Can You Vape Without Nicotine?


Vaping has become a popular pastime among the young and old alike. It had a misconceived reputation for rehabilitating smokers alone. Still, it has widespread use both with nicotine addicts and those who love the fun of making billowing clouds from the flavored vapor. But could there exist a danger with vaping without nicotine? And if not, can you effectively vape without nicotine?

girl vaping

E-Juices and Their Variety

You have a wide selection of e-juices you can choose to vape. You have both nicotine-based and nicotine-free juices available. The nicotine-based liquids get used by people who want to quit cigarettes. The e-juices come in different concentrations of nicotine. You find that a person may start vaping using a high concentration to reduce the concentration to near or zero nicotine. The flavors available in the e-juices plus the sheer fun of vaping can make one forget the nicotine urge.

These vapes come in numerous flavors that anyone can enjoy. Flavors like vanilla, chocolate milkshake, caramel, strawberry, and hundreds of others can get accessed. While vaping has the health fraternity’s attention in terms of the potential dangers posed, hope seems to lie in the lesser risks of vaping without nicotine.

Nicotine Vs. Nicotine-Free Vapes

Nicotine vapes benefit those with an urge to satisfy their nicotine addiction. You may find yourself getting addicted to this stimulant if you had not used it before. It helps satisfy your craving if you have smoked cigarettes before and want to quit them. Apart from this danger of addiction, nicotine vapes can raise your blood pressure for some time. Other health risks associated with nicotine include increased risk of getting respiratory diseases, cancer, heart conditions, and even digestive disorders.

Nicotine-free vapes have no known potential to create a loophole for such grave diseases. They offer a moderately safer way of enjoying a smoke without compromising your health so gravely. E-juices do not come with a clean bill of health, though, and you need to proceed with some caution. Research has shown that these e-juices can potentially irritate the airways and mouth from the glycerol and glycol they contain.

Nicotine-free vapes can also cause an inflammatory response in the lungs, throat, and entire body with prolonged usage. This response comes from immune-response cells. These juices can even cause death in cells found in the lungs. These cells protect the body from infection and allergens and toxins. The infiltration of toxins and allergens can potentially lead to cancer, lung disease, and heart conditions. This study gives a potential reaction to nicotine-free vapes and does not provide conclusive evidence. More research needs to get carried out.


Nicotine-free vapes have lesser-known and verified health risks than nicotine-vapes. You can use them freely to enjoy a flavorful smoke without exposing your body to such potential health risks associated with nicotine. While everything can harm you, using nicotine-free vapes lessens the dangerous effects on your body. It gives you the freedom to enjoy a smoke without losing your health in the process.