Do Weed Vape Pens Smell?


Smoking cannabis, whether recreationally or medically, is legalized in some states of the United States but restricted in many. The new generation of weed smokers use a vape pen instead of smoking a joint, but the question in their minds is whether the weed vape pens smell? Will the people around sniff and know that you are vaping cannabis?

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How Do Weed Vape Pens Work?

The vape pens have a heating chamber, battery, mouthpiece, and charger. The heating chamber consists of a tank where you can place the cannabis herb or oil, which connects to the atomizer that heats the oil. The battery supplies the power to the vape pen, and usually, these are rechargeable lithium batteries that you have to charge with the pen’s charger. And you vape the smoke through the mouthpiece.

Now, coming to the heating methods, there are two, convection and conduction. In convection heating, hot air flows around the herb or cannabis oil and heat it indirectly. This is the modern method and used by most of the vape pens available presently. In the conduction method, the herb is directly heated, so there are chances of overheating. Still, such pens are available for users who want cheaper vape pens.

In the vape pens that use concentrate, you have to put hash oil or marijuana concentrate that is very strong. So, you have to be careful and start slowly as the concentrates contain up to four times more THC than the marijuana flowers.

Advantages of Weed Vape Pens

Vape pens are the easiest and discreet way to consume cannabis as they produce a minimal smell. These are small and portable and can be carried in your pocket. In regular joints, the cannabis flower is burned, but there is no combustion in vape pens. So you can get high without any hassle of finding a secluded place and lighting up.

Does it Smell When You Use Weed Vape Pens?

A weed vape pen resembles e-cigarettes in looks. and don’t have the stigma associated with weed joints. These pens do not have the same aroma as the joints as the former doesn’t burn the herbs like the latter. Vaporizers or atomizers do not mix the pure cannabis smell with the foul smell of smoke. And as the smoke is purer, it blows away quicker. Also, in the absence of the smoke particles, the smell won’t cling to your body and clothes, so there is no concern of getting caught.

How to choose a Vape Pen?

The nasty smell of cannabis is a concern for buyers of vape pens. Vape pens emit a much lesser smell than regular joints as there is no combustion or smoke involved. The conduction vape pens release a stronger smell but are affordable. The modern and expensive convection vaporizers are more advanced and due to the indirect heating, it masks the typical cannabis smell. Also, a vaporizer that uses an extract of marijuana will produce less smell than one using dry herbs. The heating time is also a factor; a vape pen that heats up faster will produce less odor. So, you have to take into account all the above factors when you choose a vape pen to reduce the smell.