Questions Concerning CBD Cigarettes


If you are familiar with or follow the CBD industry, you may have noticed the growing popularity of CBD cigarettes. Plenty of shops and online stores have started keeping plenty of these on hand. As with every other product on the CBD market, the more exposure these cigarettes are getting, the more information people are craving about the product. We will use this article to answer a few of the questions getting the most attention.

CBD cigarette

What exactly is a CBD cigarette?

Let’s start with the basics of what CBD is. Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of the most active compounds found in cannabis. It comes behind the only THC in the cannabis makeup. While there are plenty of effects created throughout the body by CBD, it doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect on the mind. This is known as the buzz someone receives when smoking marijuana. The high is produced by THC, not CBD.

Some of the effects you will experience from CBD include being calm and feeling relaxed. There are many health problems people are finding relief by using CBD products. Some of the more common health problems include stress and anxiety, skin health and beauty, lack of sleep, joint and muscle relief, seizures, you could add to the list for days.

Again, because many people get the wrong idea when they hear CBD is derived from cannabis, using a CBD product will not get you high, regardless of the amount you are using and how much is used. It simply won’t happen.

What are CBD cigarettes?

Let’s face it. When the majority of people hear the term CBD cigarette, their minds are typically going to go straight to what we know as smoking a joint to get high. I’ll admit, images of my teenage years came back to mind when I first heard the term. However, a CBD cigarette is made with the intent of both smoking and looking more similar to a cigarette rolled with tobacco. Like a Marlboro or a Camel.

That being said, with these cigarettes, not only to get the benefits of using CBD oil, you also skip out on all the harmful side effects that come with smoking a traditional cigarette such as nicotine and all of the other dangerous additives. These cigarettes are rolled with hemp that is below the legal THC level of .3 percent instead of tobacco. Not only do you receive the benefits you get with CBD, but you also experience the effects much quicker through smoking than you would by using a lotion or taking a capsule.

Now that we have filled you in with a few of the minor basics, let’s spend some time answering a few of the most popular questions both new and veteran CBD consumers have about these cigarettes.

How is it that you don’t get high smoking these?

Many people have yet to begin using a CBD product, especially one of these cigarettes, simply because they are against using drugs and don’t want to get high. After all, CBD is a compound that is extracted from cannabis. That alone should produce some kind of a buzz in someone’s mind. While it makes sense that someone’s mind would go there, this simply isn’t the case. Let’s look into this a little further.

CBD is non-psychoactive

It has been proven by science that you will not get high from smoking a CBD cigarette or using any other CBD product for that matter. The difference is, the marijuana flower has THC in it. One of these cigarettes that have been made with CBD only have cannabidiol in their makeup. This is the component that is non-psychotropic found in cannabis.

To make this happen, strains of wild hemp with a lower CBD amount are used for the cannabis. On top of this, as the generations go along, the THC level is bred out even further. The result is a flower that can be smoked without the person experiencing a high they receive from smoking marijuana.

CBD is not THC

The endocannabinoid receptors in our brains are bound with THC when we experience this buzz or getting high with smoking marijuana. The cannabinoid neurotransmitters in our brain, which are natural, are mimicked by THC.

Like a key in a lock, it then fits in the receptors the brain has for these neurotransmitters. Through this process, an effect is created. Some of these effects include anxiety, euphoria, Short-term memory loss, a shorter attention span, and many other feelings that depend on the person and the specific cannabis strain that’s been ingested.

Because there is no THC included in a CBD cigarette when one has been smoked, these receptors in the brain are not bound with the compound, so the feeling of being high is never produced.

Is it legal to smoke these cigarettes in the United States?

There are plenty of people who have an interest in smoking CBD cigarettes but decide against the idea out of concern on whether or not they are legal in the United States. A more thorough look into the legal status needs to be given to provide an answer.

