5 Cannabis Strains To Try Over The Holiday Season


When the twin year of 2020 was approaching, we were excited as hell, isn’t it? Just a couple of days or maybe a month into the twin year and the year 2020 started turning into this nightmare that we as a world of humans were never prepared for. We were forced to stay within the confined walls of our homes—some of us enjoyed the liberty of staying with our families while a majority of us were left stranded alone. But each one of us did not give up and we adjusted to the new normal that we were facing in our lives. Now that the straining year of 2020 has ended and we have stepped into the brand-new year of 2021, the majority of us are looking at life with a new vision that will be a stepping stone towards a brighter future for each one of us. The very onset of December, the last season of the year that screams everything merry and joyous made us realize that even if the year was bad, it did come to a good end with the invention of the vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The onset of a new year calls for crazy side celebrations, fairy lights, delicious food, presents, and sweet-smelling treats – these are pretty much the essentials that go in for a joyous occasion, isn’t it? New Year’s Eve looks different for many of us this year, while some of us got to spend it with our families, a majority of us had to spend it alone. But there was something very common everywhere and that was weed. Weed played the role of a warm fire on most of the people’s cold winter nights; the cannabis provides cheer and comfort to many around the globe as the dark year comes to an end. Now, what are your holidays without a certain level of high, isn’t it? And considering the stressful year that just went by, we need a sense of relaxation and high to celebrate and mark the beginning of a new year. And we could not thank you enough the cannabis is illegal in most parts of the states all over the world, especially in the United States of America. Keeping the joy of leaves in mind we thought we will introduce you to 5 cannabis strains that are meant to be tried over this particular holiday season. But before we dive into the information of these cannabis strains, let us understand a little about what exactly is a cannabis strain.

Cannabis Strains

Firstly, what is cannabis used for?

In the present times, cannabis consumption can be marked into two primary categories one being medical and the other being recreational. When we say recreational cannabis, here the consumers use such canopies for change of purposes such as stress relief, creative stimulation, and even as simple as just enjoyment. And then comes the medical consumers, they use cannabis to help treat or handle symptoms of certain health conditions such as anxiety, appetite loss, pen, insomnia, etc.

Can you please be known to contain nearly hundreds of compounds that are active and most of them provide us with medical benefits? Amongst the vivid list of compounds, it is CBD and THC which are most popular.

Understanding the cannabis plant

Cannabis is a plant that flowers annually and displaces either one or both male and female reproductive organs. The main plant must Boli need a female plant to create seats. If a female plant does not receive pollen from a male land then its reproductive cycle is referred to as sinsemilla, “without any seed” and it is these females seedless plants that end up producing large birds that are often taken for smoking or are even vaporized or processed into cannabis oils. Hemp on the other hand is a different species, that is a sub-species of cannabis and is generally cultivated for its seeds and fiber. It is known to produce a modest amount of CBD which is later converted into oils, cosmetics, and other kinds of consumables.

What is a cannabis strain?

It is said that the cannabis plant was first found in Central Asia. And as time passed by, Millenials passed by, because of exploration and conquest this plant was virtually carried to almost all parts of the world. Cultivators started to breed this plant selectively to nurture the needs of their community.

And as generations passed by, different variations came into existence among the cultivators and were known as landrace strains. Most of these trains were originally collected from the native habitats and were then brought to the western part of the world. In the West, these land restraints were again crossbred with one another by horticulturists to understand the potential of this plant. This hybridization which was breeding different females with different males gave rise to nearly thousands of named varieties of cannabis that we consume in the present time. You must have heard these terms — Indica, Hybrid, Sativa while discussing strains of cannabis. Now it is these three types that help us in understanding the various plant structures, shapes, and features of the cannabis plants. Consumers always have this concept in mind that the Indica is known to possess a sedating effect, hybrid effects don’t count at all, and Sativa is known to promote energy.

In today’s times, the cannabis classification operates around the following categories:

  • First: High THC, Low CBD— gives euphoric effect
  • Second: High CBD, Low THC—gives more clear-headed effect
  • Third: Balanced THC and CBD gives a mild euphoric effect

Each one of these chemotypes offers very different medical benefits and has different and unique effect profiles. Now let’s have a look at the list of five cannabis strains that we curated for you to try over this particular holiday season.

  1. Bubblegum: If there is even the slightest opportunity for you to get out and get socializing during this particular holiday season, then we recommend you try the Bubble gum. People who have tried bubblegum claimed that it gives you a very rapid cerebral high and this highness comes coupled with an energy boost that lasts only in the initial stages. This makes this particular cannabis strain to get you in the mood to groove and talk. This is a very popular hybrid that is balanced with a THC content of 19%. It originated in the Indian region in the year 1970. It later made its way to the east coast and has also become extremely popular in the Amsterdam coffee shops. When you smoke bubble Gum, you will feel very relaxed and extremely positive. And if you are having arguments with family then you should probably smoke bubble Gum because it will reduce the risk of a family fallout.
  2. Purple Voodoo: The consumers of this particular strain say that it is almost like you have found your happy moments and the gift that you were always looking for. The purple voodoo is the least potent strain in this list. It has a THC content of just 7% and a CBD content of 1%. It is an excellently balanced hybrid which is good for first-time users. It was created in California and this strain gives you a very wonderful grape flavor. It will make you great and also helps in battling social anxiety.
  3. Blue Hawaiian: Oh yes, Hawaii has nothing to do with festivals but this particular cannabis strain has a scent that resembles everything holiday. This hybrid was created in Jordan of the islands. It consists of a THC of 20% and is a 50: 50 mix of Indica and Sativa. These strains creep up on you very slowly yet gently. This is not recommended for new bees as they might feel an overwhelming high.
  4. Fire OG: This particular strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of 70% with a THC content of 24%. If you are looking for relaxation after having a tough day, then fire OG should be the strain that you must smoke up right away. In the beginning, you will feel the energy and it slowly translates into relaxation. This strain assures you an amazing night’s sleep. It is a very pleasant strain.
  5. Space Jill: if you need this boost of energy that will help you deliver top-notch productivity and helps you make use of your best creativity skills then you need to try this Sativa dominant hybrid! This strain has a THC level that ranges between 19% to 28%. Just like the name, space Jill takes you to the world of the cosmos. It will help you feel relaxed and focused at the same time thank you will certainly be thankful for the energy boost that you get after smoking space Jill.