Almost 1 in 5 Americans plagued by constant pain, survey suggests

According to a recent poll of 35,000 American households, significant and debilitating pain that endures for three months or more is present in the lives of an estimated 39 million Americans.  Overall, 19% of the adults polled were found to have experienced chronic and severe daily pain (intermediate, moderate, and short-term pain were not the […]

‘Never Only Opioids’ urges imperative for integrative medicine in pain care

Integrative medicine and complementary health practices have always been a part of pain management, but despite the ever-increasing evidence in favor of complementary treatments, they are often buried deep within guidelines, mentioned as an afterthought, or treated as a last resort.  However, a new policy brief called “Never Only Opioids: The Imperative for Early Integration […]

New study correlates use of EXPAREL for postsurgical pain management with significant reductions in opioid related adverse events

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced results of an independent, physician-initiated study that reinforce the positive impact of an EXPAREL-based pain management regimen on reducing postsurgical complications associated with opioid use.  According to lead investigator Jay Redan, “Our findings suggest that including EXPAREL in a multimodal analgesic regimen can reduce the occurrence of opioid-related adverse events, […]

Cara Therapeutics announces positive results from human abuse liability trial of peripheral opioid for acute pain, I.V. CR845

Cara Therapeutics, Inc. recently announced positive results from its Human Abuse Liability trial of an intravenous (I.V.) formulation of CR845, a first-in-class peripherally-selective kappa opioid agonist.  Top-line results showed that therapeutic and supratherapeutic doses of I.V. CR845 met the trial’s primary endpoint by demonstrating highly statistically significant lower “drug liking” scores.  Additionally, both doses of […]

Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium announces consumer health information and advocacy website

The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) has announced the launch of its first initiative in consumer health information, a public education and advocacy program entitled CoverMyCare.  CoverMyCare is designed to create grass-roots support for the full implementation of Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act, also known as the”non-discrimination in healthcare” clause.  Section 2706, which […]