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Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. It has taken firm roots in this century from the time it was introduced in 2007. Its first product was an e-cigarette. Vaping involves inhaling a heated liquid which contains nicotine, flavors, and other similar drugs. This heated liquid is stored and prepared for inhaling by an electronic device like the e-cigarette.

If you are thinking about vaping or you are just looking for alternatives that will give you a balance within then you should consider checking out the range of products offered by Just CBD. It is a company that deals with way over 20 products that are made from Hemp and Cannabidiol and other related drugs. Cannabidiol is what is commonly known as CBD.


About Just CBD

Just CBD is a company that was began to produce and represent the culture of Cannabidiol use. Its mission is to be open about the products it manufactures and give all necessary information to its customers. With this mission in mind, it gives a breakdown of every product it has. It gets this information from professional labs which verify the authenticity of their products.

Products Offered By Just CBD

Just CBD uses Hemp and Cannabidiol as their core ingredients across their many products. Here are some of the products offered by Just CBD: –

CBD Gummies

just cbd gummies

CBD Gummies are a delicious treat you can always reach out for to help you relax at any time of day or night. You get to have your hemp fix mixed in a large array of flavors ranging from clear bear to sour bear, clear worms to sour worms, happy face to apple rings, peach rings to blueberry rings. The gummies serve from 8 mg to 25 mg of hemp per gummy and are advisable for any beginner to engage in this tasty delight.

CBD Vape Pens

JustCBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pens come in a range of colors and flavors that will fit different tastes. There are 8 different color options and three delicious flavors. They are an inexpensive and discrete alternative that keeps attention from you. The pens are made compact so you can keep them in any location on you. They are rechargeable vapor pens, becoming fully charged at 3 hours, and deliver up to 200 mg of vape.

Jet Setter

The Jet Setter is a pack of vitamin gummies that are tailor-made to recharge your body if you take it through a lot of rigorous testing. You should take this pack on if you are demanding a lot from your body by being always on the move. These gummy drops are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, and herbs to revitalize your body and give you that extra push you need.

Full Spectrum Tincture

justcbd Tinctures

If you are looking for all the benefits of CBD rolled into one you should try the CBD full spectrum tincture. This is an alcohol extracted compound that derives 104 extracts from the hemp plant. It is the most potent CBD product you can use and is sold in 50 mg to 1500 mg bottles. It also comes in a 1 ml eyedropper to help you measure out the drops. You can use anything from 10 mg of tincture per dose. You can take it under the tongue or in beverages.

CBD Protein Bars

CBD protein bars are another great treat that you can use to get your hemp dose. You are able to stay full for hours on these delightful bars while having a mellow feeling during this time. These power bars enable you to achieve a full day of activities without feeling drained of energy. These granola bars are known to aid athletes to perform at their peak when they use them.

CBD Dried Fruit

Just CBD Dried Fruit

Another great way to get your Cannabidiol through edibles is using the dried fruit from Just CBD. They come in a wide range of flavors from mango, apple slices, sugar cane, raisins, banana, and kiwi that allow you to get your perfect flavor. You can try out different flavors to see where your fancy lies. They are a slow release product but you will get your effect which lasts longer than other products.

CBD Bath Bombs & Soap

Just CBD is in the business of relaxing your whole body as a whole. And one of the products it does this with is through its dedicated bath bombs and soap that contain therapeutic elixirs and oils. The bath bombs come in six different varieties; the Fruit Explosion is made to give you an energy boost while the Ocean breeze is made to give you a coastal retreat. The Deep Spices bath bomb is a romantic and soothing bubbly treat that lets you to set the mood right.

CBD Vape Cartridges

justCBD Vape Cartridge

There are also CBD vape cartridges on stock that offer you strawberry, blueberry, mango, and honey flavors to take you on a sweet journey of fulfilment. They are made of the purest Cannabidiol oil that will give you the desired effects.

CBD Oil Tincture

The oil tincture is taken by placing the liquid beneath the tongue for a few seconds. Hemp is used in the creation of CBD Oil Tincture. This range is available as organic honey flavoured tincture and as natural hemp and coconut flavors.

