How To Treat Varicose Veins with CBD


It is easy to say that the hemp plant is one of the most effective pharmacological plants we have available. There are around 500 astonishing active components that can be extracted from the plant. Regardless of where the garden is found, one is safe to assume this plant will constantly be the plant with the most medical value. It’s already a highly popular plant being regularly used to treat a wide range of diseases that affect humans. 

The hemp plant’s ability to soothe chronic pain is one of it’s greatest properties. Following more completed studies than a person could count, the only available conclusion is that hemp can and should be used to deliver effective pain relief. More and more people around the world are considering hemp to be much more effective than other pharmaceutical products that are currently available on the market.

With several of the aesthetic problems within our bodies, many people will put off the issues as long as they physically can, often denying they exist altogether. More often than not, these aesthetic issues are simply symptoms of a more serious problem. It’s not uncommon for these problems to decrease the sufferers’ quality of both life and health.  

Varicose Veins

The varicose vein problem

Over twenty percent of the population 15 years and older are affected by problems relating to varicose veins. These effects include cramps, heaviness, fatigue, and suffering from pain. Along with these physical effects, it can be very uncomfortable having others notice these veins. Because being physically active plays a role in a person’s overall health, trying to hide these veins can often limit exactly what an individual is willing to do. On top of this, people who have varicose veins will usually be more limited when it comes to what they are able to wear and remain comfortable.

If all this sounds too familiar, you need to know, varicose veins may be successfully treated with both CBD and hemp seed oil. It takes a level of boldness to make a statement this strong. It would be unethical and one-sided to say this without delivering the information backing the statement. It’s our goal to use the rest of this article to show you exactly why we can be so confident in saying this.

When a person is unable to return blood that is being circulated to the heart, dilations of the veins will start to happen, known as varicose veins. More often than not, these issues will take place in the lower body, the legs, and the feet. When venous valves aren’t able to properly close, a person will begin having varicose veins appear. With the accumulation of blood where the vein is starting to dilate, a person finds what is known as a varicose vein.

Why do these veins form?

There are a few reasons this condition will develop in a person. Some of these include but aren’t limited to using contraceptives, obesity, and even a sedentary lifestyle. The appearance of these veins can happen as a result of any of these instances, along with several others. When it comes to obesity, it poses a risk factor due to the fact that thicker legs are going to need a higher amount of blood that needs to be circulated through the veins. Because of the additional volume, this results in the system being overloaded, leading to failure that results in dilations.

Also, there will also be several hormonal changes that accompany these issues. The morphology changes of the veins and, as time passes, there can be a failure with reticular veins. There could be the subjection of leg surgery or extensive trauma to the legs. Also, there may have been a history in one’s family in relation to deep vein thrombosis. This can lead to situations with varicose veins appearing. Smoking, hypercholesterolemia, and even high blood pressure can also lead to these problems.

CBD hemp oil and varicose veins 

There are always steps involved in treatment, regardless of the issues you’re facing. Varicose veins are no different. The first thing you will want to do is speak with a specialist. If you have an advanced case that may even involve surgery, this is even more important. That being said, there are many products that are able to provide treatment for varicose veins. Several of these treatment products already include hemp oil.  

There are several reasons why a hemp oil product including CBD should be considered. One of the most significant is the combination used of fatty acids. There is already research demonstrating hemp oil is the only plant form containing both Omega 6 and Omega 3 with ratios that are being considered perfect for all the human body’s needs. Yes, hemp seeds only contain around 20 percent Omega three compound. That being said, it also has around 55 percent of the Omega six compound. Because this ratio is favorable, hemp oil with CBD is a natural fit for treating varicose veins.

Now that we have taken a look at how hemp oil with CBD can help, let’s look more specifically at how CBD in itself is effective against varicose veins.

How does CBD work on pain? 

As we mentioned earlier, there is a great deal of pain that can accompany varicose veins. The ECS, endocannabinoid system is the regulatory system within the human body. This system both receives and works to translate the signals sent to the body through cannabinoids. Also, the system does work to produce a few cannabinoids of its own, known as endocannabinoids.

This endocannabinoid system takes on a significant role when it comes to regulating a wide range of physiological processes that produce an effect on a person’s everyday life experience. This includes someone’s hunger, mood, stress, energy level, how an individual experiences pain, intestinal fortitude, bone density, immune activity, glucose metabolism, and so much more (1).  

Because of this, both patients and scientists have an interest in copying and being able to significantly increase the effects created by such compounds that our bodies can synthesize through the use of CBD.  

What role does CBD play in varicose vein disease? 

When it comes to vein disease, the most common interest with CBD is the anti-inflammatory effect, along with any effect that is created on the process of circulation. With chronic pain, studies have put together results from several systematic reviews that cover numerous smaller studies. The research found substantial evidence confirming that cannabis effectively treats chronic pain in adults. 

Research is also able to confirm CBD oil acts as a powerful aid for sleep. This allows someone who suffers from chronic pain to get a fuller night of sleep. If a patient has a glutamate level that is being disrupted severely, they will commonly complain of a lack of sleep more than anything else. Glutamate signaling may actually be enhanced by CBD oil, stabilizing the dopamine levels. This will decrease the symptoms of pain, as well as restless leg syndrome, commonly experienced by someone with varicose vein.

This being said, there are two important aspects we need to mention before using CBD oil. First of all, these are very small studies that haven’t produced a significant benefit through conclusive evidence. The effect produced through these medications has yet to be studied enough scientifically. Also, there is no documentation concerning am effective or even a recommended dose. 

Because of this, if you are going to begin using CBD oil, it’s better, to begin with, a lower dose and slowly progress to a higher dosage as needed. You should use caution if you plan to start using CBD oil while taking other medications, especially if they have been prescribed. While the cases are rare, CBD has been known to affect other medications’ metabolism. 

What method should you use CBD for varicose veins?

As the use of CBD products become more and more popular, it seems like there is a new form or method of use on almost a weekly basis. With varicose veins, there are two ways of using CBD that is most common, oils that are applied to the skin and ingesting methods. 

Depending on exactly what you prefer, these oils can be applied in more of a liquid form or cream or lotion. You will need to determine exactly why you are using the oil or lotion. If the sole reason is to relieve these veins, you probably won’t care about an attractive scent or fragrance. However, if you’re also addressing an issue such as dry skin, you may want to pay more attention to the brand and other ingredients in the lotion or cream you are using. 

If ingesting CBD products is more of your style, there are a few choices. CBD products can be mixed in drinks such as tea or coffee. It can be taken in the form of edibles, usually coming in the form of snacks or treats. Most recently, many vaping products are now being made with CBD oil. An activity as simple as taking a nicotine break can be how you go about getting your dose of CBD oil. 

What is the recommended dosage of CBD for varicose veins?

Expert opinions and the scientific results that are available is what the Mayo clinic currently uses to recommend dosage. When it comes to chronic pain, 2.5 mg to 20 mg of CBD used daily is what should be considered. When it comes to varicose veins, there hasn’t been a conclusive study determining exactly what the level of pain is that is being addressed. That being said, there are many patients with venous insufficiency suffering from similar common issues, specifically restless leg and chronic pain.

With using CBD oil to address varicose veins, the person is recommended to seek treatment from a vein specialist to supervise the treatment. In most cases, the person will be recommended to use a hemp oil applicant or CBD oil in addition to a plan addressing both medical and cosmetic concerns. If the use of CBD is being considered, it is vital that the person starts with using a smaller dose or amount, slowly increasing the amount being used to the effective dosage.

Again, if any other medications are being used, especially through a prescription, additional caution should be used.