Will I Gain Weight Using CBD Oil?


If you are someone who pays attention to the world of health and fitness, you may have a few questions about using CBD oil. There are plenty of people who are already going as far out of their way as they can to be fit and healthy, but still feel like there is more they could be doing. If there was something you could find for an extra boost every day, you would definitely be open to learning more.

Also, there are plenty of people who would love to live a healthier life, but difficulties affecting health such as a chronic condition slam any door you begin to open for yourself. You would give anything to find a safe and healthy way of getting a foot up in your battle. Any extra push you could find would be a tremendous help.

If you are someone who can relate to either of the two situations we have just explained, more than likely, you have already heard something about using CBD oil. Over the past two years, more and more people are open to discussing the benefits they receive from using a CBD product. Contrary to the opinions you may be hearing elsewhere, these people have nothing negative to say and they certainly aren’t getting high. That being said, where is all of this confusion coming from?

Weight Using CBD Oil

What Exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD, cannabidiol, has plenty of benefits that increase the health of users that are currently being looked at and studied. It is being used to both promote and support said benefits naturally, as well as without being addictive. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system directly, impacting the overall wellness and health of many people using CBD products.

When looking at the benefits that could be provided, the horizon appears to be endless. It seems like a new reason for using CBD oil is being claimed on a regular basis. That being said, currently, the FDA has yet to approve CBD oil as a means of a cure, treatment, form of diagnosing, or preventing any disease. Be careful with that. Many of the benefits of CBD many people say they are receiving have nothing to do with a disease or illness.

If you are looking for a choice that is appealing to your health without the use of prescription medicines that come with nasty side effects and the possibility of becoming addicted, CBD oil could be exactly what you have been looking for. With many medications a doctor will prescribe, the user will deal with things such as drowsiness, nausea, and many other unpleasant side-effects you don’t experience with a CBD product.

Still, there are plenty of people quick to say they have an interest in using CBD oil, they simply need a few more questions to be answered. While people have been extracting CBD oil from hemp plants for centuries, it is still relatively new to people. Especially in the United States.

Several people interested in using CBD oil would like to know what exactly happens to allow CBD to produce the benefits it does. What kind of side effects can someone expect to go through while using CBD oil, especially for the first time.

Also, once a few questions have been answered satisfactorily, what is the best way to go about using CBD oil? Which products and methods of use would be best for them? Along with answering one of the most commonly asked questions, if CBD will cause you to gain weight, we will answer a few other questions commonly being asked by people who have never used CBD oil before but have a growing interest.

Will CBD oil cause me to gain weight?

It’s a well-known fact that when you smoke marijuana, you tend to eat. While not everyone has the same exact effects, getting hungry or what is known as the munchies is a common effect of smoking weed. With CBD being so closely related to marijuana, many people believe both of them come from a cannabis plant, many people wonder if they will have the same experience with marijuana? If so, wondering about weight gain with CBD oil is a perfectly legit question.

While there is truth in this statement, CBD can be derived from the cannabis plant, the majority of CBD that is used is derived from a hemp plant. There is a difference between this strain and marijuana. With so many people having this misconception, CBD is often associated with THC, something entirely different. THC is the cannabinoid found in marijuana that produces the buzz or high a person feels when smoking weed. THC is also what increases a person’s appetite when smoking marijuana.

With the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 which made CBD products legal on the federal level in the United States, one stipulation is that CBD oil can not contain more than a very low percentage of THC. The amount is so low that a person using CBD will not feel the effects of the THC. This means, not only will the person not get high regardless of the method or amount of CBD being used, their appetite will not be increased either. In fact, studies and research have shown using CBD will counteract against the effects of THC.

There has been plenty of research on this specific topic and there is still plenty of scientific testing being done. We are able to find over 100 different cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. When put inside the body and ingested into our system, each one of these cannabinoids will produce a slightly varying effect. One of the most popular of these cannabinoids is CBD, one that doesn’t act the way THC does.

Each of us has an endocannabinoid system within our body. This is the system that experiences interaction with CBD oil. This system is made up of both metabolic enzymes and receptors. Therefore, the system assists many of the functions our metabolism is responsible for. CBD oil plays a role in these responsibilities such as energy in our body is stored and the transportation of nutrients.

There has been plenty of research and study completed showing CBD oil produces some effect on our metabolism. This being said, the effects are nothing like those produced from THC. After a person ingests CBDthe genes and proteins are stimulated and it helps our body to break down fat, as well as burning calories. Also, there is research showing fewer fat cells are created in our body when we are regularly using CBD oil.

What to look for when buying a CBD product

We’ve already mentioned that CBD oil is federally legal in the United States. That being said, CBD products are not being regulated at the federal level. I don’t know how this works, it’s simply how it is. This means any brand or company with a fancy printer can produce any content they would like for their products and their packaging.

Because of this, you want to make sure you can trust the person you are buying a CBD product from. Currently, CBD oil can be bought in convenience stores, pharmacies, bards, coffee shops, I’ve even seen CBD oil for sale in a movie rental store. If a CBD product looks out of the place where you are shopping, this is a red flag you should not buy what they have available. Also, feel free to ask an employee question. If they can’t provide significant answers, they obviously have no business selling these products.

Take a few seconds and do a search for the brand or product’s name. See what other consumers are saying about the product. Keep in mind, regardless of what you are searching for, someone is always going to have something negative to say. That’s just how the internet works. Use discernment concerning whether the individual had a legitimate complaint with the product or brand in question, or they simply had unreal expectations.

Which method of use is best for me?

When it comes to this specific question, there isn’t exactly a right and wrong answer. Each person is going to have a different answer. Ask yourself why it is you are taking CBD? For instance, do you need help getting a better night’s sleep? Do you suffer from high anxiety or stress? Is your reasoning skin-related? Looking for help with sore muscles or joints? Your answer will be significant concerning the method you should be using CBD oil.

For instance, if you are wanting to sleep better, it might make more sense to take CBD oil with a warm cup of tea or another drink a little before bedtime. If your problem is sore muscles after a hard day at the gym or a joint that simply won’t stop aching, lotion or cream you can rub directly into the affected area would be a better option. If stress or anxiety is an issue and you need immediate relief, you will experience the fastest effects by placing a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue.

Again, there isn’t exactly a right or wrong answer here. It may be in your best interest to experiment with a few methods and see what works best for you. If you are currently taking other medications, regardless if they are prescribed or purchased over the counter, make sure to spend a few minutes talking with your doctor about how CBD could affect the medication you are taking.