Affordable CBD Oils For 2020


Unless you are living in a faraway land that doesn’t offer a wifi connection, you have surely already heard of the many benefits people are experiencing from using CBD oil. Also, if you have invested any time whatsoever in finding the CBD oil product that is best for you, you know how unbalanced some CBD brands and products can make your wallet.

It’s not a secret anymore. Yes, using CBD oil will cost some money, some brands much more than others. Even more so if the dose you are using is increased from time to time. No one wants to get used to great benefits just to continually be spending more and more money. Sadly, this can be very difficult to avoid.

The higher concentration of CBD you are using and the better the product, the more money that will need to be spent. But, if you are willing to spend just a little time shopping around, you will find plenty of brands that are both more affordable and a better value, while still being high in quality.

If time is something you don’t have enough of, don’t worry. We have spent hours all over the internet, have done all of the research, study, and testing, to find some of these CBD oils that not only provide great benefits and results but also are a little easier on the bank account. The rest of this article will cover while using a tincture is your best bet with CBD, some of the benefits and side effects you can expect to have, as well as a few brands you will want to keep an eye open for to save some money. First, let’s get started by discussing exactly what CBD oil is.

CBD Products

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the two primary compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. The other, THC, is probably even more popular. THC is the compound in marijuana that creates the buzz of high one experiences from smoking weed. Because both of these compounds derive from the same plant, a common misconception is associated with CBD. Many people have a false idea that using CBD will get the user high.

This simply isn’t the case. Regardless of how you consume CBD, either by a tincture or another method of use, you will not get high. It doesn’t matter how much you use. This simply isn’t going to happen. According to The Farm Bill that was passed in 2018 making CBD products legal across the United States, as long as the product has a THC level under .3 percent. It is legal to use, according to federal law.

Here’s the issue with this. While CBD is now legal to use, it isn’t regulated on a federal level. This means any company or brand can print whatever they want the label of their product. To make this simple as possible, anyone can say the THC level of their product is under the .3 percent without proving it. Because of this, you want to make sure you are purchasing both a product and a brand that uses lab testing from an independent, third-party.

This testing holds companies accountable for how they advertise and market their products. It’s highly recommended not to purchase a product that doesn’t take part in lab testing from a third party. The results of the test will be simple to find. If they are not provided on the product’s packaging, you will be able to find the results on the brand’s website. They are going to make the information as easy to find as possible. If they are being honest about their product, they will want you to find the information.

In short, THC is primarily used for the mind. CBD is used for the body. Users have been able to find relief for everything from seizures, difficulty sleeping, skin issues concerning both health and beauty, inflammation, joint and muscle soreness, and many more. The most common side effects users didn’t like were nausea and lightheadedness. More often than not, these side effects went away after two or three uses of CBD.

Depending on the reason you are wanting to use CBD will play a role in your method of use. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s a method of using CBD that will work for you. CBD oil can be used with lotions and creams, eaten as edibles or mixed with a drink, e-liquid for vaping, flowers for smoking, taken as a soft gel or capsule, and the focus of this article, taken orally as a tincture.

Why should I use a tincture?

We’ve already mentioned there are several methods you can take CBD. By far, one of the methods that are most popular, especially among those who’re new to CBD, is consuming CBD through a tincture. This is a potent liquid that produces the benefits of CBD that is placed under the tongue with the use of a dropper. Usually, carrier oil and other ingredients will be added to the mix to take away some of the CBD taste.

Taking a tincture

CBD tinctures are concentrated. Because of this, with a tincture, CBD oil needs to be consumed at a much smaller dose. The majority of droppers have a dropper that comes built-in with the bottle, allowing a user to carefully measure out a small quantity. With the doses being smaller, there are several ways to administer a tincture. If you are wanting to take it with food, add a dose to a meal such as pasta or soup. It can also be taken as a drink such as tea or coffee.

A tincture can also be taken sublingually or under the tongue, the method which is most commonly used. According to research and study, by taking CBD oil underneath the tongue, it is both more consistently and easily available to your body than taking CBD through other oral alternatives such as a capsule or eating edibles. Now that we’ve taken a better look at tinctures, let;s go over some price details.

