This Week in Pain: April 16, 2015

Recap of recent pain-related news: Mindfulness Program Beneficial for Chronic Pain Source: Doctors Lounge; tweeted by @aapainmanage – 4/15 “Peter la Cour, Ph.D., from the Copenhagen Multidisciplinary Pain Center, and Marian Peterson, Ph.D., from the Neuroscience Center at Rigshospitalet — both in Denmark, conducted a randomized trial to examine the effects of mindfulness meditation on […]

17 consumer groups unite around release of first-ever national strategic plan to address crisis of chronic pain, call for plan’s swift implementation

To address the urgent public health crisis of chronic pain in America, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a draft of the newly developed National Pain Strategy (NPS) and is soliciting comments from the public. The Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force—a new coalition of seventeen consumer organizations and advocacy groups created […]

FDA issues final guidance for abuse-deterrent opioids

More than two years after draft guidance was released, the FDA has issued its final guidance for industry on the development of abuse-deterrent opioids.  The guidance outlines the types of studies needed to establish abuse-deterrence, addressing how the studies should be performed and evaluated, and further outlines the approval of labeling claims.  The guidance does […]

Building a Quality of Life National Movement: Igniting advocacy to integrate palliative care in our US health system

The current health system in the U.S. is not currently able to effectively manage the needs of patients with complex illnesses, nor is it able to adequately assess and address pain, symptoms, and distress over the course of a long trajectory and many transitions and follow-ups.  In an effort to address the need for quality […]

You Can Treat Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Successfully

By Kenneth Muhich, DC For many allopathic physicians, fibromyalgia and, to a somewhat lesser extent, chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF) do not fall into the allopathic practice of relying on objective findings to complete a proper diagnosis. Today, however, more pressure is being placed upon these health providers by their colleagues to exhibit open-mindedness in the […]