to improve the ailing economy.

Apart from these proposals, Wajackoyah also wants to have a four-day work week that is aimed at attracting labor forces in the country. The Roots Party member does not have much chance of winning the presidential race, but he can pull some percentage of votes and make the election a tight race for other contestants.

Kenya is a popular market for growing cannabis, and this is supplied to Israel and other regions of Europe. As the price for good quality hemp can go very high in the international market, countries like Kenya are looking for ways to legalize cultivation so that they can improve the economy in the near future.