Five Things CBD is Good For


Yes, the popularity of CBD products has blown up since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. Still, with all the money the industry is pulling in, there is still a lot that needs to be learned. There’s still study and research needing to be completed, as well as demographics, to figure in all of the success stories we hear from consumers.

With so much popularity and just as much information still lacking, there can be a lot of hoopla around what these products actually can and can’t do. Many companies and brands are quick to make promises they know can’t be kept, simply to make a quick buck while the opportunity is there. This can be very harmful to the entire CBD industry as a whole.

CBD is now one of the most in-demand compounds in the world. By 2024, this specific market is expected to exceed $20 billion. Because of how safe CBD oil is, a consumer can use these products without any changes that can be noticed to take place in their behavior or how they act. This is one area that sets CBD apart from other compounds such as THC. There is no high or paranoid created by using these products.

As we mentioned earlier, despite the rapid growth in the popularity of these products, there’s a lot we still need to learn. Unless you are involved in the CBD oil industry, a consumer yourself, or someone who has been introduced to a product by a friend who has experienced positive benefits, there is a great chance you have no clue of the positive effects these products are creating in the lives of others.

We have already stated the fact that yes, there is still a ton that needs to be learned in regards to CBD oil. This being said, there is already so much we have been able to learn through the studies and research that have been completed. On top of this information, there are people all over the world quick to share the positive effects they are getting from using a CBD product. Here are a few things we do know about using CBD oil. Also, we’ll close with a few methods of use which may be best for you.

CBD will help you unwind

The relaxing effects produced by CBD products are one of the most popular reasons consumers purchase a product. This is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Helping users to better relax is something that has been proven by study and tests.

We need to be clear about something here. There’s a huge difference in being relaxed and having your state of mind altered. If you are thinking that by helping you relax CBD will get you high, you won’t find what you are looking for. Part of the Farm Bill making CBD federally legal also requires the products to have a THC level under .3 percent. With this level being so low, regardless of how much CBD you consume or the method in which it is used, you will not experience the buzz you would by smoking marijuana or other products with a high level of THC.

CBD treats physical pain

cbd oil for pain

With helping people unwind from a hectic day being the most popular reason for using a CBD product, the second is its ability to treat pain. This is true regardless if the pain is chronic or simply something that happens when you lift too hard in the gym from time to time. There has already been plenty of study and research completed backing up the fact that CBD oil can reduce inflammation as well as manage pain.

This is also while CBD products are growing in popularity with consumers over the age of 60. They are discovering that CBD oil works great for relieving pain that’s felt in the joints and muscles. Even better yet, unlike many other painkillers that can be bought over the counter or be prescribed by a doctor, CBD doesn’t come with some of the nasty side effects. Not only are some of these other options causing negative effects, but they can also be addictive, creating much more evil than good. With a CBD product, becoming addicted and other negative side effects aren’t a concern.

CBD lowers anxiety and stress


There are also plenty of people who have started using a CBD product because CBD oil provides them with a way of handling and relieving unwanted stress and anxiety. This number has grown significantly since March of 2020 with the additional stress of COVID and its effects.

There was recently a study completed in Japan that had teenagers who reported high stress and anxiety amounts using CBD oil. These levels were high enough that the teenagers were diagnosed with social anxiety disorders. These weren’t simply popular opinions. Doctors, scientists, and medical studies were involved. After just three months of regularly using a CBD product, the number of those experiencing negative effects was drastically lowered. The CBD oil worked when used to treat stress and anxiety at the medical level.

Again, this was done with avoiding the risk of addiction and many of the other negative effects that come with both over the counter and prescription medications. These young adults also reported other benefits such as a better quality of sleep and healthier skin. For the record, acne is something teenagers pay attention to. While plenty still needs to be learned, yes, CBD is proven to lower both stress and anxiety at high medical concerning levels.

CBD is healthy for the skin

CBD for Acne

A walk down any store’s skincare aisle will demonstrate the fact that more and more beauty and skincare brands are starting to infuse their products with CBD oil. This is mostly because of the effects CBD has with inflammation. For everything from treating stress, treating irritated or sore skin, even making the skin more beautiful, more and more people are finding what they are looking for with CBD oil.

This is especially true of those with aching joints or muscles. Yes, CBD oil does a number on making skin healthier, That being said, it also does a serious number on pain when used as a lotion or cream. While the skin of the area needing attention is the focus, the remedy goes much deeper than skin level. We’ll discuss this more when we talk about the different methods of using CBD oil.

CBD can affect your overall health

It’s true. When it comes to CBD, a lot of the data and information we have is circumstantial. This means a lot of what is heard needs to be taken with a grain of salt. In the past two weeks, I’ve heard of a CBD product being used to lose weight, add to a long-distance runner’s speed, and guarantee you will be more productive than your co-workers. When CBD could possibly play a role in these results, I’m not willing to hold my breath while we wait for scientific proof.

There is plenty we simply will not know until more scientific research can be completed. As true as this is, at least the couple topics we touched on today can be proven. This is by no means all CBD can be trusted for. We simply touched on a few of the more popular reasons why people are turning to CBD products. Before wrapping things up, we will look at a few of the more popular methods of using CBD oil. While we won’t go as far as mentioning a specific brand or product name, it will at least give you something to consider as far as methods of using CBD oil.

Oil under the tongue

Taking CBD before work

By far, the most popular method of using CBD oil is by taking a few drops under the tongue. For the best results, hold the liquid under the tongue for 20-45 seconds before swallowing. This is the quickest way of getting the oil into your system, providing the quickest results.

Popular reasons for using this method are more along the lines of stress and anxiety relief. It can almost be used for when pain is more severe than normal and you need quick results. While this is the fastest way to experience relief with CBD oil, there is a drawback. You will have to measure your dose on your own. This is done with the bottle’s dropper that comes with the product. If you have issues drawing a specific dose or your hands shake at all, this might not be the most convenient method for you.


Elixinol capsules

Taking CBD as a capsule or gel tab is also very popular. These are not only easy to carry for convenience, but they can also be discreetly taken. If you have a hectic schedule and are always on the go, this could be the best method of using CBD oil for you. Just keep the capsules somewhere convenient such as in the car, a bag, or purse you are always carrying. Unlike with an oil under the tongue, the dosage and measuring are done for you. Simply take your capsule or gel tab and you’re good to go.

There is one drawback though. While there is no measuring to worry about and as discrete as these can be to take, you will not feel the effects as quickly. This is because the CBD oil has to be broken down by your digestive system. This is a great method to use if you plan on making CBD a part of your daily routine. However, if the goal is to be able to use the CBD and feel effects as quickly as possible, this may not be the best method for you.

Lotions and creams

Vibe CBD Cream

Similar to taking a capsule or gel tab, you won’t necessarily feel the effects and benefits of CBD instantly with a lotion or a cream. This is because it has to penetrate your skin and then make its way through your bloodstream. This being said, there are a few very specific reasons for using a CBD lotion or cream.

For starters, this is a great method if you’re facing a skin issue. Regardless if it’s addressing wrinkles, acne, or just dry, irritable skin, these products will work great over time. This allows you to focus on a specific area of your skin or body. While the effects are not felt right away, they are focussed on a specific area.

Also, this is a great method of use if you are wanting to address pain in a specific area such as a joint or muscles. Rubbing the lotion or cream in the area not only provides the CBD oil, the extra rub down doesn’t hurt either.

Similar to how we didn’t mention all of the ways CBD is benefiting consumers, this isn’t a complete list of methods of using CBD. This is simply a few of the most popular. Also, these are some of the common methods of use for addressing the specific issues we discussed earlier.