Best Ways To Consume CBD


If you are brand new to using CBD products, things can be confusing at first. You more than likely didn’t decide to start using CBD on impulse. It’s probably been something you have been contemplating for a while. You started hearing of more and more people finding the relief they were looking for and you decided why couldn’t it work for you?

Pure CBD Oil

However, you didn’t realize exactly how many choices there would be to make once you decided to begin using a product. You hadn’t taken into consideration how many products there were to choose from and just how many reasons why CBD was being used. The more you have looked into using CBD, the more confused you have become. With the lack of study and research that has been completed, what exactly makes one opinion or idea better than the other?

It would be extremely difficult to say which CBD products and methods of use are the best. A lot of answering these questions will depend on the exact reason you are going to start using CBD. Is there a skin issue or condition you’re attempting to address? Are you trying to fight anxiety or depression? Simply trying to sleep better when you lay down? Answer this question first, then we can go from there.

Once you have addressed this question and are going to make a purchase, make sure whichever CBD product you are buying is from a reputable brand. Because CBD products aren’t regulated federally, do a quick google search on the brand name you intend on buying. What are others saying about these products? Has it been tested by a third party? These are very significant questions you need to make sure you answer.

Instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by which method or product will be best for you, spend some time going over the rest of this article. We have put together some of the best methods of using CBD products, depending on the issues you would like to address. Probably most important, don’t try just one method and reach the decision that CBD doesn’t work for you. If you are unable to reach the results you are looking for with one method, try again until you find exactly what it is you are looking for.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many reasons for using a CBD product. Depending on the goals you have for using the products and factors of your lifestyle, one way or method of using CBD may be better for you than another. For instance, if your anxiety is what has led you to use a CBD product, you want something that will do the job quickly and be as fast-acting as possible. Also, will you need a method that keeps used as discreet as possible? Are characteristics such as texture or taste important to you?

For the record, no, there is no one “best way” of using a CBD product. As an individual, you will need to spend time discovering which method of use works best for you. Yes, some trial and error may be necessary, but in the end, the experimenting will be worth it. This list is by no means a complete list of the methods to use CBD. This is simply a list of some of the most common ways of using CBD.

CBD in a Capsule

There are plenty of products now available containing CBD oil. Some of the products we will cover in this article include CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp. You will want to keep in mind, in some states, medical marijuana programs will provide CBD. That being said, this is much different from using a food supplement.

When it comes to what is considered a standard CBD food supplement, by far one of the most popular options is taking a capsule with CBD. These capsules are found in both pill form and as a soft gel that can be swallowed. Regardless of what you choose, they are infused with the same type of CBD you would see using a tincture.

There are many advantages to using CBD in a capsule form. Because of how easy they are to swallow, almost anyone is able to ingest these capsules. There also won’t be any measuring involved because the dosage is premeasured. Also, the capsules can be taken at any time, even when you’re in a hurry or on the go.

The one drawback would be that these capsules are not necessarily fast-acting. The CBD is slowly released through these capsules, over an extended period of time. If you are looking for quick relief, these capsules might not be the best option for you.

CBD oil under the tongue

One of the more popular methods of using CBD is through oil, often referred to as a CBD tincture. These are available in a huge range of both flavors and strengths, one of the reasons why they have become so popular.

If using CBD is new for you, these oils will be very simple to use. While many start with the oils when first using CBD, it remains their preferred method of use as they have used CBD products longer and longer. These are oils that have been infused with CBD. This gives you the opportunity to measure out exactly how much cannabidiol you are wanting to use. Usually, the bottle of oil you purchase will come with its own dropper to help you measure out the dosage you want. This is one of the easiest ways to experiment with the strength and amount of CBD you are using.

Using a tincture, you will drop the CBD oil underneath your tongue. This is commonly referred to as “sublingual administration.” If you are wanting to use a CBD product that is both effective and fast-acting, using these oils under your tongue may be the best method for you.

Keep in mind, the CBD oil may have a taste that is bitter and strong. If this is the route you choose to go, you may want to spend time experimenting with different flavors.

Vape CBD oil

A vape pen is one of the newer and more popular methods of using cannabidiol. There is a wide range of these e-cigarettes and vaping products, coming in different levels of strength for you to try. If you are someone who already vapes, a liquid with CBD provides a possibility to use CBD to kick a nicotine habit. This allows kicking a bad habit with something that may be a little healthier.

girl vaping

If vaping is something you are new to, it won’t take long to get the hang of it. That being said, vaping isn’t for everyone. There are still plenty of concerns at this time when it comes to vaping. These products simply haven’t been on the market long enough to provide knowing the long term effects.

One of the benefits you will find with vaping CBD oil is that it is very fast-acting. Inhaling CBD is considered to be the method most bio-available. This means the body is able to make the most of the CBD being used. This simply can’t be said with many of the other methods of use.

CBD oil edibles

There are two main reasons why CBD edibles are one of the more popular methods of taking CBD. For starters, many are shocked by exactly how tasty these snacks can be. Also, the amount of CBD is premeasured, making the CBD both quick and easy to take. By far, CBD gummies are the most popular CBD edibles on the market right now. Basically, they are the gummy bears you have always loved, infused with CBD.

Similar to taking CBD in a capsule or pill, when using edibles, there’s no measuring or messing around trying to formulate a dosage. On top of being able to eat these snacks anywhere, there are many flavors and snack types to choose from. Did we mention that they are delicious?

Again, as with the pills and capsules, much more time is needed for the CBD to absorb with this method. This is slow acting because the CBD is forced to pass through your digestive system before it gets to work. However, because the CBD is released over an extended period with edibles, the effects will last longer once the CBD is in your system

CBD oil with food or drink

Now that we have mentioned eating CBD as an edible, it seems like the perfect time to suggest making your own edibles at home. A few basic culinary skills and some CBD oil is all you will need.

If you have tried using a CBD oil and have found the taste to be more than you can handle, making your edibles at home may be the next experiment for you. There are several recipes you can use. Simply add CBD oil somewhere along with the mix. For instance, if a tasty Mexican snack is something you commonly use, guacamole with CBD oil could be just what you need. This can then be added to your favorite tacos and burritos. There are literally tons of recipes you can use to experiment with CBD oil. Cooking with CBD is not only fun, but it can also be very healthy. As well as your favorite foods, CBD oil can also be added to beverages and drinks. Because CBD is hydrophobic, you want to use a beverage that will require a lot of mixing, such as a smoothie or latte.

Rubbing CBD oil into your skin

Using topical CBD is another popular method of using a CBD product. These products, typically an oil, cream, or lotion, that can be directly applied to the skin. Typically, these products are used more for issues directly relating to the skin’s condition. Dry skin, wrinkles, even sunburn could be just a few of the reasons for using topicals. Also, these lotions and creams can be used for targeting specific pain such as in a joint or muscle.

These products are great if you are looking for a way to use CBD without having to ingest the product. These products are straight forward when it comes to using. Simply rub the oil, lotion, or cream into the specific area of skin needing the attention.

Because of how personal using CBD is, it’s difficult to say the exact product that is best. As mentioned earlier, this is by no means a complete list of methods for using CBD products. It’s simply a list of some of the most common

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