E-Juice Recipes


You won’t find a better way to learn about creating your own DIY vape liquid than a list of recipes to start with currently trending in the vape world. If you have been looking for a DIY vape recipe, the mixes we have provided are well known as some of the best for beginners to learn with. You won’t find it difficult to find the flavorings and other ingredients you will need for these recipes. Also, these recipes have been provided and recommended by mixers with plenty of experience. They know exactly what needs to be done for the liquid to have the best flavor without taking things to an extreme.

The list we have thrown together is made up of original e-vape recipes. Before we get started, here is a list of abbreviations you will want to get familiar with.

E-Juice Recipes

Flavoring manufacturers

  • FW- Flavor West
  • CAP- Capella Flavors
  • TPA- The Perfumer’s Apprentice
  • FLV- Flavorah
  • FA- FlavourArt
  • INW- Inawera Flavors

Resources Found Online

  • ATF- AllTheFlavors.com
  • ELR- E-Liquid-Recipes.com

Original E-Juice Recipes

In the sense that the aim wasn’t reproducing a commercial vape juice, the following six recipes are original. They are the approach taken by the creator to a real, and often popular, flavor profile.

ID10-T’s Simple Sugar Cookie

If you are looking for a simple start in the e-liquid recipe DIY game, this recipe is the one for you. It’s creator, ID10-T, is the DIYorDIE mixing world champion. There are only two ingredients you will need, for a 12 percent flavoring. While this recipe is simple to mix, it’s much more difficult to leave alone after allowing the juice to steep for a week. Both of the ingredients could have been supported and complexity could have been added. That being said, this recipe wasn’t created with the intent of needing skill and practice to create. Don’t be mistaken. ID10-T is a master at what he does. His world championship demonstrates this. This recipe is on the list because of its awesome flavor and how simple it can be mixed.

Sugar Cookie – CAP: As a realistic smooth sugar cookie, the recipe here can easily be mixed with a different cookie and biscuit flavoring, adding a texture that would otherwise be missing. As versatile as this recipe is, when combined at a lower percentage, the majority of mixes won’t be hurt or negatively affected by this combination. A basic sugar cookie is the function of this recipe. When compared to the original flavor, this recipe is one of the few with the diketone-free V2 being more popular.

Vanilla Custard – CAP: This is hands down the best custard flavor you will find. If you are someone who enjoys the taste and flavor of custard, you are going to want this. Eggy, versatile, and rich, this can be used for several different reasons at a different percentage level. In this recipe, you will want to use it at four percent to provide the cookie with a creaminess. You can find a non-diketone version two, which many DIYers both hate and love. Because of this, you will want to use caution until you know exactly what you are doing.

dazcole’s Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Just like the first one we listed, this recipe is also simple to mix, using just three ingredients at an incredible 6.25 percent of flavoring. This recipe uses the approach of “less is more.” An interesting flavor profile is created with dazcole taking as much as possible from each flavor. Three to five days of steeping is all that is needed for this mix to begin popping.

Caramel – FA: Many people share the opinion that this is simply the best caramel available on the market. Also, you will not find another that is easier to mix with. Your mix will become much better by simply using the regular FA percentages provided. This caramel works perfectly with fruits, creams, even a few tobaccos make for a great mix. This recipe calls for 1.25 percent, helping blend the flavors and adding just a touch of caramel to the recipe.

Coconut – FA: This is one of the most realistic flavors you will find in the vaping world. Also, you will avoid a common issue found with a coconut concentrate. You will not taste like sunscreen. This is very different from a candy. This is more right in the middle of taking a drink of coconut milk and eating a coconut.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – TPA: Don’t let it catch you by surprise if this is simply called VBIC. Typically, if you are looking to aim for what is known as an “ice-cream profile,” this flavor can be a huge help. Also, it’s commonly used for giving your miz a texture. The edition made by TBA is not only popular but if it is used at a high percentage, many find it as “peppery.” If this is a turn off for your taste, consider using Capella’s VBIC instead. You will get an extra bonus of diketone-free, something that can not be said with what TPA offers.

Stafylidis Vladimiross’ Goofy’s Juice

By far, this is one of the most popular recipes with the highest rating you will find on many websites. This juice is both simple, but yet a soft tobacco recipe that could easily be used as an all-day vape. One thing different than the previous two recipes we have mentioned, this one is going to take a while to steep. You will definitely want to mix the recipe and then forget you have it for at least four to five weeks. If RY4 vapes are your thing, this is a mix you will want to try.

