Common Questions About CBD


Both the availability and the popularity of CBD products has exploded over the previous two years. These products can be found everywhere from coffee shops, bars, pharmacies, gas stations, I have even seen video rental places with CBD oil for sale. With all of the noise surrounding the CBD industry, there are still plenty of questions people are asking. They simply are unwilling to believe the logical answers or they are unable to understand exactly how it works.

Cannabidiol, CBD, is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Yes, this is the same plant that provides marijuana with THC, which produces a high or a buzz. You need to realize though, CBD is not psychedelic. Also, the CBD that does include THC has a level so low that it will not get you high. We will look into this more later on.

Yes, there is still plenty of study and research needing to be completed on CBD. Still, there have been plenty of tests showing CBD is able to provide relief from chronic pain, as well as several mental issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Here are a few of the questions that are asked the most when it comes to those who are new to using a CBD product.


Is using CBD safe?

As just mentioned, there is still a lot of research and tests being completed. According to many consumers and the majority of their doctors, CBD is completely safe for use. This is true of CBD being used as an oil, even when it comes to being used as a medication. Also, using CBD as a topical has yet to be associated with any negative or unsafe side effects.

However, when too much CBD is used in oil form, people have reported experiencing a reduced appetite, diarrhea, nausea, a dry mouth, and a few other minor effects. Again, this being said, these were in cases when the user admits too much is being consumed. By simply lowering the dosage or amount being consumed, the negative side effects went away.

Is using CBD legal?

The Farm Bill was passed in the United States in 2018. This bill approved the legalization of industrial hemp. It’s tricky ground covering CBD oil products. In order to be considered legal at the federal level, the THC level of the CBD products has to be lower than .3 percent.

If the level of THC is higher than this, the product is federally illegal. With CBD being a newer market and industry, it is even more difficult to grasp and understand. There are plenty of brands still trying to learn how to go about honestly measuring the THC amount their products contain.

Is it all hype or is there any truth to how CBD works?

You are always going to find a few CBD consumers who are quick to tell you they swear by the products they are using. You also find just as many people quick to tell you all of the hype and noise people are making about CBD is simply the latest trend that will be over just as quickly as it showed up. Somewhere between these two statements is the truth in regards to CBD oil. There is a lot of good being done for a lot of people who are using CBD. This fact can’t be denied.

Also, the industry is full of companies and brands that take exaggeration to the extreme, leaving consumers feeling as if they have been taken advantage of, giving the industry as a whole a negative name. They are making false promises and giving advice that simply can’t be backed, just to make a few extra dollars while the opportunity presents itself.

If a specific brand or product is making the claim that it can be used for a cure-all for any issue, don’t trust this product. This statement simply isn’t true. Later in the article, we will give a few tips of specifics you should look for when buying a CBD product, especially if you are new to the CBD oil industry and buying a product for the first time.

Are gummies really effective?

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By far, one of the most popular CBD products to hit the market has been CBD gummies. This is because of how discrete and easy it can be to eat them. By looking at the outside of their package, they look just the same as the average gummy candy. No, there isn’t exactly scientific proof as of yet stating exactly how they work, or if they do for that matter, but thousands of people saying they are working for them have to be taken into consideration.

These individuals are quick to promote how relaxing the gummies leave them feeling and how they are able to relieve stress and anxiety. This is especially true of people who have been eating the gummies for an extensive period of time. Plus, while there’s yet to be scientific research proving gummies do work, there is also yet to be work proving that they don’t. Sometimes, personal experimenting is the best way to discover the truth.

Please keep in mind, if you are going to give gummies a shot, it’s unrealistic to expect to notice a dramatic change the first time they are used. Try eating some every day for a week.

Will using CBD cause me to have withdrawals?

We have already mentioned the fact that no, CBD will not get you high. That being said, CBD is psychoactive. Please don’t confuse this with being psychedelic. This means the state of mind can be affected by CBD. Because of this, it is something that could create withdrawals if use is stopped abruptly.

Just like several other issues with CBD products, there is still a lot of research and study needing to be completed on this specific issue. While people experiencing withdrawals is uncommon, there have been more reports of the original condition being treated with the use of CBD oil returns when CBD is no longer being taken. The traditional sign associated with withdrawals has been very, very rare.

How should I use CBD?

There are several factors to take into consideration, here. Personally, I think one of the most important is why is the CBD being taken in the first place? If you are one of the people who suffer from anxiety and depression, it might make a lot more since taking a few drops underneath the tongue. This way, CBD can be taken and moments of need and the effects will be felt much sooner.

That being said, CBD oil has a very distinctive taste, one that isn’t for everyone. If the taste is too much for you, it makes more sense to use CBD through a capsule or even a flavored edible. You have to keep in mind though. When the CBD has to be broken up by your digestive system, you are not going to experience the effects nearly as fast.

Also, many people are using CBD oil for muscle relief and other issues relating to the skin. In these instances, it makes much more sense to use CBD in a cream or lotion. This allows you to focus the CBD in the area where it is needed. If you are using CBD for muscle pain in your calf, why mess with oil or a capsule when you can simply run some lotion or cream directly into your muscle?

There are many ways in which CBD can be taken. One method that is growing in popularity at the moment is CBD infused e-liquids. Along with a few drops underneath the tongue, this is one of the quickest methods of experiencing the effects. That being said, vaping simply isn’t for everyone.

There isn’t a wrong way of using CBD. Maybe the answer is trying a few different methods and discovering which method works for you. Also, why put limits on the benefits you are able to experience? There are plenty of consumers using CBD in more than just one method.

What should I look for when buying CBD?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several brands and companies that shouldn’t be trusted in the CBD industry. Yes, CBD oil is now legal on the federal level. That being said, these products are currently not being federally regulated. This means anyone with a printer who can print a label is able to say anything they like about their product. There are a few steps that can be taken to make sure the brand can back what it is they are saying.

The answer is to only buy products that have been tested by an independent, third-party. This is done to test the quality and characteristics of the CBD oil. These tests cost money. If a product or a brand is honestly promoting what they sell, you won’t have an issue finding these results. If they are not listed on the packaging of the product, a quick visit to the company or brand’s website will provide the information you are looking for. Again, if they are selling what they promote or advertise, they are going to want you to see these results. They will not be difficult to find. If the product doesn’t mention being tested, this should trigger a red flag. It would more than likely be in your best interest to try a different product.

Can I use CBD if I’m using other medications?

If you have a significant reason for using CBD oil such as a health issue or medical condition, there should always be a conversation with your doctor before using CBD. Not just any doctor, but one who is familiar with the issue you have. If you are currently taking other medications, make sure this is part of the conversation.

Discuss exactly why you want to try using CBD oil and some of the results you know others are getting. Ask about dosage limits and if there is a specific method of using CBD that would be best suitable for you. Once you have the doctor’s approval, it may be smart to keep track of how your body responds to CBD, similar to keeping a health journal. The first sign your body gives that it isn’t responding well to the CBD, contact your doctor immediately. No, this isn’t common. With that being said, make sure you don’t end up being someone the rest of us learn from.