CBD For Acne and Scarring


If you are a teenager or have a teen who plays a significant role in your life, you are fully aware of exactly how detrimental acne can be. Even if you don’t fall into either of those categories, regardless of how old you are, you probably remember plenty of the frustrating mornings waking up and looking into the mirror as a teenager in junior high or high school.

Acne breakouts are by no means limited to people between the ages of 13-19. There are several people in their mid to late 20s, even their 30s that experience issues concerning acne. Regardless of how odd it may or may not be, outbreaks can happen to us well into our adult years.  

Whenever there is an issue with our skin, many of us don’t hesitate to turn to a chemical cocktail or tonic, attempting to get rid of the blackheads and pimples so many of us dread. When we use these synthetic solutions, more often than not, we end up with one of two results. They simply don’t work as well as promised through marketing and advertising, or, they make matters even worse by irritating our skin even worse.  

As long as I can remember, there have always been products that promise acne relief, failing to produce the results they too easily guarantee. This is why still today, people are searching for products they can trust to clear up both acne and scarring issues when it comes to our skin. Is it possible that CBD is the miracle answer so many of us were seeking during our youth? Here is our guide on using CBD oil for acne and exactly how and why it may be able to get rid of acne and scarring symptoms. Let’s get started.

CBD for Acne

Exactly what is cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD?

What we know as CBD is a compound (cannabinoid) that is found in and extracted from a cannabis plant. Normally, when people hear the word CBD, they think of treatment for antiseizure, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety effects. While these are a few of the more common issues people use CBD for relief from, it’s by no means the limit to the possibilities.

It’s common for people’s minds to instantly go to thoughts of CBD having the same effects as marijuana. This couldn’t be further from the truth, Yes, both CBD and marijuana come from the cannabis plant. That being said, cannabidiol, unlike THC, doesn’t create a psychotropic feeling or effect. To put it simply, no, you will not get high from using a CBD product, regardless of how much of the product you are using or the method in which it is used.  

Instead of being used to alter one’s state of mind, the CBD compound is being used to provide relief from symptoms of more diseases, illnesses, and issues than we could possibly list in one article. This is happening because around 30 years ago, it was discovered that CBD is able to interact with a system that is very influential within the makeup of our body.

The endocannabinoid system

This system in our body, commonly referred to as ECS, is a complicated system that signals our molecules. ECS is responsible for many of our bodily functions that affect our memory, pain, mood, appetite, and much more. All of the areas where ECS takes on a role contribute to homeostasis, our health’s balance.  

Neurotransmitters, medically known as endocannabinoids, are created by our bodies. Their role is sending messages throughout our body to receptors. This allows the different parts of our bodies to perform their specific functions and actions.

Here’s an example. Following exercise, endocannabinoid is released. It then corresponds with CB1 receptors throughout our brain. This results in us experiencing what is known as “runners high.” Within a short period of time, this molecule is broken down by enzymes in our body, bringing this feeling we are experiencing to an end.  

One could almost call it amazing how phytocannabinoids found in a cannabis plant are able to mimic what happens with endocannabinoids so exact, it’s like a sports team substituting a player on the bench for someone who is already active on the court. There have been many medicinal benefits linked to CBD, including the possibility that it could be what is used by millions of people who are suffering from skin issues such as acne.  

How is acne created?

Sebum, an oily substance, is produced underneath the skin by sebaceous glands. This happens to both protect our skin from drying out and to lubricate the skin. Sebum then begins to appear on our outer skin through pores by traveling up hair follicles. Dead skin is shed by these follicles and is then carried out of the body by sebum.

