What Do you Need to Start Vaping?


Do you want to transition from cigarettes to vaping? Now is the right time, so don’t wait any longer.

First Time Vaper

Here’s how you can give up nicotine and start vaping in these three easy-to-do steps:

Pick Your Vape Device Well

Vaping is a love affair and your beloved is the device. The device can be a mod or a pod or a pen, but it is very important to your vape love affair.

If you are a beginner, consider going with the vape pens. They are very discreet, and they are also light and easy to use.

Try them out as they are quite simple to figure out too.

You can move on to the mods and the other more complex devices later on.

These devices have the power to make your vaping experience more delicious, but they need some learning and work. Remember, Your device should make you want to stick to vaping.

Pick your Vape juice with equal zest

The right vape juice will make all the difference to your satisfaction levels too. Vape juice also called e-juice, or juice is the liquid that is vaporized. It consists of a humectant, usually a vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavorings.

There are many flavors to choose from where vape juices are concerned. The main thing to focus on is how much nicotine is in the vape juice you choose.

Choose an e-juice that makes you want to vape more than picking up your cigarette. Play with the concentrations of the e-juices and the flavors, and fragrances to find the one truly suited to your taste.

Vaping is not an exact science. Try a few things- buy a few different strengths of juices and find out what works best for you.

Figure out the strength of nicotine in your e-juice

You can go for a higher nicotine content if your device has a lower power. The concentration of nicotine will be higher if you vape this way.

We suggest you go for e- juice with a nicotine content of 12mg/ml or above for an intense nicotine experience to give you the same satisfaction as a cigarette.

You need to remember that you can’t use this high-intensity e-juice in high-powered vape devices because the resulting sensation would be too strong.

Having said that, if you are transitioning from smoking, it is recommended that you choose a liquid with a little more nicotine, like between 12mg/ml to 18mg/ml to get a similar kick.

Finally, to get a good vape experience, give long, deep thought to the experience you want. Try to understand what it is about smoking that is so pleasurable to you. Once you have figured this out, apply the same principles to your vaping experience.

Remember, vaping is supposed to be as enjoyable and satisfactory as smoking. Vaping is certainly versatile enough to be able to replace smoking more than satisfactorily.

You could ask yourself these four questions before choosing your gear:

Do you crave the kind of satisfaction tobacco gives you, and do you want a punchy hit?

Do you want the taste and smell of menthol?

Are big vape clouds more your style, or are you more discreet?

Do you want a big device or a smaller one?

Now you can go shopping- for the vape device and the exact vape experience you want and crave!

All the best!