Comparing CBD oil prices

After reviewing the concerns a CBD consumer will regularly bring up, the price of the product is always at the top of any list. That being said, if it’s the value you’re looking for, the price on a bottle’s sticker isn’t always the best indicator. There’s a secret involved with finding the best deals on CBD oil. You want to find how much you are paying per milligram of CBD oil as opposed to simply looking at the price of the product’s sticker.

More often than not, a product that is expensive by all appearances is actually much more potent. After looking at all the numbers, you get a much better value for the money you’re spending with a product that is more potent. Anytime you’re purchasing a CBD oil product, the focus needs to be exactly what you are paying per mg of CBD.

Is buying a cheaper CBD oil safe?

Normally, the price range of CBD is wide. It can be difficult to discover exactly what it is you’re paying for. Do the brands charge much more for their products really manufacture them more effectively and in a manner that is safer?

If you are willing to spend some time shopping and looking around, you can find great value with competitive brand names. You can also use things like coupon codes, discounts with subscriptions, and a wide variety of sales that can save you even more money. Here are a few tips to follow to figure if a deal is simply too good to be true or if you’re getting a great buy.

Use a seller you can trust

Because the CBD and hemp market isn’t federally regulated as of yet, there are plenty of both bad companies and people to stay away from within the industry. The products they sell can easily be counterfeited and adulterated. We’re not here to list names or point a finger, but you need to use caution when buying CBD. Some have even gone as far as claiming they have CBD when it’s actually no more than hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil can be beneficial and definitely has its purposes, but it’s not the same as CBD oil.

If you stumble across a brand that is well known and the price is much lower than you normally see it at, more than likely, you’re not getting what the product’s label says it is. Plus, the product could be contaminated with another substance.

The best way to go about purchasing real CBD oil that is affordable is by buying it directly from a reputable brand. If you’re the type of person who would actually purchase a product from a store you can walk into and shop around, make sure the shop you are visiting focuses on selling CBD oil products.

CBD products are being sold everywhere now. From auction sites online, convenience stores, cafes, and bars, if you’re looking, CBD is everywhere. If the seller makes it difficult for a consumer to trace the source of the product, it’s a good sign you shouldn’t be buying from them.

Check the source

It’s becoming more and more popular for land to be cleaned up after being contaminated with heavy metals or chemicals with industrial hemp plants. This is because these plants are a bio-accumulator plant. Whatever is in the soil will be absorbed by them. Also, the CBD market is full of products made from hemp that has been grown in China, meaning they are also full of contaminants.

Because of these facts and others, it’s important to go out of your way to find a CBD product that is made from hemp being grown with extreme standards. CBD oils of the highest quality tend to come from hemp being grown in Europe or the United States. A higher level of quality can also be determined by hemp from a grower with organic certification.

If the CBD brand or company is being honest and has nothing to hide from a consumer, more often than not, they will be transparent when it comes to where the extract is coming from. In order to have even more control of the quality, many brands will go as far as growing their own hemp.

Find reports from a third-party testing lab

As the general public begins learning more and more about CBD oil, there are far more brands going out of their way to make sure consumers have easy access to these test results. Normally, if they are not found right on the product’s packaging, they can be found on their website. There’s a wide range of the kind of tests that are done, everything from simply how potent the CBD being used is to additional compounds and even pesticides in the product.

Be sure you are using a CBD oil that has been tested by a third-party. While you don’t necessarily need a brand to provide results for every kind of test under the sun, you do want to see that they are being transparent in regards to what they are actually selling. Let’s now take a look at just a few popular brands that are a great value.

Fab CBD Oils

Advantages include: They have a rewards plan, tons of positive feedback from consumers, several flavors to choose from.

Disadvantages include: Packing comes off as bland, not as many flavors with 2400 mg concentration.


Advantages: Tested by a third-party, CBD strengths that lead the industry, four different flavors.

Disadvantages: Their higher concentrations can be pricey.

Kanibi CBD Oil

Advantages: Hemp is 100 percent organic from the United States, discounts for veteran and military, unique flavors.

Disadvantages: Artificial sweetener, additional tax in Tennessee and Utah, issues with stock.

Nuleaf Naturals

Advantages: No additives or preservatives, lab-tested, non-GMO hemp, no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Disadvantages: These are more expensive high-end oils