What You Need To Know About Fertility and CBD Oil


Many people are quick to praise CBD oil for the countless health benefits it could potentially be used to treat, as well as the relief CBD oil provides for several acute and chronic conditions. That being said, despite how popular CBD oil has become, many answers surrounding its use still need to be answered. One of the most significant answers we need is exactly how fertility is affected by CBD oil?

As of right now, there hasn’t been enough evidence collected to provide a definite statement concerning if there is a positive or negative effect on fertility with CBD oil. With the majority of states in the US now making cannabis use legal, many ethical implications are being brought up as far as tests being conducted on a woman is trying to become pregnant. This creates difficulty with finding a conclusive answer on how fertility is impacted by CBD oil any time soon.

While issues related to conception might be helped indirectly with CBD oil such as mood and sleep, studies have also been completed showing consuming CBD oil might have a negative effect on fertility. Simply put, there is still a ton that needs to be learned if a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant are negatively affected while using a CBD oil product. Because of this, as much research and study as possible needs to be done before a decision is finally made concerning fertility and CBD oil.

The rest of this article will be used to discuss what is currently known on the potential benefits of using CBD oil for fertility purposes and risks that may be involved. Based on the information that is known, each person needs to make an individual decision on the best options for them and their family.

Fertility and CBD Oil

Fertility and CBD Oil in a Person WIthout Medical Explanation

There are plenty of women who have difficulty conceiving for a reason that isn’t medical. Oftentimes, the lifestyle a person is living plays a factor or creates a roadblock in their mind that gets in the way of conception. These are the situations that CBD oil could be the perfect answer.

Fertility Chances Could be Improved Through Sleep and CBD will Help

Scientists have reason to believe insomnia might be connected to lower fertility rates. There have been several studies completed linking is strong enough that a sleeping disorder could be looked at as comorbid with both female and male infertility.

A number of things can be accomplished with CBD oil to improve the quality of sleep, including the regulation of catabolic hormones, such as cortisol, that are being produced. The “stress hormone,” known in the medical world as cortisol, might prevent the ability to fall asleep or prevent us from experiencing “deep sleep.”This limits REM sleep, something our bodies need to function as they should.

Because CBD oil is an anti-catabolic supplement, it will interfere with cortisol secretion, which allows a person to get a deeper, better sleep that provides much more rest. This is backed by a study that was completed in Brazil at the University of San Paolo. Keeping this at the front of our minds, it might be possible that CBD oil could help a person get a better night’s sleep, improving their chance of becoming pregnant in the process.

Improving Fertility through Mood with CBD Oil

There is a good chance you have heard of people struggling with fertility, and almost as if a miracle occurs, they successfully conceive without anyone being able to provide an explanation of why.

You might not believe it, but your mental wellness and mood can play a very significant role in both fertility and pregnancy. There have been studies completed on both female and male subjects finding links between a lower fertility rate and poor mental health. The release of hormones can be affected by anxiety, stress, and depression. These hormones regulate a woman’s ovulation and a man’s sperm production.

A role can be played by CBD oil that elevates the mood a person is in because of the impact on several neurotransmitters, most notably adenosine and anandamide. Anandamide is often referred to as the “bliss molecule.” It is responsible for feelings of motivation, joy, and happiness. CBD oil will act as if it is an anandamide reuptake inhibitor. This stops the Neurotransmitter from being absorbed again. This increases the amount that is present throughout the brain. This will result in a person’s mood being elevated and improved.

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CBD oil will work in a similar way to adenosine reuptake. As of right now, not as much is understood with this process. Still, it is believed adenosine receptor A2A, if triggered, will play a major role in both depression and anxiety. When the A2A receptor is inhibited, a person’s mood is elevated, reducing depressive symptoms.

Main Causes of Infertility Helped with CBD Oil

Two manageable and primary contributors to infertility are smoking and obesity. That being said, CBD oil can be used to help with reducing and eventually bringing both afflictions to an end.

CBD oil has been proven to reduce addictive behavior and helps people quit using nicotine for good. It is also being used to improve both quality and quantity of sleep, lowering both anxiety and stress, and reducing pain that is associated with physically working out. These are all factors that play a role when it comes to gaining weight.

The Risks with Using CBD Oil for Fertility

As positive as we have tried to keep the information we are presenting in this article when fertility is concerned, there are risks that come with using a CBD oil product. Our goal isn’t to simply increase sales. Our purpose is to provide useful information.

There have been several studies completed on animals producing a result that suggests fertility can actually be negatively affected by the use of CBD oil. A study performed on male mice finds a 30 percent fertility reduction rate in the group of animals treated with CBD oil. Another study completed on sea urchins finds that a cannabinoid will directly affect the fertilization process with a sea urchin by lowering the sperm’s fertilizing capacity.

While there is yet to be a definitive correlation between the studies we have mentioned and what the exact effects would be with the fertility of a human, this is information you will want to consider when looking at the options available to you.

The Final Word on CBD Oil and Fertility

It can be a complicated decision about whether or not to use CBD oil while trying to become pregnant. Normally, CBD oil is looked at as being very safe to use. The WHO, World Health Organization, states that CBD oil is normally well tolerated by consumers. Still, with as little as we have been able to learn, there is still a lot of research and study needing to be completed, especially when it comes to how CBD oil affects humans.

Currently, the best decision you can make needs to be made with a doctor familiar with you. All of the options available to you need to be discussed when it comes to treating infertility. The two of you can reach the decision if CBD oil is the answer for you and your family and the goals you are planning on for the future. Also, you might want to consider speaking with a cannabis doctor, someone specializing in the use of cannabidiol as an option for medical treatment.