Acetyl Pyraines 5 percent – TPA: This is not your typical flavor concentrate. AP is set apart by its flavor of roasted nuts many use in their mix, adding a little depth to the recipe. This is ideal for a tobacco or a nut mix. Many others will also use this in dessert and cream recipes. You will find that this is one of the easiest flavors to recognize in e-juices. Its purpose in this mix is primarily to add to the nutty flavor.

Graham Cracker – TPA: If you are looking to boost a crust or pie recipe, this is a flavor you will want to use. While it is rarely used on its own, a great combo can be created with other biscuits, cheesecake, or cookies. If you are looking for more of a grainy background, it might be a good idea to add a mix of sweet tobacco. You will want to note, if you are using the diketone free edition of this flavor, the color is darker than normal and will not look the same as the original.

Hazelnut – FW: This is one of the richest and creamiest hazelnuts you will find on the market. While the FA version is more realistic, FW is not as difficult to work with and will be a better mix taste-wise with the majority of recipes you will use. This mix is commonly used with tobacco, desserts, and cereal mixes. There is no substitute for this mix and it is not diketone-free.

Peanut Butter – TPA: There is a great reason for this being one of the more popular peanut butter flavors you will find. This flavoring isn’t that complicated but it is as realistic as it gets. When used at a lower percentage, it makes for a great accent. When the percentage is used at a higher level, the peanut butter flavor easily becomes the dominant feature of the mix. It has diketones but you will find a great substitute in the DX edition that is diketone-free.

RY4 Double – TPA: You won’t find a better sweet tobacco flavor than this. Vanilla and caramel are the first to hit you, followed by tobacco that is very smooth. This flavor can be vaped by itself or mixed with another to enhance the caramel and/or vanilla. If you are creating a dessert recipe, this is used to boost the caramel flavoring. While it very rarely happens, it needs to be noted that this flavoring has led to cracking in a plastic tank.

Philosaphucker’s Grack Juice

This recipe has the highest rating with ATF and has won the list by Reddit of the Best Recipe in 2016. A grape juice that is both refreshing and diketone-free takes the majority of the synergy from the other ingredients. This is a recipe that substituting or removing just one of the ingredients will drastically change the results of the mix. It is highly recommended that the recipe is followed exactly.

Cactus – INW: This concentrate is extremely helpful and easily could’ve been given the name Juice Machine instead of what it is known by. The flavoring is a prickly pear/cactus, but more often than not, it is used to make fruit flavors even juicier. With just a tad, you will be shocked at what this flavor can do.

Dragonfruit – TPA: If you are looking for a solid dragonfruit flavor, this is where it is at. Normally, this is used to boost and enhance a strawberry flavoring. A strawberry mix will pop and grab your attention with just a small amount of the concentrate. This creates both a juicy and tarty background. It is also used with many other fruit flavors to brighten things up a bit.

Grape – INW: This is the recipe’s base, it’s the foundation. Mixing both dark and green grapes, this mix is both juicy, as well as delicate. It’s more useful than any other grape concentrate you will find. If you are simply looking for a pure grape flavor, this is where you need to be.

Koolada – TPA: If you are looking to add ice to your mix to cool things down a little, this is what you want to use. Anything that needs an added frozen touch is a great match for Koolada. Ice teas, ice creams, sodas, if ice belongs in the mix, this is where it’s at. That being said, make sure you are not using too much. The percentage will need to stay lower. If you are using too much, the juice can be difficult to vape.

Meringue – FA: This isn’t just simply meringue. Almost any recipe you have can be mixed with this. This will sweeten your flavors for both fruits and creams. Also, sweet tobaccos will be given character and any cereal mix will be strengthened. Any recipe you have that seems to need an additional touch, this could be exactly what is missing.

Raspberry – INW: The flavor’s potency will catch you off guard. When used at over one percent, this raspberry overpowers any mix. It is one of the most realistic raspberries you will find and brightens any berry mix at a very low percentage.

Sweet Strawberry – CAP: You will need to know, this is a candyish, artificial strawberry. More often than not, it is used with other strawberry flavors. With the recipe here, it brightens up things and provides an additional candy taste to the recipe.