How Long Does CBD Last In A Dog’s System?


Dogs are much more than just pets! They are precious companions. Every dog parent’s wish is to ensure their dogs live a healthy and happy life. Just as humans have a plethora of holistic wellness products and health supplements to choose from, even dogs have similar supplements for ideal nutrition and better quality of life.

How Long Does CBD Last In A Dog's System? 3

Since all dogs may not react the same to all supplements, it is prudent to consult a vet and discuss the requirements, medical history of the dog, and other concerns before choosing the right supplement. A recent but effective product in the market for pet supplements is CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the prominent compounds in the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not intoxicate the dogs or get them high. CBD products for pets are increasingly becoming popular due to their anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, appetite-inducing properties.

But as dog owners, many questions may arise like, How long will CBD stay in the dog’s system? How long will it take to affect dogs? And, How long will the effects last on the dog? Read on to know all about administering CBD for dogs.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the dog’s body to regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and memory. It also offers benefits such as;

  • CBD provides relief from gastric issues and other stomach problems and enhances gut health.
  • It also offers essential fatty acids that support cognitive functions in dogs.
  • It has a soothing effect and keeps dogs in a calm and relaxed state
  • CBD improves joint health in dogs, thereby enhancing mobility and overall health.

CBD delivery methods for Dogs:

One can give CBD to dogs in any of the following methods;

  • Tinctures

 Popularly known as CBD oils for dogs, they usually come in dropper bottles and are administered by placing them on their tongue, throat, or through food. One can also give it sublingually. It is the fastest method of absorption as CBD oil directly enters the bloodstream when taken orally.

  • Dog Treats

 Dogs love treats, and it would be easier to make them take CBD treats. However, since the treats take time to digest, it would take a longer time to get absorbed into the system, unlike the oil tinctures.

  • Topical applications

 CBD products for dogs are also available as topical applications such as shampoo, balm, sprays, and more. However, they only have a localized effect on the skin and fur and do not penetrate to enter the bloodstream.

How long does CBD take to enter the dog’s bloodstream?

The time taken for CBD to get absorbed into the dog depends on various factors like the size of the dog, type and quality of the CBD product, dosage, and the mode of delivery such as oils, topical application, or treats.

How long does CBD take to work on dogs?

This again depends on the type of CBD product, the dog breed, and the medical condition requiring treatment. CBD oils, when administered sublingually, might take anywhere between 20 minutes to 60 minutes to take effect. CBD treats might take around 45 to 90 minutes to get digested and absorbed into the system.

It is important to remember that the results may vary from dog to dog, and consistent usage is necessary to obtain beneficial results.

How long does it stay in a dog’s system?

Among other factors, the term ‘half-life’ is relevant to know the duration CBD will stay in a dog’s system. It simply refers to the time taken by the system to metabolize and eliminate half of the drug from the body. For instance, if the half-life of a drug is 2 hours, it will pass out of the dog’s system in 4 hours.

The half-life of CBD oils

Studies have shown that CBD oils, when administered around 2mg to 10 mg have a half-life of roughly 4 hours which means that the CBD will stay in the dog’s system for approximately 8 hours. However, this range estimation does not apply to every dog and may vary depending on the concentration of CBD. Products with higher CBD concentrations may even take up to 18 hours to pass out of the dog’s system.

As dog owners, it is prominent to understand the concept of half-life to help determine the right CBD dosage and the frequency of administration. Drugs with excessive half-life may cause accumulation in the dog’s body. In general, an eight-hour dose is considered ideal.

Factors that affect the duration CBD stays in the dog’s system:

Some of the factors that determine how long CBD stays in the dog’s system are;

  • Method of delivery

The method of intake determines how fast CBD is absorbed into the dog’s system. It gives an idea of how long it will stay in the dog’s body too. While Tinctures are the fastest absorbing CBD products, treats, pills, topical applications may take longer.

  • Type of CBD product

Depending on whether it is a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or a CBD isolate product, the concentration of the compounds varies. Usually, dog owners prefer a full-spectrum CBD product to take advantage of the ‘entourage effect’.

  • Weight & Metabolism

 Since it is a fat-soluble supplement, the more the body mass of the dog, the more time CBD takes to work. Also, for dogs that are very active and have a high metabolism rate, CBD products work faster and pass out of the system quicker, while vice versa happens for dogs with a slow metabolism.

  • Dosage & Frequency:

 The concentration of CBD and the dosage decides the amount of time it stays in the dog’s system. The higher the dosage, the more time it will take to be eliminated. The dosage also depends on the condition being treated, and the endocannabinoid system balance of the dog.

 How long do the effects of CBD last?

Depending on various factors discussed above, the effect of CBD may last roughly around 8 hours. For inflammation-related problems, it might take up to two weeks to see results, while for more intensive conditions like arthritis, chronic pains, and more, it might take two to four weeks to obtain results.


While there is no doubt CBD is a great supplement to support the overall wellness of dogs, the drug may stay in the dog’s system for 8-24 hours, depending on the dosage and concentration. Consult a vet to determine the right CBD product depending on the dog’s health profile.