CBD Honey Stick & Coconut Oil

CBD honey sticks and coconut oil contain pure isolate hemp powder that gives you the drive to face every day. The honey sticks are individually packed to carry anywhere you want to and have as a scrumptious snack. The coconut cream is served in teaspoon measuring. You can have it by itself if you love the creamy taste or mix it up with other treats to blend in the rich coconut taste.

CBD Isolate

Just CBD Isolate

If you are looking for the purest form of CBD in the market then you should pick up the CBD Isolate. This contains 99% of pure CBD powder. It is taste and smell free allowing you to mix it up with other CBD oils and tinctures. This powder gives you the highest form of Cannabidiol we have in the market. It will give you a great impact fast enough to get back to your optimum output.

Pets Range

justcbd pets

Just CBD also has a pets range of products that help to relieve your pet of anxiety. There are a good number of treats for both cats and dogs. Chicken Biscuits and Steak Bites are just two of the dog treats available while Purr Treats and Chicken Treats cater to your cat. You will have a relaxed pet with you when you use these treats.


The CBD Vape Oil is another great product from Just CBD. There are a number of oils to choose from that you can use on your e-cigarette devices. The vape comes in up to 8 different flavors including mango ice, blue razz, pineapple express, and strawberry cheesecake.

CBD Pain Cream

Should you be in pain or bodily discomfort Just CBD has you catered for. CBD Pain Cream is made using the finest hemp extract, sunflower seed oil, organic coconut oil and aloe, as well as vitamin E to support healthy skin. In relives sore muscles as well as relaxes an agitated mind. The cream works as a stress reliever that can be used at any time of day to help you manage your day.

How Does JustCBD Work?

JustCBD has taken the purest form of Hemp and used it to make products that benefit you in different ways. It uses Cannabidiol, which is an extract from the Hemp plant to make these products. Cannabidiol works by being absorbed into the body either by being ingested, inhaled, or by being applied to the skin.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is introduced into the body to direct it to use its own cannabinoids. The cannabinoids attach to two receptors, CB1 and CB2, which help the body work in different ways. CB1 receptors are in the brain and they deal with emotions, motor movement, pain, thinking, memories, appetite, among other things. CB2 receptors work to deal with inflammation and pain and are found in the immune system.

Just CBD makes products that affect these receptors by helping them engage better. You are able to deal better with every day stress and physical strain when you use these products. You are also able to handle physical pain better as there is a pain cream to help you deal with that pain. Bathing soaps sooth you and rejuvenate your system through your skin.

How to Use Just CBD

Just CBD products are used in different ways. You can enjoy them in their delicious treat form either as snack bars, as gummies, dried fruit, among others. You can also enjoy them in the bath bombs and soaps form. You can use them in your bath to give you positive relaxation and reenergizing. You can also use them in vaping devices like the e-cigarette in different flavors.

You can also apply the creams on the skin where they are absorbed into the body to give it relief from pain and discomfort.


Many of Just CBD products are to be taken every seven hours. The beauty of these products is they are supplements. That means they can also have a personalized dosage which is less than the regular dose but in shorter intervals than usual. The topical cream can of course be applied at any interval, while the delicious treats can be taken to satisfaction. Your body is always able to tell you how much you should have.

Is it Safe to Use Just CBD Products?

CBD products have been known to be safe even when during an overdose. Studies have been conducted to check the tolerance level of adults exposed to different doses of Cannabidiol. There have been no adverse effects reported anywhere. There are mild side effects like change in appetite, diarrhea, and some bit of tiredness. But these side effects are rare.

Is Just CBD Addictive?

CBD is an interesting compound as studies have revealed that it helps reduce the cravings that addicts go through. It is also known to reduce anxiety. It is a non-psychoactive drug which means it does not affect the brain by giving it a high. Whatever you experience with CBD stops the moment the compound wears off in your body. Your body will not demand it when you are not using it. That means it will not at any time addict you.

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There are a number of CBD benefits that are now known. Just CBD delivers you products that it is sure will:

  • Lift up your mood,
  • Alleviate pain and discomfort,
  • Calm your nerves,
  • Rejuvenate your system.
  • Energize you.
  • Reduces anxiety and insomnia.

