Top 10 Tips for New Vape Users


Lots of people take to vaping to kick the butt. But if you are a new vaper, there is so much on vaping that you have no idea about.


With thousands of ‘mods’, tanks, e-juices or liquids, and vaping accessories- there is a lot to choose from. It may seem confusing- even scary initially, but don’t worry too much about it as this is where we come into the picture. We are giving away all the information you need to kick-start your vaping journey on a first-come, first basis.

This information will help you navigate vaping safely and, if we may say so, healthily and with considerable pleasure.

Join us on the vape information highway now.

Vaping: What Is It?

First things first- Vaping is the term in which you use an e-cigarette or another vaping device to inhale the vapor created by heating.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices. They have cartridges (just like in fountain pens) filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, various flavorings, and chemicals.

As this mixture is heated into a vapor, you can inhale the vapor. This is why using e-cigarettes is also termed ‘Vaping.’

Many vaping devices are available for vaping different substances like alcohol, for example.

There are basically different kinds of e-cigarettes, but the most popular is perhaps the Juul. This e-cigarette resembles a flash drive. It contains a battery that can be charged by plugging into your computer’s USB port. It is extremely easy to use. Just charge the battery and use it to vape. The other big benefit of this e-cigarette is that it creates smaller and weaker smoke clouds than other e-cigarettes.

10 Best Vaping Tips for Beginners

Here are a few tips that you will find invaluable if you are a ‘vaping beginner’.

Do Some Basic Research On Your Own

This tip looks like something so obvious, but many new wannabe vapers, give this a miss. They just go along with the advice given by their peers. This, my friend, is not recommended.

Do some research on what e- liquids to use for vaping and which to avoid. You should also definitely look up how to use e-cigarettes. This should not be hard at all as there are tons of online resources, including blogs, social media groups and communities and YouTube reviews that can all help you understand how to use your vape kit properly. The research will not only help you avoid inferior products but also being overcharged for a product.

Stick With the Reputed Products

Avoid inferiors vape liquids and pens like the plague. Search around for the brands and products that are the best. We are stressing this because the low-quality e-liquids often contain impurities, which can make you sick. Stick to a reputable manufacturer who has premium vapor juices as these have only pure, medical-grade nicotine, and food-grade ingredients.

Know How Your Vape Works and How to Maintain the Components Well

This is important because if you experience any issues, you can easily identify the problem and get back to vaping quickly.

Your e-juice also has to be maintained well. You must shake your e-juices before every use, for starters. This is important to mix up the PG/VG as well as nicotine levels. Once these levels are optimized, you have the best quality vape every time.

Also, keep your e-juices out of direct sunlight as this can decrease the nicotine levels. Also, never leave your e-juice bottles open. If you do so for over 30 minutes, the flavor of the juice will vanish.

Do keep extra batteries handy in case your current battery dies.

You can switch them easily.

Start With An Easy Vape Product or E-cigarette

This is highly recommended. We suggest that as a newbie, you start with something simple. This could be a pen-style kit that allows you to vape by pressing a single button.

These e-cigarettes come in handy if you want to give up smoking as they replicate the draw of a cigarette so the experience is natural. It’s but natural that the easier the transition is, the more likely are you to stick on with your e-cigarette.

Once you get the hang of these basic kits, you can move on to more versatile and complex vape kits.

Look Out for E-liquid LeakageĀ 

This is a common issue amongst new users. E-liquid spills and leaks are common from the tank. These spills can be extensive if the tank is made of plastic. Most cheap e-cigarettes have plastic tanks, so be sure to go for premier brands while buying the e-cigarette.

The better vape e-cigarettes have tanks with the adjustable airflow feature. This allows you to customize your vape experience. These also prevent spilling of e-liquid on your hands or in your bags.

An easy way to avoid leakage of e-liquid is to close the airflow when refilling the tank. You can also keep your tank upright. Plus, you should not let it sit for long periods without use.

Finally, you can switch to a top airflow tank as these are less prone to leakage.

Take Care to Turn the Vape off When Not in Use

This prevents dry firing that happens when the fire button is pushed while you are not inhaling. A dry firing incident can burn the coil. This can produce a very bad smell and you may have to replace your coil too.

Coil Maintenance

You must know when to change your coil or the heating element of e- cigarettes. These have to be replaced every two weeks or so depending on usage.

The rule of the thumb is that when you have less vapor production and have a distinct burnt or smell or flavor, it’s time to change the coil.

Do also understand that you may need different tanks for vaping different flavors, especially the potent ones like menthol and coffee. These can come across even when you are vaping a different flavor.

Know the PG/VG Ratios

The 100 VG or vegetable glycerin e-liquids produce smoother hits and a cloud of thicker smoke. Low VG liquids create a deeper’ throat hit’. So, if you want an intense cloud effect and flavor, you will need to go for a lower VG.

Usually, the higher VG juices are considered better quality in terms of throat hits and allergies. They are typically naturally sweet and have no smoke clouds.

If your premium e-liquid begins to seem flavorless, let it sit in a dark room for a week. This will allow the flavors to marinate together and give a better vaping experience.

Drink Plenty of Water to Stay Hydrated

Vaping dries out your mouth and oral cavities. It can take a week or two to adjust to this. We recommend you drink plenty of water to compensate. You could also use a lower wattage basic vaping kit when starting as the more powerful kits dry out your mouth more.

If you don’t drink enough water while you vape, you can get a headache, sore throat or, Vapers tongue. If you stay hydrated by managing your water intake in sync with how much you are vaping, you’ll have no dehydration.

Finally, Stick with Vaping

When you change over to e-cigarettes, you must stick with it over longer periods. It takes some time to wean yourself off traditional cigarettes, but it is possible.

Well, Finally

For absolute newbies, we would like to clarify that enough evidence suggests that vaping is a lot safer than smoking tobacco.

These are ten of the best vaping tips for you that have been gathered over the years. Read this list and stay safe.

Happy vaping.