This Week in Pain

This Week in Pain

Pain News Recap

Week of 1/28

This Week in Pain

Transform the way that people with pain get the care they need and deserve.

Join us, become a member, and be part of an energized community of clinicians that works together to ensure that people with pain have access to optimal, person-centered care. Join us and get the tools, services, and support you need to provide that care.

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We offer both a general and an advanced credential in pain management, for all clinicians who treat pain.

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Learn about our interdisciplinary and integrative model through our publications, online education, articles, and research.

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We are the foremost voice in proposing and advocating for public policy to provide optimal pain care.

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We bring together the collective knowledge of many disciplines to promote good pain management.

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The Academy addresses the four pillars of pain management.

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Our partners represent a network that supports the Academy's cause. We are grateful for their support. If you're interested in becoming a partner of the American Academy of Pain Management, contact us today.

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The Academy's mission is to advance the field of pain management using an integrative model of patient-centered care. You can help support the Academy with your time or by donating to support our cause. Help us support pain practitioners, and bring pain management to the forefront.