Pain assessment very difficult in deaf patients

There should be an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter present at every encounter between a deaf pain patient and his or her healthcare providers, according to the results of a series of focus groups.  There are many barriers to effectively assessing a deaf patient for pain.  Including the obvious communications barriers, there is a lack […]

How you (and your mind) can manage pain beyond medications

While there have been many great improvements in the pharmacological treatment of pain in recent decades, patients are often unhappy with the lack of ability to control their pain without medication, citing concerns such as sedation, constipation, and nausea.  Research has shown that the best way to manage pain is by combining pharmacological and cognitive […]

How exercise helps us tolerate pain

The longer one excercises, the greater ones tolerance for pain and discomfort can grow, according to a recently published study.  For the study, scientists measured participants’ pain thresholds at base and again after the test group had been exercising for six weeks.  While the control group, who had not been exercising, showed no change in […]

Expert panel concludes neurostimulation can be life-changing therapy for chronic pain

In the treatment of chronic pain, neurostimulation can offer a minimally invasive and reversible alternative to medication, according to a recently published report.  The technology, which involves stimulating pain-sensing nerves to convert painful sensations into nonpainful ones, is used to treat conditions such as neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, postherpetic neuralgia, and more.  According […]

Unspeakable pain: As many suffer in silence, a local initiative seeks to lift the shadows

In an effort to shed light upon chronic pain, and reduce the associated stigma, a local project is being launched called Relieving Pain in Kansas City.  In part, project organizers organizers hope to integrate a far-flung network of patients, “safety net” clinics, physicians and therapists who approach treatment in ways that extend beyond a drug […]