When an excess of sebum is released and there are too many skin cells being shed, pores become plugged up or clogged. As a result, excess bacteria are able to build up, flourishing in our pores. This results in spots and inflammation on our skin. To make it a little more simple: 

  • Dead skin clogs our pores
  • Too much sebum is produced
  • There is an excess of bacteria that is produced
  • This creates an excess of hormones 
  • Dead skin clogging pores
  • A build-up is created by an excess of dead skin cells being released at one time. The pores are clogged by excess sebum and these cells.  
  • Too much sebum being produced
  • When our sebaceous glands produce an excess of sebum, pores become blocked. Both oily skin and a greasy scalp will lead to the forming of small spots on our skin.
  • Too much bacteria
  • Our skin is full of small amounts of bacteria. This is natural. However, more bacteria begins to grow when there is a blockage in our pores. Inflammation happens due to the flourishing of sebum.  
  • Too many hormones 
  • There is an increase in hormone androgen throughout puberty that causes the sebaceous glands to get bigger. This results in our sebum levels being increased.

Most effective ways to use CBD oil for acne

There are plenty of ways to go about putting CBD oil into our bodies, giving it the opportunity to produce results. Each of these methods will result in an interaction between the CBD and our body’s receptors, producing the end result. That being said, when it comes specifically to acne, there is a good reason why using topicals should be the first method to be used.  

What are topicals?

There is a countless selection of balms, creams, and salves you can use with the CBD coming in different strengths. Because it is very permeable, CBD oil is able to easily enter our skin. It is then able to build up in the sebaceous glands. Especially the ones made with hemp seed oil, topicals should be the first choice is someone is seeking a treatment for acne, regardless of how severe the issue is. This is because there are needed amino acids found in hemp seed oils. 


By vaping an e-liquid containing CBD oil, you can expect results to happen a little quicker because the lungs are filled with the vapor. This allows the CBD to enter systemic circulation much quicker through pulmonary absorption. Because the CBD oil is being heated with a vaporizer and not burned, you have assurance there won’t be any toxic substances arising due to combustion methods.


CBD can be precisely ingested both effectively and easily through capsule form. Every ECS system can be accommodated with varying strengths, producing effects that last up to eight hours. Also, these capsules can now be found in vegetarian form.


If you are one of the many people who do not enjoy the taste of the oil, there is a huge variety of foods, snacks, and even drinks with CBD that can be purchased. The dosing amount is precise with edibles that can last for up to eight hours. Also, there are plenty of recipes that can be found providing you with an opportunity to bake whichever delicious treats you would like to try. 


Using a pipette to place drops of CBD under the tongue provides very effective dosing. There are plenty of CBD strengths available, making it possible to use less while receiving a higher level of CBD. You can find a large selection of both terpene infused or natural flavors.

How is acne treated with CBD oil?

The action of cannabidiol on the skin’s ECS is just as multifaceted as the cannabis plant itself. There has been plenty of research completed that demonstrates having three primary anti-acne actions, including:

The increased production of sebum happens due to the production of endogenous cannabinoids within sebaceous glands that act on CB2 receptors. It has been shown that CBD oil is able to inhibit these endocannabinoids’ lipogenic action in a manner depending on the dosage, enabling the CBD to regulate the production of sebum 

Also, there are incredible antibacterial effects with CBD oil, making it able to eliminate the surrounding bacteria that are infecting the skin. And, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil stopped “pro-acne” agents from evaluating the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine.  

Actually, the research has been able to determine that even our DNA is able to change with the use of CBD oil. The amazing cannabis compound has demonstrated the ability to upregulate 72 gene expressions where several “anti-acne” genes had been identified.  

Will CBD oil help with acne scars?

According to several researchers in Modena, Italy, conclusions were made that hemp oil infused with CBD being applied would result in skin parameters being drastically improved, when applied to lesioned skin for 90 days, twice every day (1).  

It was noted by the researchers that the changing of cells and the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil led to several positive changes supported by subjective patient responses, clinical analysis, and data provided through pictures.  


Yes, there is still plenty of research and study that needs to be completed when it comes to the effects CBD oil has on acne. That being said, there have already been plenty of examples regarding the potential in cannabidiol being able to treat several conditions affecting the skin, including acne. This primarily happens by reducing the amount of sebum being produced, reducing both inflammation and bacteria.

When it comes to the level of effectiveness and safety profile, there is yet to be an anti-acne agent able to be compared to CBD. Also, humans have a high tolerance of cannabinoid, leading to it not irritating the skin. There have already been several popular brands in regards to skincare that are infusing many of their products with CBD oil. 

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