What Are The Best Vape Kits For Heavy Smokers?


Quitting smoking is no easy feat. It takes a lot of willpower, which many times falters. This will falter, especially if you have consistently smoked heavily for years. You may have looked for an alternative to smoking that can give you the nicotine high without necessarily getting a puff. With the numerous choices in the market, you may end up making the wrong choice or two before settling for a device that can wean you out of cigarettes. This article guides you along the way to the best vape kits for heavy smokers. These characteristics show you how to choose the best.

Best Vape Kits

The Right Nicotine Dose

Vape kits designed for heavy smokers bear characteristics different from other vaping devices. Vaping pens and e-cigarettes may give you a low-level nicotine high that may satisfy the regular Joe but won’t satisfy your typical high. You may find yourself right back into heavy smoking. You need to look for a powerful kit that delivers the right amount of nicotine into your system. Heavy smoking means you have gotten used to heavy nicotine dosing.

Ease of Use

It would help if you also had an easy-to-use setup that gives you an authentic flavor mimicking what you get from smoking. You have gotten used to a simple flame to cigarette, and you puff away your cares. You need the same kind of ease that doesn’t get in the way of your joy.

Quality Vape Liquid

Enjoying mouth to lung inhalation makes for a complete experience. To achieve this experience means the e-liquid that goes into the vape tank needs high quality. The coils also need to liquidate the e-liquid so well that it gives a rich flavor into your lungs through your mouth.

Power Security

An excellent vape kit also has good battery power if you move around a lot or don’t have the luxury of accessing a power-source an arm’s length away. Having your vape kit die on you while trying to quit is the worst experience you can have as it may frustrate you back to smoking.

Size Matters

A reliable kit ought to give you size versatility. Greater battery capacity translates to a more heavyset kit. You should weigh one over the other to see which one outweighs the other. You can have a set space where you can safely store your equipment no matter its size. Or you may prefer a slimmer fit that you can discreetly carry around.


Vaping kits for heavy smokers need to have an overall strong build with powerful coils to get the richest flavor out of quality e-liquids. The arc GTi, Psyche, and the Vaporesso Gen S 220W are some of the renowned kits available for you. Note that the nicotine strength you choose determines if your craving gets sated. You can have nicotine concentrations from as low as 0.6% to as high as 2%, with other variables in between.

You can also wean yourself out thoroughly to use vapes of 0% nicotine concentrate. What matters most is your comfort and peace of mind. The beauty remains that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.