On top of these guaranteed benefits are others that have been researched on and given credibility. Among them is the ability to take away cravings helping you deal with addictions. The FDA has also approved the use of CBD to treat epilepsy. It is also believed that this drug is able to treat other neurological conditions. Tests are still under way.

Side Effects of Just CBD

Cannabidiol is known to have many benefits, some of which are still being discovered. The side effects are not ones to write home about. A few cases of reduced appetite, diarrhea, and tiredness have been reported. They are negligible in comparison to the immense benefit it is giving.

Purchase & Price

Just CBD has an online store that is linked to its website. You can access all their products from there official website. There are a large number of products that are on offer:

  • Hemp soaps – $6.99.
  • Bath bombs – $9.99.
  • Gummy bears 250 gm 11 bottle pack – $115.
  • CBD Coconut Oil – $29.99.
  • Dried fruit 250 gm – $23.99.
  • Dried fruit 450 gm – $40.00.
  • Dried fruit 750 gm – $50.
  • Gummies 250 – $19.99.
  • Infused Pain Cream 100 gm – $11.99.
  • Infused Pain Cream 250 gm – $23.99.
  • CBD Vape – $15.99 – $49.99.
  • CBD vape pen – $19.99.
  • Coconut Oil Tincture – $14.99 – $119.99.
  • Daily Dose – Coconut Oil – $13.
  • Daily dose – Hemp Seed Oil – $13.
  • Full Spectrum Tincture – $14.99 – $119.99.
  • Hemp Seed Oil – $14.99 – $119.99.
  • Just CBD Honey Sticks Jar – $150.
  • Just CBD Honey Sticks (10 pack) – $15.
  • Isolate – $49.

More products can be found on offer in the online store.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Just CBD has a thorough money back guarantee and refund policy. The money back guarantee covers 30 days after purchase after which you cannot get a refund. They do require that the product sent to you be in the condition received, unopened, and be returned in the same packaging. You will also need to return the receipt that accompanied the product.

Just CBD will then notify you when they receive your product. They will also alert you whether they have accepted or rejected your refund request. Items that are on sale do not receive refunds. Gift items are refunded to the purchaser of the gift. Alternatively, a gift certificate is sent to the receiver of the gift if the product had been marked a gift. Items are only replaced if there is evidence that they were received faulty or damaged. Be aware that shipping costs of returning products falls on the customer.


How often can I take CBD products?
You can take them as much as you want, starting small then building up till where you feel comfortable. Everyone has their own limit and there is no overdose.

Should I be worried about getting hooked?
CBD does not have any addictive properties. It does not give you a high. It is, in fact, used to treat addictions.

Can I get negative mood swings?
CBD is known to harmonize the body so that it works at its best state. That means you will get the best out of it. You will get positive mood changes, not negative changes.

Should I consult a doctor before starting out on CBD?
If you have a current medical condition it is proper to consult your doctor before you begin taking the supplements. But they are safe to use even with prevailing conditions.


  • Takes away anxiety.
  • Brightens mood.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Fights inflammation.
  • Takes away cravings.


  • May cause diarrhea.
  • May cause loss of appetite.

Customer Testimonials

“Just CBD has helped me defeat my anxiety attacks. It has given me freedom and enabled me to achieve so much outside that I wasn’t able to do before. And it’s a pretty awesome treat too” Sheila R. On Gummies, Sour Bear.

“I have been able to pull off much more on my exercise regimen than I was ever able to before I started using Just CBD. I am able to manage pain better and I’m not as exhausted as I used to be at the end of the day. I am all the happier.” Reggie D. On Dried Fruit and Infused Pain Cream.

“Just can’t have enough of these delicious treats from Just CBD. And they give me so much peace to face my hectic day at work.” Sarah W. On Honey Sticks.


JustCBD has revolutionized how Cannabidiol is appreciated in the market. It has gotten CBD appreciated in its different forms making it of benefit to so many people. Research is still underway on the number of benefits that it has to the human body. What is known now is it can benefit you greatly without getting you high or being addictive. Try CBD today for the best in relaxation.

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