Farm Bill of 2018

CBD that is derived from hemp and cannabinoids which naturally occur were removed from the list of controlled substances by the United States Senate in 2018. This was part of the Farm Bill that was passed. As long as the THC level is .3 percent or lower, it’s legal to use CBD hemp flowers. Still, it needs to be noted. This Farm Bill is federal. While it is now federally legal to use CBD oil throughout the US, there are a few states which still require the consumer to have a prescription from their doctor. Be sure to check the local laws and any restrictions at your local level.

International Status

This is major for CBD consumers who travel outside of the United States. CBD hemp flower’s legal status throughout the world will vary from country to country. If you are making plans to travel outside of the US, it’s definitely worth the time to check the laws and regulations of the country you will be traveling to.

How healthy is smoking a CBD cigarette?

There are a ton of people attracted to the reported benefits of using CBD wanting to know more about these cigarettes. Still, they have a concern with any potential side effects with CBD being smoked instead of using a different type of product. Is there any risk of this being harmful as smoking a marijuana joint or a traditional cigarette made with tobacco? Let’s take a look.

Inherently, smoking is harmful. Regardless of what the substance is, any time you are smoking something, negative side effects are always a possibility. Maybe that statement alone is a huge turnoff for you. Our goal is to provide you with the truth, so we’re ok mentioning the fact. When not used moderately, anything you inhale and smoke can be harmful to your lungs and throat. As with any CBD or hemp product, be sure to have a discussion with your personal doctor before trying a CBD cigarette.

The smoke produced from a CBD cigarette is going to be similar to the smoke produced when smoking cannabis with THC included, marijuana. Any of the bad effects of inhaling marijuana will be the same with CBD cigarettes, except for the fact you will not get high. With constant use, the cell lining throughout the lungs can experience extensive damage, as well as the lungs themselves.

All this being said, there has been extensive research completed demonstrating that smoking a CBD cigarette is not nearly as harmful as smoking a traditional cigarette made with tobacco. While damage to the cells is always a risk regardless of what you smoke, there was no linkage found between smoking a CBD cigarette and colorectal or lung cancer. Even more importantly, cannabis has components that help protect against many other forms of cancer.

Are there additional health benefits?

Many people are on the fence about using CBD oil in general, especially smoking the cigarettes, with all the reports they are herring of the benefits other people claim. Still, with so much research and study still needing to be completed, which of the claims can be believed, and which of them needs to be ignored? Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

What consumers report concerning CBD cigarettes

A quick visit to any online forum our product page enables you to read countless stories of people who are experiencing health benefits from smoking CBD cigarettes. As reported by many people who have been smoking these cigarettes, many of these higher quality products are beneficial both psychologically and physiologically. The consumers are experiencing relief with sleeping issues, anxiety, an enhanced appetite and mood, depression, and several other health-related problems.

Current research

Until the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, in the US, CBD cannabis was considered as a drug. Due to this, until then, there were very specific laws and guidelines concerning how the benefits of using CBD oil could be studied and researched. Since CBD has been taken off of the list in 2018, there has been a huge acceleration concerning the results research and science can finally confirm.

Since then, study and research have proven CBD, CBD cigarettes specifically, can provide relief for inflammatory pain, aching joints and muscles, arthritis, nausea, nerve-related pain, multiple sclerosis, and many more.

Will CBD cigarettes cause me to fail a drug screen?

There are plenty of people interested in smoking CBD cigarettes who have concerns with a drug screen for employment and how work could be impacted by using CBD. When it comes to a standardized drug screen, CBD will not show up in the results. That being said, if you decide smoking CBD cigarettes could be beneficial to you, be sure to spend an extra few minutes making sure the THC level of the product is below .3 percent.

Tes, for the product to be legal in the United States, the product should be below this. That being said, while CBD is now legal at the federal level, these products aren’t federally regulated. Just as with any CBD product you buy, be sure the CBD cigarettes you are buying have been tested by an independent, third-party. Also, use discernment with where and who you are purchasing your products from. If they are selling you what they say they are, there will be no issue with passing a standardized drug screen.