Why Is CBD Becoming So Popular?


Regardless of where you live, there is a great chance by now you have heard something about CBD products. More often than not, when we hear of CBD products, we are hearing a new cure or treatment these products are being used for.


For many parents that have young children suffering from epileptic seizures, they are finding the relief they haven’t been able to find anywhere else through using CBD oil. Let that sink in for a minute. They aren’t racking up huge medical bills visiting doctors and searching for the right prescription. There’s not a pill or new exercise making life more enjoyable for their child. It’s a CBD product they can buy in many places, without a prescription or hefty price tag.  

Many other people are using CBD products for other serious illnesses and injuries. Do you suffer from chronic or severe back pain? Do you force yourself to deal with the pain the best you can because you don’t want to put yourself at risk of getting addicted to narcotic pain medication? Can’t afford to even discuss surgery with a doctor but need something to help you return to living a normal life? A CBD product may be exactly what you need.  

Just in case you are wondering, yes, there are plenty of other significant health issues CBD provides relief for that aren’t as serious as seizures or back pain. Are you simply looking for a way to get a better night of sleep without taking a sleeping aid that will leave you feeling drowsy in the morning or to the point where you can’t sleep without taking the pill? Plenty of people are resting better at night than they ever have before by simply using a CBD oil or a cream.

Are you well past the dreaded teenage years of puberty and still having a serious issue with acne? Plenty of people are using a CBD product on a regular basis to treat acne and several other skin issues and conditions. Better looking skin, toenail fungus, athletes foot, rosacea, treating sunburns, varicose veins, these are all serious conditions that people are now treating with a CBD product. The only question they are left with after trying is why they weren’t using these products years ago. 

CBD is now being used everywhere with many claiming it’s the magical fix available in creams and lotions, bath bombs, capsules you take in the morning, a mix that’s drunk with coffee or tea, even pharmaceutical drugs are now being manufactured with CBD included.

You would be very hard-pressed to find the exact date when using CBD products began being so popular. There is a chance it all started when Mandy Moore revealed she had been experimenting with CBD oil to get rid of the pain that comes with wearing high heels for hours on end before the Golden Globes awards.

Or, possibly, Willie Nelson introducing a line of coffee beans that had been infused with CBD sent the public into a nationwide craze. Possibly, Dr. Sanjay Gupta endorsing CBD on the popular Dr. Oz show is what got everything started.  

Regardless, it is difficult to say just exactly when CBD products started to be found in several homes in any neighborhood throughout the US. With so many popular and beloved people saying they were getting results from using CBD products for everything from pain, anxiety, inflammation, post-traumatic stress, depression, even cancer, it’s not difficult to understand why so many people are now experimenting with CBD.  

What if I don’t like marijuana and am not looking to get stoned?

This is a great question that is getting a ton of attention these days. People love what they are hearing and see exactly how many people are getting great results with CBD products. That being said, these are law-abiding citizens who would never agree with using the “devil’s lettuce” or allowing friends or family to know they were willingly using products that would get them high. What are these people supposed to do? 

In order to give the correct answer here, we need to spend a few minutes discussing exactly what CBD is and what it isn’t. CBD is the popular name for cannabidiol (1). This is an abundant chemical that is extracted from the cannabis plant, just like THC. That being said, like marijuana that has a high level of THC, you will not get high or stoned from using CBD. People who use CBD regularly will often say, THC produces a high in your mind. CBD produces a high in your body.

Many people who use a CBD oil will compare the feeling of soaking in warm bath water, melting away all of the tension that has been created throughout your body. Some will consider using CBD product’s bodily balancing. It creates a soothing sensation that levels what you feel throughout your body, not in your mind. Others who use CBD will compare it to what they feel when finishing an intense session of yoga or meditation. Some even go as far as to say the glow that is produced from using CBD has synergistic downstream effects. When they are around other people, they find themselves being more attentive and present with a higher level of openness and creativity.  

With people making comments and remarks such as these, CBD seems like the perfect cure the 30 something generation has been looking for during their era. Besides, it seems like every generation has had a defining psychological malady they relate with. Be careful with that thought. No, it doesn’t exactly mean that every era has had an illegal drug of choice.  

With bomb shelters in the backyards and all the fears in suburban areas in regards to keeping up with the Joneses, sedatives were booming in the baby boomer period. The recession-era of the 90s allowed Generation X and an obsession throughout the culture led to more antidepressants than someone could count. With today’s sociological condition still being defined, many millennials are now experiencing more anxiety than ever. On almost a yearly basis, this generation is given another reason why there’s a need to freak out with anxiety, thanks to many of the smart devices currently being used.  

Computers are opened and phones are checked just to find new alerts of reasons to be anxious. Terror attacks, dysfunction in politics, student loan debt, climate change, all the good jobs are being taken over by artificial intelligence. What more convenient time could there be for mother nature to bless us with a cure that at least seems like it is able to tie together many different threads in our culture all at one time? Constantly we hear discussion on the legalization of marijuana and how wellness and self-care need to play a role. We could just as well already have exactly what is so desperately needed by so many. 

While there may or may not be any truth with this way of thinking, we need to clear up a false misconception here. No, it’s not just coffee shop millennials with skinny jeans and lautes using CBD products. Baby boomers alike are taking full advantage of the products, especially for arthritis and pain that are now consuming their bodies. When all else seems to fail, CBD is coming to the rescue.  

We have to make sure you know something, here. No, you are not going to buy a lotion with CBD oil in it, go home and apply the lotion to a painful area of your body, and immediately feel like a kid again. If that were the case, you’d almost definitely need insurance to be able to afford a CBD product. 

Like many other medicines that provide relief for our bodies, CBD has to build up within your system. Because the exact research is still being developed, no one can exactly know how many times you need to use CBD or an exact amount before you start experiencing relief. One thing we do know is that every person’s body is different in its makeup. Because of this, it simply isn’t reasonable to expect our bodies all to react to something in the same way.

It’s highly recommended that you start with using a smaller amount of CBD for a few days, and then work your way up as you go along. A great example would be starting with a small dosage, and after using that amount each day for a week or so, start increasing the amount you are using once, maybe two times a week at most. Also, keep in mind. Just like CBD needs an opportunity to build up in your body, you will also be able to develop a tolerance.

Because of this, many people will begin rapidly increasing the amount of CBD they are using. This isn’t always the wisest decision. You might not exactly need to take more to feel better results. Sometimes, especially if you have been using the product for weeks or months at a time, the best answer is to go a few days without using CBD at all, maybe even go as long as a week without it, and then starting with a lower dosage and slowly working your way up again.

 How should I use CBD?

So, you have made the decision that you want to experiment with CBD. You’ve heard enough people raving that you are finally ready to see what the fuss is all about. Now what? How do you use CBD?

A lot of this answer will result in exactly why you are using a CBD product. For instance, if you are treating sunburn or a skin condition, the obvious answer would be using a cream or oil that is rubbed into the skin. That being said, if you are using CBD for something else such as anxiety, helping you sleep, relief from a migraine, ingesting CBD would make more sense.

If you have decided you aren’t exactly the lotion and cream type, there are many other options for you to try. As we mentioned earlier, CBD can be taken as a liquid, usually mixed with coffee or tea. CBD also comes in the form of edibles, normally found as candy or another delicious treat. Recently, it’s even popular for CBD oil to be used through vaping products. If you want to begin using a CBD product, there are many options as far as how to go about doing so. This wide variety in methods of use has also played a huge part in why CBD products are becoming so popular.