A few Ways CBD can be Used


In the world of health and wellness, the market has experienced a huge impact on CBD products growing in popularity. As common as this for people who pay attention to this particular market, if you are no familiar with CBD oil, you may have difficulty identifying exactly which products you should be looking for. It’s not as simple as something has to work and work well simply because it has CBD in it.


There are many ways to use CBD, several forms it is available in, and the products may be consumed in several different ways. Here’s the thing. CBD is not something you use simply to be taking it. There are specific reasons people are recommended to give CBD a chance. Depending on your reasoning behind using it will play a factoid in which method of use is best for you.

Also, a key fact that is very important. CBD is not the same as marijuana or hemp. While each is derived from a cannabis plant, they are each a different component. Each of these will affect your body differently. For the sake of keeping this short and getting on with the article, no, using a CBD product will not get you high. It doesn’t matter the amount you are using or the method in which you use CBD oil. Because the THC level in these products is below .3 percent, you will not experience the high or the buzz one feels from smoking marijuana.

That being said, there are many benefits CBD consumers are quick to let you know they are experiencing from CBD oil. Everything from epilepsy in children, skin issues, stress and anxiety, sleeping better at night, chronic pain, people are even finding relief from symptoms that go along with battling cancer. While there is still a lot of research and study needing to be completed on CBD and its effectiveness, thousands of people quick to say their quality of life has been improved can’t be ignored.

How are marijuana, CBD, and hemp different?

Yes, the majority of us know that CBD, marijuana, and hemp are all related. This is one of the reasons why there is so much confusion in regards to why marijuana is still against the law, but hemp and CBD aren’t, in most states. You have to keep in mind, while each of these is extracted from the cannabis plant, different components of the plant are used in making each one.

The psychoactive chemical producing the high when marijuana is smoked is THC. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to CBD oil, there is not enough THC included producing the effects a person will get from smoking marijuana.

Ailments which CBD relieves

There are many ailments that lead people to turn to a CBD product for relief. More often than not, CBD will be given a chance only once every other suggestion has failed. When people are unable to find the relief they need anywhere else, they decide to give CBD oil a chance. Managing chronic or severe pain is one of the most popular reasons people turn to CBD oil. The pain can be a result of back issues, arthritis, headaches, autoimmune diseases, or one of the countless other reasons. Regardless of where the pain is coming from and why CBD oil is there for the rescue.

Also, many CBD consumers will tell you taking a product on a daily basis provides all kinds of inflammatory benefits. This is especially true with a person who is healing for a wound or recovering from serious injury. One of these areas growing in popularity by the week is using CBD after getting fresh ink. When someone gets a tattoo, inflammation is created by the work that is done by the needle. Fans of tattoos are now realizing how beneficial CBD can be while letting the artwork heal up.

Managing pain is only one of the reasons many people are turning to the use of a CBD product. There have been just as many people using CBD oil to find relief from stress and many anxiety disorders. CBD is preferred over other types of medication or drugs because CBD products don’t come with some of the nasty side effects from taking a prescription. Several of these medications can easily become a nasty habit or even a flat out addiction. Using CBD provides relief that brings peace of mind. On top of this, a CBD product can be purchased without the expensive price tag that comes with going to a doctor for a prescription.

How does CBD work?

All of us have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This system plays a significant role in regulating the moods we feel, our sleep, the appetite we have, the sensation of pain through our body, and the effectiveness of our memory. This system has receptors that cannabinoids such as CBD attach to. This helps with relieving pain, lowering the amount of anxiety we feel, plus several other functions the endocannabinoid system is involved with.

How should I take CBD?

How Will CBD Make Me Feel?

Ingesting CBD as oil is one of the most popular methods of use there is. This is done by using a dropper to put the desired amount underneath the tongue. It needs to be mentioned, though. If this is the method you use, you will have to measure out your dosage on your own. You will want to hold the oil under your tongue between 20-45 seconds before swallowing for the best effects. This method is one of the best if you are looking to feel the effects as quickly as possible.

This isn’t the only way to take CBD oil orally. Also, there are capsules you can take, as well as edibles that can be eaten. These two methods work similarly to say, taking a vitamin. No, edibles and capsules won’t require you to do any measuring with a dropper. In this sense, they are much simpler to use. That being said, you will not feel the effects as quickly as you would by putting an oil underneath your tongue. With edibles or a capsule, what you are ingesting has to be broken down through your digestive system. We’re not saying don’t use these methods or they are not as effective. Just that you shouldn’t expect to feel the effects as fast.

If you are wanting to use CBD oil for a skin issue or specific muscles that need attention, it will make more sense to buy a cream or lotion which is rubbed into the skin. This gives you the ability to apply the CBD oil directly in the area where it is needed. Similar to using an edible or taking a capsule, you are not going to feel the effects as quickly with a cream or lotion as you would by placing drops under your tongue. Still, this is great for those who have specific issues and areas of the body they are wanting to address.

A method of use that is getting a ton of attention as of late is vaping an e-liquid that has CBD oil in it. Similar to drops underneath the tongue, vaping CBD is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects you are looking for. A couple drags off your vape, and the CBD will get to work right away. But, vaping isn’t for everyone. If you are someone who already uses a vaping device, this could be a match made in heaven. If not, this might not exactly be your cup of tea.

One thing’s for certain. There isn’t a right or wrong way of using CBD. The trick is to discover the method which works best for you. A big part of this is identifying the exact reasons why you’re wanting to use CBD oil. Once you have defined this, don’t hesitate to experiment with as many methods that are appealing to you.

Combining CBD with food

There are many different foods CBD can be added to. The market is full of edibles that already have CBD mixed in with them. That being said, the majority of them are either chocolate or a gummy. If you are wanting to control the food you eat with your CBD, your own edibles are something you can easily make at home.

If you are wanting an edible you cook or bake yourself, make sure your cooking temperature is below 320 degrees so the CBD is not degraded. Also, make sure you are using a CBD with either a fat or oil base. If making your own edibles is something you are new to and you’re afraid of lowering the CBD’s effectiveness, consider starting with edibles you can make which don’t require baking.

There should always be a dosage you are aiming for when making your own edibles. You need to keep in mind, CBD’s absorption rate is not nearly as fast compared to using a few drops of CBD under the tongue. I realize this was covered earlier, but many people have the misconception that this is different when making their own edibles compared to buying them already prepared.

Also, when you are deciding on a dosage, the food’s serving size needs to be considered. Multiply the food’s number of servings by the size of the dosage. When the CBD is being added in, be sure you are thoroughly mixing to ensure there’s an equal amount of CBD in each serving.