How to React to Questions By a Non-Vaper?


Vaping has become a pastime a lot of people have gotten into. You may have recently started or have vaped for some time now, and you have gotten questions now and then from friends, family members, and even total strangers about what you do. You possibly got into an argument or two when you felt attacked or cornered. Preparing beforehand can help you answer these questions better. It would help if you also remembered humans attack what they don’t understand. You can take it as your prerogative to educate the masses about vaping.


Why vape when you can smoke?

Vaping can look like smoking to an untrained eye as they both seem to emit smoke. But vaping gives off a vapor, not smoke. You have many reasons why vaping wins over smoking. First, research has found vaping has 95% safety in comparison to smoking. This percentage means you do not expose yourself to as much danger from it as when you smoke. It allows you to enjoy a nicotine hit without the cancer-causing elements present in cigarette smoke.

Don’t you miss the nicotine hit found in smoking?

Vaping still has nicotine in the e-liquids available. The nicotine has different strengths depending on the hit you need. It can work to completely replace smoking by giving you the same high you get depending on the amount of smoking you do. You choose e-liquid with a nicotine concentration you’ll enjoy. For example, 0.6% nicotine gives you the same hit smoking 1-10 cigarettes a day gives you.

Doesn’t all that vapor released linger like cigarette smoke?

Cigarette smoke has a way of lingering on the tongue. It clings on others, furniture, cars, and anywhere someone went while smoking. It is not pleasant one bit. Vapor dissipates just like water vapor. It doesn’t smell bad even when released the first time as it has a pleasant smell. And even this fades quickly.

Don’t you worry about affecting non-vapers with secondary smoke?

The vapor released when vapers exhale does not have the toxic elements cigarette smoke has. It does not carry the same harmful chemicals. It makes it safer to use around people as it doesn’t hurt others when you vape.

Isn’t vaping too complicated?

Vaping can look complicated when you look at some equipment used. This equipment falls under the name vaping kits. They come in numerous sizes and shapes. Some have easy use, while others have multiple functions that you learn as you use. The simple kits have a simple ‘press button and inhale’ mechanism. Vape pens have the most straightforward use and look the same as cigarettes.

Can you vape from anywhere?

You can vape in very many places. Vaping does not have so many restrictions. You can’t vape from everywhere, though, and you may need to ask if in doubt.

Does vaping mess with your s Mae of smell and taste like smoking?

Vaping does not have the side effect of taking away your sense of smell and taste. It reverses this harmful side effect and restores these senses that went away with smoking.


A lot of people find vaping mysterious. They may not appreciate it as they don’t know its benefits. Stay calm when asked questions so you can give answers from the point of information and not defense.