Which Vape Kit Should You Buy?


Vaping has become a pastime enjoyed by a large percentage of the population. It has taken its place as a pleasurable social activity. It doesn’t hurt that it is 95% safer than smoking. It also has the advantage of giving you drug-free vapes that only fill your mouth and airways with flavor-full vapor. Now the selection of vape kits to purchase when starting can overwhelm you. So many products have hit the market to satisfy this fad. This guide directs you to the right one to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Best Vape Kits

How Vaping Works

Vaping works by vaporizing an e-liquid to allow you to inhale it. This process takes place in either disposable or multi-use devices with the e-liquid, a tank to house the liquid, a coil to vaporize it, and a battery to power it all up. You activate the device by pressing the power button that powers the coil housed in the atomizer head.

The coil then heats the e-liquid, which you begin to suck up from the tank, and vaporizes it using a heated wicking material surrounding it. This process creates the vapor for easy absorption into your system. This process replicates itself despite the size, shape, or make of the vape kit you have.

Vape Kits Available

Two main types of e-cigarettes or kits have gotten produced. You get the open tank type and the pod kind. The open-tank type gives you a refillable compartment that you can refill with e-liquid after spending the prefilled one. It also has the option of changing the atomizer head.

The pod kind tends to come in smaller forms that look like pens or traditional cigarettes. It usually does not have a refillable tank making it a single-use device.

These two e-cigarettes have different benefits, depending on what you desire. The larger kits have extra features that allow you to automate the process or have variable power output. They come with a lot of battery power and allow you a more satisfying vaping experience with their robust coil systems. The smaller e-cigs offer you a compact design that enables you to carry them around easily. They also provide you a simple on-off system not far from traditional cigarettes.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You can now make a more informed decision knowing what the two vape kits have to offer. You get to choose from the most basic to a more intricate system with adjustable features. You also need to consider the need you have. If you want to start vaping for leisure, you can go for low-power devices that offer a low to zero nicotine percentage in their vaping liquids. You can choose from a variety of fruity flavors to enjoy.

You have more robust machines that offer you heavy nicotine doses if you want to start vaping as an alternative to smoking. These devices allow you to refill the e-liquid. You can choose from vapes of different nicotine concentrations depending on how much smoking you used to do. You have a vape kit that fits every user.