Does CBD Really Treat Back Pain?


If you are someone who suffers from back pain, you completely understand exactly why this has disabled more workers worldwide than any other cause. Back pain is a condition common with many workers in almost every industry, causing everything from moderate discomfort to extreme pain. According to the results of one study, between 50-80 percent of all adults will go through an intense episode of back pain during their adult lives.

There are many reasons why back pain may happen. It could be as simple as being on your feet for too long, bad posture, muscle strain, arthritis, or a ruptured disc. However, it could also be a clear sign of a more serious medical condition such as a blood clot, kidney infection, or even severe issues with the spinal cord. Along with many reasons for the cause of back pain, there is also a very wide range concerning the severity of the pain being experienced.

Back Pain

So, now that we have just a very small glimpse of the severity of back pain, why exactly would CBD oil be considered a means of relief? Typically, the most common means of treatment for something this severe would require taking a painkiller. These drugs that you can purchase over the counter are usually considered too weak, failing to provide any long term benefits or serious relief. More often than not, stronger drugs are either wanted or needed by the person in pain, strong enough that a prescription from a doctor or pain specialist is required. 

Not enough people take the time to consider the serious risks involved with becoming dependent or addicted to these drugs. What begins as a pill you take to ease the pain and provide comfort has the ability to quickly become something you need to function at all. There’s also the threat of a tolerance building in the body for the drug, requiring it to be replaced by something even stronger. Before you realize what is happening, you are turning to others for their prescriptions or buying drugs that are illegal to provide the relief you desperately need. 

There are too many people to count who started with a legitimate reason for taking a great medication that was prescribed to them by a doctor. Nothing wrong was being done. But, within just a few short months, they find themselves so wrapped up and controlled with an addiction they can’t find any way out. If someone would have simply mentioned the relief they could have found through using a CBD product, their life could be significantly different. Using CBD for pain relief could have kept them from the dark places of addiction they now find themselves in.

Because we just brought up the use of illegal drugs and addiction, we need to touch on a common misconception before moving on. There are still too many people who think of marijuana when they hear the mention of CBD oil. Yes, like marijuana, CBD is one of the many extracts from the cannabis plant. That being said, there is next to no THC in the makeup of CBD products. It is more along the lines of hemp. CBD is used for medical benefits. Not an alteration of the state of mind, commonly known as a buzz. Regardless of the way you use CBD or the amount, no, you will not get high. This needs to be said over and over again. You will not high using a CBD product. 

There is no question, yes, we need something that will relieve severe or chronic pain without leading people to addiction or the dependence of strong prescription drugs. Worldwide, back pain leads more workers to disability than anything else. Not only does back pain prevent people from being able to work, but it also makes it very difficult to perform everyday tasks such as cleaning the house. When you add a young child or two, it makes life seem impossible. Over 50 percent of American adults say they experience the symptoms of back pain at least once every 12 months. In the United States alone, there have been around 260 million workdays missed a year because of back pain issues.  

Another misconception many people have is that something such as back pain only affects older people, that it’s something that simply comes with living a long, hard-worked life. They believe that back pain only comes with years of working a physically challenging job. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People in their early twenties experience severe back pain, simply from sitting at their desks with the wrong posture for eight hours a day.

There’s not an age requirement for experiencing back pain symptoms. It’s not limited to a career choice or the field your occupation is in. Accidents lead to even teenage children experiencing severe back pain problems that will create an effect on the rest of their lives. And still, for many people, the only way out seems to be turning to a drug or medication they very easily could become addicted to, leading to the decision simply to “boot up” and deal with the pain.

We’ll use the rest of this article to take a closer look at some of the leading reasons for back pain. Also, we will spend some time taking a closer look at using CBD as a possible means of treating chronic back pain. If you are one of the millions of people who have experienced frustrating limitations and restrictions on how you are able to live your daily life because of back pain, a CBD product could be exactly what you have been looking for.  

What exactly is classified as back pain?

I’m sure you have already figured out that back pain is best characterized as pain in someone’s back. That being said, too many people fail to realize just exactly how complicated the condition of back pain can be. Both men and women are affected by back pain. We’ve already stated that the age range is wide and can affect anyone. The intensity someone experiences could be as simple as a sharp, sudden sensation. Back pain can be caused by anything from a lack of activity, an accident, or simply picking up something too heavy. 

We need to have a more thorough understanding of the back to better understand the issue of back pain. The majority of back pain will occur in the lower region of the back. This includes the lumbar region’s five vertebrae. They are referred to by experts as L1-L5. The weight of our upper bodies is supported by this region. The gaps between the vertebrae have intervertebral disks. These can be thought of as, rubbery, round pads our body uses as a shock absorber. As we move about, they provide cushions for our bones.  

The vertebrae are held into place by ligaments or bands of tissue. Also, tendons attach to the muscles in our back to the spinal column. Altogether, 31 pairs of nerves are rooted in our spinal cord. The movements of our bodies are controlled by them and signals are sent from our body to our brain.

When you experience pain in your upper back, aorta disorders, spine inflammation, or tumors in the chest could be the issue. Back spasms are commonly associated with back pain. This has the potential of debilitating.

Causes of back pain

The majority of back pain occurrences are mechanical. There are several cases of back pain created by spondylosis. This is a condition involving the spine’s degradation because of the wear and tear on our joints, discs, and bones in our back. Here are a few other mechanical causes of back pain that are commonly experienced.

  • Back Strain
  • Herniated Disc Injury
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Abnormal Spine Curvatures
  • Intervertebral Disc Generation
  • Radiculopathy
  • Traumatic injury

Generally speaking, back pain can be grouped into three basic categories:

  1. Axial Pain
  2. Referred Pain
  3. Radicular Pain

Treating Back Pain 

If you are suffering from severe or chronic back pain, it can always be a good decision to engage in-home care for a couple of weeks, maybe longer if needed. If this is done correctly, there should be improved with acute back pain. Any regular physical activity should be avoided for at least a few days for symptoms to calm and inflammation to be reduced. Ice or heat should be applied to the area of your back that is being affected. Typically, unless otherwise instructed by a doctor, the first two or three days you should use ice on the pain. Then you should start using heat. Some of the medication options for back pain include:

  • OTC Painkillers
  • Topical Pain Relievers
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Narcotics

Also, having surgery on your back is always an option. That being said, surgery for back pain is rarely something a person needs. Normally, the only reason a person should take the surgery idea seriously is if there’s unrelenting pain in the back accompanied by pain in the legs. If there is nerve compression resulting in muscle weakness, surgery may need to be discussed. Types of surgery include: 

  • Discectomy
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Artificial Disk Insertion 

If surgery isn’t exactly something you’re interested in, there’s always the use of CBD oil to relieve back pain.

CBD Oil for back pain

CBD oil deriving from hemp can easily be found in most states. Using CBD oil to relieve back pain will help with inflammation. This is a common factor with people who suffer from chronic or severe back pain. Also, CBD oil is well known for helping people get a better night’s sleep. With back pain, it’s not uncommon for the pain to become so severe that you’re unable to get the sleep you need. CBD oil will not only help with the inflammation, but it will also help you rest better at night.  

While the research isn’t there yet, there is plenty of belief the way an individual perceives pain is effected with cannabidiol (1). Generally speaking, CBD will treat the whole body. This being said, specific areas of the back can be targeted by using a CBD cream or lotion.  

A few side effects you may want to watch for include dizziness, a dry mouth, drowsiness, and very few cases of low blood pressure. However, in most cases, the CBD compound is well tolerated by the body. CBD has been given an excellent safety profile by many sources, including the World Health Organization.