The Best Dry Herb Tanks


When it comes to those who are new to the vaping community, one of the most commonly asked questions is if marijuana can be vaped through a vape tank? When referring to a tank used for an e-juice, the simple answer is no. That’s not what they were designed for. This being said, a few atomizers have been specifically designed for using pot.

Don’t be one of the many people who hear or read this and rush off to spend a couple hundred dollars on portable vape made specifically for weed. Instead, at the conclusion of our article, we will provide the details on a few dry herb atomizers which are far less expensive. We also provide plenty of information regarding how weed can be vaped and exactly what these atomizers are.

Best Dry Herb Tank

What exactly is a dry herb atomizer?

When a vape tank is specifically designed for using weed, they are known as a dry herb atomizer. None of these tanks work exactly the same. That being said, there are some attributes that each of them has in common. A regular vape mod is used to give dry herb tanks their power, through their 510 connection. Each one of these vape tanks specifically for weed will have a heating element, proving the herb with heat. Many of these vape tanks will have a regular coil, while others have a heating system that is coilless. The temperature you prefer to use is dialed in with a variable wattage mod.

While they go by the name “dry herb vaporizer,” standards dry herb vaporizers operate differently. At times, the weed and heating element will come into contact, causing things to get hot. Depending on the specific device you are using, there will be some trial and error involved as far as finding the temperature that works the best. Many of these atomizers will be an all-in-one exclusive unit that has a battery that has been specifically designed for it. With these atomizers, you won’t need to be familiar with wattage adjustment or own a specific mod. Compared to rolling a joint or smoking a bowl, it can be nice to mix things up.

How dry herb vape tanks are used

By following these steps, your experience will go smoother while using a 510 dry herb tank.

  • The dry herb atomizer will need to be attached to the 510 connectors on your mod.
  • Using a weed grinder, make sure the herbs have been ground as fine as possible.
  • You don’t want to overpack the tank with the herb, but make sure it is completely full.
  • The herb should gently be packed into the tank using a dab tool.
  • Be sure the device you are using has been put at the setting you prefer and is turned on.
  • After holding the fire button for a couple of seconds you will need to inhale.
  • By pulsing the fire button on and off slowly, you will be able to control the heat being used.
  • If you are wanting to get a harder hit, slowly raise the wattage being used.
  • The herb will need to be gently stirred with the dab stick after every few hits.
  • Any debris that is left will need to be removed once you are finished.
  • For cleaning the tank in between uses, grain alcohol will get the job done.

Dry herb atomizer advantages

  • Using a dry herb atomizer is discrete and won’t be drawing attention from others.
  • You will be shocked at just how inexpensive they are to buy.
  • The majority of these will attach directly to your vape mod.
  • The power you are using can be adjusted.
  • Compared to smoking a joint or a bowl, the flavor is much better.
  • You will need a lighter for smoking your herb.


  • A hot vapor can be produced.
  • These take some time to get used to.
  • You will be required to regularly do some maintenance on the atomizer.
  • An existing mod will usually be needed.

If you are wanting to make a portable vaporizer out of a mod, a dry herb atomizer is where it’s at. They won’t cost you an arm and leg. Also, they can be swapped in and out with the other tanks you are already using on a daily basis. There are distinct advantages to each one. If flavor is what you are looking for, some will be better than others. If a harder hit is what you are looking for, you may need to switch to another one. In order to get as much as you can out of your dry herb atomizer, they need to be taken care of. Here are a few you will want to check out.

Eclipse Dry Herb Tank

If you are looking for a vape tank with power, the Grizzly Eclipse is what you want. This tank has a ceramic chamber that is plenty deep enough with a mouthpiece that is borosilicate glass. This enriches the taste, regardless of the flavor. Its 510 threading will attach to your standard mod and has sub-ohm vape capability.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Tank

This Grenco tank is one of the first tanks that were created for using herb. The heating chamber is glass with a coil that is stovetop-style. Along with the kit, you will get a cleaning brush, mouthpiece, glass sleeve, and your atomizer. For operation, you will need the Snoop Dogg G Pen battery.

Mr. Bald T

You will get a true bank through the advanced TouchPoint technology with this tank. You will have the option of using both wax and dry herb with a heating system that is coil-less. There won’t be any mess thanks to the cap that locks on for a secured fit. Fine ceramics, as well as stainless steel, are used in the production.

Cloupor Cloutank M4

This tank was one of the first that were available with dry herb. This model is the latest, and by far the best, remake of the original. Compared to a regular e-juice tank, you won’t be able to tell this is any different by looks alone. You would never guess it could be used for weed. The airflow with this tank can be adjusted and it comes with a dual filter system. It can be used with any of the 510 mods you prefer.