Why it’s Important to Educate Your Customers on CBD


Plant not gives us oxygen but also gives many chemical compounds or extracts that have health benefits. One such compound is CBD. The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol. It is an extract of the Cannabis plant. Though it is found in the 1940s recently, the topic and benefits of CBD gained its popularity. Many researchers are up to their duty to find the different benefits and uses of CBD. Many business houses have shown their moves and using this plant compound in their products. CBD is using in different types of products, from oral medication to nasal spray, from shampoos, soaps to skin products, from edible food items to essential oils, and so many. It is said to be very useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation. But no is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) except Epidiolex, medications that contain CBD compound and used to treat two rare disorders of Epilepsy.

CBD Drops

Need to Educate Customer on CBD

CBD is not the newly found plant compound, but its recent popularity changed the FDA and many other researchers’ concerns. CBD brings many health benefits, but there are no proven results. FDA has tightened the norms regarding the uses and information displayed about CBD. Many business houses are using CBD in their products, but they have no right to claim health benefits. They have to take care of the information they are displaying and sharing. Companies also need to share the percentage of CBD in the product.

It is the consumer who uses the product. Consumers want to know actually what the product contains and the side effects of the product. Educating the customer about the product ingredient helps the companies promote their products, build a reputation, and establish better consumer relationships.

There are certain point customer need to know about CBD. They are:

  • Lab Test and Quality Standard

Is the product having CBD has gone through Lab testing? A lab test can be shared on the website and on the information leaf that comes with products. It is also back up by the quality standard the product passes the checks. Customers need to educate about the result of lab testing and quality standards.

  • Interaction with other medications

The consumer uses so many products and takes medications for some ailments. CBD’s interference with other medications is unlikely. The products may not cause certain side effects or injuries. Consumers need to aware of the interaction of CBD with other kinds of drugs.

  • Claims on CBD

Though many researchers prove the benefits of CBD but business houses or medicine manufacture cannot claim the treatment of any diseases or problems.

  • The wording used by companies

The use of wording regarding CBD should be appropriate. The words like prevent, cures, treatment, etc. cannot use by the companies; instead, they can use supports, helps, promotes, etc..

  • Time duration

The use of the product for a longer period may cause certain side effects and may have adverse effects or create other problems, so consumers need to educate about CBD’s use for how much duration and the effect of longer use?

  • Method to use

The application of CBD can be taken in the form of nasal sprays, inhalers, vape, orally, or can be mixed with soluble water or in food items or may have external use. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. Consumers need to know the method of using the products.

  • Government and FDA approval

Many research types on CBD show how the CDB can positively affect the body, but no such drugs are approved by the FDA apart from Epidiolex. The customer needs to educate about the drug or other CBD medication so that he/she may decide before using the products.

  • CBD is different from THC

THC is also the plant compound found in the cannabis plant. It contains psychoactive properties that make one feel ‘high.’ But CBD is different and does not make anyone feel ‘high.’

Sometimes, some products of CBD contains some amount of THC. One needs to check the proper labeling before use. A good product shows THC and CBD’s label in the form of a percentage that will help consumers decide whether they want to purchase the products.

  • Forms of CBD

CBD is available in three forms. They are Isolate CBD, Full Spectrum CBD, and Broad spectrum CBD. Isolate form is the pure form of CBD that does not contain fatty acid, protein, and turbines. Simultaneously, the Full spectrum contains more compounds containing fatty acid, protein, and turbines. Broad-spectrum lies between the two forms of CBD and free from THC. Customers need to educate about the form of CBD and its potential and possible side effect.

  • Helpful in treatment

Apart from seizures treatment, CBD helps solve many problems such as anxiety, sleeping disorder, inflammation, and chronic pain. Many kinds of research have shown evidence about the CBD benefits in treating these problems. But overdose of the medication may cause certain side effects such as drowsiness, allergy, or certain injury. So customers need to educate about the doses of intake.

  • Does not prevent cancer

There is no proven research that shows the treatment of any CBD. Even the use of CBD does not prevent any cancer. In the future, CBD may help in the treatment of cancer, but right now, there is no proven theory. Consumers need to know this information so that they may aware of any false claims.

  • May cause effect on liver

A certain medication of CBD may cause effects on the liver. These medications need to be supervised by the doctor, and under the doctor’s supervision, they need to consume. If a certain problem occurs, medication needs to stop that way.

  • Not approved as dietary supplements

No companies can claim or sold CBD as dietary supplements. FDA has not approved any such supplements. Consumers need to know that CBD is not a dietary supplement.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need to avoid the use of CBD products and medication. Because some CBD products may contain THC that causes a certain problem, pregnant women may feel dizziness, nausea, and other problems. It may increase the chances of premature birth or sometimes cause stillbirth. Breastfeeding mothers also need to avoid it because it may cause long-term effects on baby development. Customers need to educate about this, which may not cause any problem for the mother and the child.

  • Brain function

CBD slower the brain activity and may cause drowsiness, fatigue, blurred vision, nausea, inability to work, or focus on some tasks. The effect may be last for several hours or sometimes till the next day. It is advised not to take the CBD during work hours or while driving any vehicles. Customer needs to educate about this so that he/she avoids the use of CBD while doing a certain kind of work or driving vehicle and reduce the chances of any mishap.

  • Good for whom

CBD has many health benefits and uses different products, but companies need to display proper information regarding the product’s product and age group. From the company’s side, proper labeling of information needs to be displayed because CBD has different effects, especially on older people and children. Though Epidiolex Medicine helps treat seizures in children, the customer needs to know the proper information.

  • CBD products

CBD product varies from tincture to vape pen to edibles to topicals. CBD tincture can be used by tipping a few drops on the tongue. The effect of tincture starts in 20 minutes to two hours. CBD Vape Pens is like inhalers that are used by inhaling. It has a direct effect on the lung. One needs to careful before using the Vape Pen. Proper labeling and drug administration information need to check. CBD Edibles take a long time to digest. One may find edibles in drinks, burgers, cookies, capsules, etc. It is a good form of CBD, as one may monitor the intake. CBD topicals have external use and are found in skin products such as soaps, shampoo, lotion, balm, oil, etc. The better the consumer know about them, the better they can use in their daily life.


Cannabidiol (CBD) brings its link with many health benefits. Under normal circumstances, the use of CBD is said to be safe. It can help in inflammation, recovery, anxiety relief, chronic pain, and sleep disorder. Before using CBD daily or some products containing CBD as an ingredient, customers need to know or educate about CBD.

Companies must exhibit a balance between the product and the consumer. Any claims or disruptive use of CBD may cause a problem and have to face legal notice. FDA has made a mandatory framework and regulation for the use of cannabis plants in the products and continuously watching companies. They are also providing time to time measure and safety issues while using CBD.