U.S. court reverses Massachusetts ban on Zohydro

A United States District Court judge has granted a preliminary injunction against Massachusetts’ attempted ban of Zohydro ER, a prescription painkiller by Zogenix Inc.  The state’s governor, Deval Patrick, had announced a ban on the drug, formally declaring a public health emergency on March 27, 2014 stemming from abuse of opioids in the state.  This […]

Researchers find key to lingering joint pain after viruses

A team of Australian researchers have discovered why otherwise healthy people are plagued by chronic joint pain long after recovering from viruses such as dengue, yellow fever, and various forms of encephalitis.  According to the team out of Griffith University, alphaviruses infect the skeleton and degrade people’s bones, suggesting that those experiencing this type of […]

Prolotherapy: nonsurgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis

Prolotherapy, a new nonsurgical approach to treating chronic pain and stiffness associated with knee osteoarthritis, has demonstrated significant and long-term improvement in knee pain, function, and stiffness.  According to study authors, prolotherapy is a safe, two-solution treatment delivered in a series of injections into and around the knee joint.  Over the course of the year-long […]

Community Connect: Shared responsibility in caring for the person with pain

You are cordially invited to participate in Community Connect, a meeting of local prescribers and pharmacists to provide perspectives about shared responsibilities in prescribing and dispensing prescription opioid pain medications. These meetings will provide an environment in which participants may collaborate to better serve their patients with pain and will feature a panel of thought […]

SPPAN convenes fifteen patient advocacy organizations to discuss collective action

In an unprecedented effort to collaborate, innovate, and effect change through collective action, fifteen patient and consumer advocacy groups convened in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2014.  The meeting, which was moderated by the State Pain Policy Advocacy Network, a project of the American Academy of Pain Management, was the first step in discussing common ground […]