Panel: Quashing prescription drug abuse demands community effort

If one thing became clear during a panel discussion at the American Academy of Family Physicians’ recent conference, it’s that preventing prescription drug abuse is about more than simply controlling distribution of these medications.  Conversely, the best way to solve this problem is through a multi-pronged and cooperative effort among physicians, pharmacists, law enforcement, and […]

Nasal naloxone price set to jump

Starting December 1, 2014, Amphastar, the lone producer of nasal naloxone in the United States, will be raising the drug’s price from $13 to $30.  The retail cost is nearly double.  This increase is worrisome, as it may prevent many community nonprofit programs with small budgets from distributing the drug.  According to Phillip Coffin, MD, […]

FDA advisory panel says steroid shots for back pain can continue

Steroid injections are often used to treat back pain despite never having been approved for that use by the FDA.  An FDA advisory panel recently considered this issue but ultimately left the continued use of steroid shots for back pain largely unchanged.  The panel said that in only one type of procedure–a specific neck injection–could […]

New checklist method helps doctors check pain drug compliance

According to new research, prescribers using a short and newly-developed compliance checklist can better identify individuals most likely to misuse prescription pain medications.  The checklist was developed and validated by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital over the course of six months and 157 patients with chronic pain.  According to lead author, Robert Jamison, PhD, […]

Representative to file prescription monitoring bill [Missouri]

State Representative Holly Rehder of Missouri has launched the PDMP Now Coalition and outlined her plans to present a bill during the 2015 legislative session that would implement a prescription drug monitoring program in the state.  The PDMP Now Coalition believes that prescription drug abuse is a public health issue which needs attention.  A member […]