Best CBD Softgels and Capsules


Many people are craving the relief they hear is coming from taking CBD oil. The only issue is, you aren’t exactly big on the taste of hemp, this can be a real hangup. If this is the issue keeping you from receiving the benefits of using CBD oil, a soft gel or capsule could be exactly what you are looking for.

Yes, using CBD in a vape or oil provides plenty of both strengths and flavors to choose from. Making a decision of which soft gel is best for you can definitely be a little more difficult than picking a vape juice. When you’re taking a pill with a drink of water, there really isn’t much need for fancy flavoring. This is why many CBD consumers choose to avoid capsules and soft gels all together. There are too many decisions involved. We’re here to make it easier for you.

With the rest of this article, we will spend time going over exactly what CBD is and why you should choose to take it in the form of soft gels and capsules. Well discuss if CBD is legal, some side effects and things you should be concerned about, choosing a capsule and a list of some that we consider the best and why.

CBD softgels

What is CBD?

Sure, you have heard of CBD. With so many people quick to tell the benefits they receive from using CBD products, it’s hard to ignore. That being said, what exactly is it? Cbd is a simple way of saying cannabinoids. This is one of many compounds that are being extracted from cannabis plants. Science and research have been able to identify more than 100 cannabinoids. Two of these that are mentioned the most are CBD and THC.

Our endocannabinoid system is what is affected by the use of CBD oil products. These are receptors and chemicals which are interconnected and have been spread out through our body. Animals also have this system throughout their bodies. This is why a lot of CBD testing and research are performed on animals before moving to humans, being why there is still so much to learn in regards to CBD and how it affects the human body. What is known is this system directly affects human functions such as sleep, appetite, pain, even the moods that we are in. The balance of our bodies is maintained through the endocannabinoid system.

Yes, research and study are still in the very early stages when it comes to the effects of using a CBD product. That being said, the testimonies of people willing to say they are experiencing positive effects from using CBD continues to grow. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to relief from seizures, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and many more. We have also seen that CBD oil has neuroprotective properties, along with plenty of evidence it could play a vital role in the self-destruction of cancer cells.

As great as the benefits we have mentioned are, there are two more that are getting a ton of attention from both scientists and researchers. Not only will CBD not produce the high or buzz that is felt when a person smokes marijuana, but CBD can also actually lessen the psychoactive effects that are created by THC. This defeats the common misconception that many have in regards to CBD products getting users high. This simply doesn’t happen. If this thought has been what keeps you from trying a CBD product, it’s time you give in and see what you have been missing, especially if you have an illness you have been unable to find relief with other products.

Side effects and safety concerns

Yes, there are many benefits being reported by thousands of people using CBD products. Science has some catching up to do when it comes to proving these facts. Still, many people want to know, is using CBD safe for everybody?

To give the simplest and quicker answer, yes. A good safety profile has been given to CBD by the World Health Organization. Many studies that are backed by science have made sure people know using CBD is safe. Scientists have no questions with regard to the safety of using CBD oil. The questions are exactly how these products are providing the benefits they bring.

The most common side effects being reported are both moderate and mild. They include symptoms such as feeling light-headed, drowsiness, and having a dry mouth. More often than not, these mild symptoms are only experienced when someone first begins using CBD oil. As their bodies get more and more used to CBD, these effects go away.

That being said, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you are taking other medications, especially ones that have been prescribed to you by a doctor, make sure you talk with them first before starting to use a CBD product. While CBD is completely safe to use, there could be interactions with certain medications. This doesn’t exactly mean using CBD is not an option for you. You just may need to use precautions with the dosage you are taking. If you discuss with your doctor exactly why you want to start using CBD, they may have helpful suggestions or specific changes that can be made to your medications.

Also, if being tested for drugs is a part of your life, make sure you are using a CBD product that is isolate based. Keep in mind, CBD is not regulated on a federal level. Just because a label or brand says it is free of THC doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution. Check for results from an independent, third-party. You will want to make sure the CBD product you are purchasing is over 99 percent pure CBD.

Is it legal to take CBD?

CBD that derives from hemp is legal at the federal level. The DEA has removed CBD from its controlled substance list. According to the Farm Bill that was passed in 2018, hemp is considered a cannabis plant containing less than .3 percent level of THC. This is why a CBD company or manufacturer will promote their products with less than this amount of THC.

