Is Smoking Cannabis Good for Erectile Dysfunction?


The question of whether smoking is good for erectile dysfunction can be answered by explaining how Cannabis affects a person. Of course, Cannabis reduces the urge for sex but to what extent is it yet to be understood.

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is made up of the dried leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana. The plant includes a wide range of compounds, including a class of compounds known as cannabinoids. The most well-known of these compounds is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC has a psychoactive effect, which implies that it impacts a person’s ability to think clearly. Someone who uses marijuana for recreation may do it with a pipe, a water pipe, or a joint, which is a hand-rolled cigarette that has been rolled by hand.

Some people use vaporizers to avoid inhaling cigarette smoke, albeit these devices have also been connected to several health risks. Others use marijuana as an ingredient in their bakes, such as brownies or cookies. Others brew it into their tea to enjoy as a beverage. Additionally, many businesses sell cannabis-infused items that can be administered topically on the skin.

Marijuana and euphoria

While some studies have suggested that recreational marijuana usage may be associated with erectile dysfunction, there is insufficient data to support this claim.

However, it is conceivable to determine how specific effects of THC may contribute to the dysfunction in some people. A person who consumes marijuana while also smoking cigarettes may be at greater risk than someone who consumes only marijuana.

As a result of the restriction of blood flow to the veins and arteries caused by smoking tobacco, people who smoke cigarettes have an increased risk of developing ED. The use of marijuana, particularly when combined with tobacco, may carry a similar danger.

The smooth muscle tissue of the penis contains cannabinoid receptors, which are found in high concentrations. As a result, it is theoretically possible that THC will affect penile function, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Evidence, though, is lacking.

It is possible that marijuana will create a feeling of exhilaration, followed by tiredness and a delayed reaction time.

It is also possible that these side effects will result in a diminished desire for sex.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, marijuana can have a harmful effect on the circulatory system, causing an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. A person who smokes marijuana is more likely to encounter these side effects, increasing the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Regular cannabis users are more likely to achieve orgasm within the required timeframe.

Marijuana use may have the following short-term effects:

  • Altered sensory perception
  • Initial feelings of euphoria followed by tiredness and relaxation alternately
  • Equilibrium and coordination shifts
  • Increased heart rate
  • Memory loss and learning difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Mood changes

The following are examples of potential long-term consequences:

  • difficulties with one’s emotional well-being;
  • recurrent respiratory infections as well as a chronic cough.
  • Impaired recall of events in one’s memory

Cholesterol, Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

Your diet may not necessarily affect cholesterol levels, but it can affect erectile dysfunction. ED can also be a result of obesity, multiple sclerosis, use of certain drugs, drinking, smoking, and others. The use of Cannabis may help in weight loss, and this can help people with erectile dysfunction. Other factors such as depression, anxiety, mental stress, and pain contribute to erectile dysfunction, and CBD provides relief from these ailments.

Research Conducted to Study the Effect of Marijuana on Libido

The use of marijuana reduces damage caused by increased cholesterol levels. It has been proved that high levels of cholesterol adversely affect libido. According to a 2013 publication, marijuana users may have a lower risk of damage and tissue buildup occurring due to high cholesterol levels. However, these conclusions are based on studies conducted on mice and, therefore, are inconclusive.

There is no doubt that using marijuana gives the users a euphoric feeling. Users have reported the following changes –

  • Improved mood
  • Higher sex drive
  • heightened sexual arousal

On the other hand, there are studies suggesting that marijuana can contribute to erectile deficiency, and daily use may also lead to problems with orgasm in men. It may not always increase sexual drive, and a 2011 study shows that daily users may have an increased risk of ED.

According to this study, THC gives the feeling of high when it reaches the brain. This ‘high’ interferes with normal body functions, one of which is impacting the normal function of the smooth muscle of the penis, causing ED.

Mayo Clinic claims that marijuana can cause gynecomastia, a hormonal imbalance causing breast enlargement in men. This may affect sex drive.

Research Conclusions

Research says that atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque, causing the narrowing of arteries, is the most common reason for erectile dysfunction. One of the reasons for the cause of atherosclerosis is high levels of cholesterol. The link between erectile dysfunction and high cholesterol has already been discussed above. Although the connection is not yet clear as yet, the link, though vague, has led the medical community to use cholesterol-lowering medications to treat erectile dysfunction.


If erectile dysfunction is an occasional occurrence, it is not something to be concerned about. The cause of concern is when it is a frequent occurrence. It can be an indication of another ailment.

Studies have been conducted on a large scale to explore the link between erectile dysfunction and marijuana. Its effect on ED depends on several factors such as the quality and strain of Cannabis used in your sexual and overall health.

If you have erectile dysfunction and are considering using marijuana, consult a doctor who will help you weigh the risks and benefits both – sexually and otherwise. While there is data that suggests that Cannabis may help with erectile dysfunction, some studies also suggest twice the number of cannabis users are susceptible to ED. A lot of research is still needed to confirm this and explore the link between erectile dysfunction and Cannabis.