‘Abuse-deterrent’ label panned for new opioid

The FDA recently approved Targiniq ER, an ‘abuse-deterrent’ opioid pain reliever, to treat pain that is “severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock” therapy; however, addiction experts warn that the drug can still be easily abused.  The drug contains naloxone in order to block the euphoric effects of the oxycodone if Targiniq ER is injected or […]

FDA approves abuse deterrent pain reliever Targiniq

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new formulation of a powerful narcotic pain reliever that discourages potential abusers from snorting or injecting the drug.  The drug, Targiniq ER, is made by Purdue Pharma, and the pill is a combination of oxycodone, a narcotic, and naloxone, a drug that blocks the euphoric effects […]

Point-of-care apps: How docs can make the most of eight minutes

Today’s doctor must give an exam, give a diagnosis, a prognosis, discuss treatment options, and securely and accurately chart a patient’s health information–all in an average of eight minutes.  To help make the most of this short time, clinicians have started turning to a variety of point-of-care applications to support their patient interactions.  With so […]

Tips for choosing a physical therapist

After an injury or surgery, proper rehabilitation is often a critical factor in a patient’s recovery.  While convenience is often a patient’s first concern when signing on to a long term physical therapy commitment, experts caution that not all facilities provide the same type or level of care and patients should do a bit of […]

CVS, doctors urge action on prescription drug abuse

The Alliance to Prevent the Abuse of Medicines, a coalition whose members include CVS and the American Medical Association, recently wrote to Michael Botticelli, acting director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, with praise for his 2014 policy agenda.  The coalition cited their unequivocal support of the drug czar’s position that […]