This Week in Pain: June 25, 2015

Recap of recent pain-related news: Survey Finds Doctors And People With Pain Uncomfortable Discussing Prescription Drug Abuse Source: Reporter Times; tweeted by @FibroAndPain on 6/25 “The reality is that people affected by chronic pain are reluctant to talk about opioid treatment and issues of abuse and misuse with their clinicians, according to a recent survey […]

Clinicians and People Affected By Pain Open Up About Rx Abuse: Infographic

A new survey conducted on behalf of Teva Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the U.S. Pain Foundation and the American Academy of Pain Management explores issues impacting the pain care landscape. Download the Pain Matters Infographic

To Ease Pain, Reach for Your Playlist

“The analgesic effects of music are well known, but most of the studies have been done with adults and most of the music has been classical. Now a recent study finds that children who choose their own music or audiobook to listen to after major surgery experience less pain.”

What is a Cluster Headache Like? Intriguing Survey Results on a Very Painful Headache Disorder

“In Headache, researchers Rozen and Fishman published results of a large survey that included over a thousand people with cluster headaches – of which there are a little over half a million sufferers in the United States.”

Targeted Treatment For Arthritis, Thanks To Stem Cell Discovery

“Researchers have identified individual stem cells that can regenerate tissue, cartilage and bone. The stem cells are mixed within human bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) but are similar in appearance and previously, scientists had difficulty in distinguishing between them. The researchers isolated individual MSCs and analyzed their different properties.”