That being said, when it comes to the state level of government, things can be a little more complex. There are a few states that have made the decision not to be as friendly with CBD oil products. If you plan on using CBD oil, make sure you spend time researching exactly what the laws are in your specific state.

Why soft gels and capsules?

The boom of the CBD industry has brought on plenty of methods of putting CBD in the body. Among CBD users, soft gels and capsules have become one of the most popular methods for many reasons, but there are a few specific advantages we want to touch on.

When you ask users why they choose to take capsules as there means for using CBD, the majority of them will tell you how simple it makes taking a dose that is consistent. When you take CBD by methods such as a lotion or vaping, it can be difficult to determine exactly the amount of CBD your body is taking in. When it comes to using a tincture or making your own edibles, there are measurements that need to be precise. These aren’t problems you have when taking a soft gel or a capsule.

This is rather easy to do. Regardless of how busy and hectic your schedule is, everyone has time to quickly take a pill. The same can’t be said withholding a tincture under your tongue for a specific period of time or rubbing lotion or oil into your skin. Not only is taking a pill simple, but it is also very discreet. Also, if you are not a big fan of the taste that comes with CBD oil, soft gels, and capsules or a way of avoiding that. And, with a CBD gummy and other edibles, you are adding sugar into your body. This allows you to avoid that if sugar intake is something you monitor.

As convenient as soft gels and capsules are, there is a drawback. This is because of bioavailability. The CBD is forced to slowly make its way through your digestive system when you take a pill. Through this process, some of the CBD you are taking is going to be destroyed by your body before it has an effect on your bloodstream.

That being said, there is evidence CBD that is water-soluble is a better fit with the digestive system than the variety that is non-water soluble. Nanotechnology is being used by many CBD companies, providing more benefits for users.

Another drawback is with taking a soft gel or capsule, more time is needed for your body to begin experiencing the benefits of CBD than is needed by a tincture or vaping. However, if your reason behind taking a CBD product is dealing with severe pain or to help you sleep better at night, a capsule will be better for you because of the longer, slower release of CBD oil into your body.

Choosing a CBD soft gel or capsule

If you are new to CBD capsules and soft gels, there are going to be plenty of products for you to choose from. Here are a few things you will definitely want to keep in mind.

Make sure the CBD oil is coming from hemp plants that have grown organically. A hemp plant is great for pulling toxins from the soil.

Regardless of the brand name or company you choose to purchase a product from, be sure it has been tested by a third-party. It’s even better when you are able to find a company that tests the potency of their products. This happens after the formulation of the product.

It is important that you check the capsule’s potency. You will have a selection from anywhere between 10-100 milligrams, for each capsule you take. It’s always a great idea to start at a lower level and slowly work your way up.

If the reason you are taking CBD is to get help with your sleep, look for a product that contains melatonin. Not every capsule or soft gel will have this, but they are easy to find at most retailers. Last but not least, here are a few of the capsules that we highly recommend.

Kanibi Softgels

These soft gels pack a mean punch, but they are easy to swallow and take down. They will produce a mellowing effect, as well as bring on relaxation. They have a candy-like consistency and the gummies are a variety of fruit flavors.


  • Organic hemp that is 100 percent grown in the United States
  • Double laboratory testing
  • CBD extract is full-spectrum


  • These soft gels can only be purchased in one concentration.

CBDistillery Capsules

The gummies are packed with flavor. You will easily be able to swallow the capsules. Taking the capsule at a higher concentration produces effects that are much more readily.


  • Lots of praise from consumers
  • Most affordable capsule on the list
  • Both full-spectrum and isolate


  • Small choice to choose from
  • No scheme to get your money back

Medterra CBD gel capsules

Makes waking up easier in the morning. When this is taken before bed, you will get a night of much more consistent sleep. These are very easy to take with a drink of water.


  • These are classified as THC free
  • They are tested in a lab
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back for 30 days


  • These are not vegan-friendly
  • There are only two concentrations to choose from

CBDMD CBD Capsules

These capsules are easy to swallow. You will feel even calmer when taking a higher concentration. Ingestion is at a slower, prolonged rate.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Up to 3,000-milligram concentration


  • The gummies are not as concentrated
  • Not 100 percent THC free