CBD Oil and Broken Bones


If you have ever had a broken bone, you know there are very few things that can be more frustrating, inconvenient, and painful. There are two major benefits of using CBD oil for a broken bone. For starters, it helps with relieving the pain you are currently going through. Also, using CBD oil is a great way of strengthening the bones you have.

Along with the pain that accompanies the initial break of a bone, you will spend the following weeks wearing a cast over that part of your body. This makes things even worse. The simplest of tasks will now be more difficult than you would have ever imagined. While wearing a cast, it is common for people to experience pain, discomfort, and even depression. This makes recovering from the injury even more difficult.

Plenty of surveys show the usual pain medications and a cast simply aren’t enough. When you figure in some of the negative side effects that accompany prescription-strength pain medication, there needs to be more for mental health. By adding a CBD product to the mix, the healing process becomes healthier from several aspects. Before we go any further, this article is being written simply as a place to start, something to reference. Not only is this content not to be taken as medical advice, but you also need to have a discussion with your doctor before beginning to use CBD oil.

CBD Oil and Broken Bones

How CBD benefits a broken bone

If you are suffering from a broken bone, there is a ton of potential for using a CBD product. No, CBD oil is not going to completely heal the bone or make sure it is properly set. That being said, using a CBD product will play a significant role in helping you deal with some of the negatives a broken bone creates. Not only will you increase the body’s healing ability, but CBD oil will also help with inflammation and pain (1).

CBD, cannabidiol, is a compound we get from being extracted out of a cannabis plant. Using CBD plays an effect on the endocannabinoid system each of us has in our bodies. There are plenty of positive effects to experience with the addition of CBD to our endocannabinoid system. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that are naturally found in a cannabis plant. CBD and THC are just two of them getting the most attention.

Both CB1 and CB2 receptors are targeted by THC and CBD. These receptors are found throughout the central nervous system and the brain. The CB1 receptors are targeted and directly affected by THC. CBD, on the other hand, does not directly bind with either of the two receptors as THC does. Instead, there are indirect methods in which CBD works with the receptors.

CBD works very similarly to the endocannabinoids that are naturally being produced through our bodies. Because of this, CBD oil provides a way that is more familiar with our body, and more natural, for many different ailments to be treated. Chronic pain is probably one of the most significant ailments you will go through with a bone that has been broken. More often than not, a doctor will simply prescribe you a medication to relieve the pain. You have to be careful with this. Even if you are taking the medication exactly how it has been prescribed, there are often some very nasty side effects, including addiction.

That being said, not only are there very few negative side effects that are experienced with CBD oil, it’s also not something you will become addicted to. This fact has been backed by the World Health Organization. CBD not only provides pain relief by activating inhibitor cells, it also plays a role in regulating inflammation controlled by immune responses, along with keeping consumers in a more positive mood. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how CBD oil can be beneficial for broken bones.

How CBD is effective for a bone that’s been broken

While there is still a ton of study and research needing to be completed on CBD oil, there has already been a lot that science has been able to teach us. Here are a few ways in which a CBD product can be effective against a broken bone.

Repairing bone fracture with CBD oil

According to science, the process of a fractured bone healing and being repaired is aided with the use of CBD oil. Through the stimulation of lysyl hydroxylase activity, CBD is able to accelerate the bone healing process. Our bodies have an enzyme, Lysyl hydroxylase, that is used to activate collagen that crosslinks the healing of the bone.

Strengthening bones with CBD oil

If you are someone who is prone to bone fractures, bone loss, or a condition such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, you will be able to have healthier bones with the use of a CBD product. We have already mentioned that CBD is able to aid in facilitating the growth of bones, as well as repairing and preventing bone loss. FAAs, fatty acid amides naturally interact with a cannabinoid receptor. This plays a role in enabling the remodeling of bones. Bones are broken down by the FAAH enzyme. These enzymes are blocked by CBD oil, allowing the FAAs to accomplish their work.

Bone produces endocannabinoids. While it is unclear what their exact mechanisms are, one can only believe a similar compound, such as phytocannabinoids, will assist in enabling and promoting the natural process of our bodies strengthening bones.

Inflammation and pain relief with CBD oil

Regardless if you are trying to reduce inflammation or take something to provide chronic pain relief, CBD is something you need to be using. The central nervous system has glycine receptors that play a huge role when it comes to how we perceive pain. Research shows us that a cannabinoid such as CBD potentiates these receptors so greatly it can reduce the pain sensation we experience.

The CB2 receptors we have throughout our bodies serve as a great regulator of our immune system. An aggressive response by our immune system leading it to attack healthy tissues and cells creates chronic inflammation. Cytokines are small proteins that are released by our immune cells. These are what is used in these aggressive attacks. CBD oil disrupts their production. By interfering with the response of our immune system, we are able to prevent inflammation from happening in the first place.

CBD oil also relieves inflammation by limiting the neurotransmitter adenosine reuptake. This is done partially by inhibiting ENT1, equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1. By making the reuptake happen slower, the level of adenosine found throughout the brain is increased, impacting the adenosine receptors activity. The A2A receptor plays a defining role in lowering the inflammation in our body.

CBD oil for anxiety and depression

If the break you have is severe enough, anxiety and depression can be a major threat to your mental health. This can happen for those who are required to stay in the hospital for a length of time as a result of a traumatic injury, those who may not be able to move as they normally would for a while, and those who do not know how to handle their new physical limitation due to breaking a bone. The usual antianxiety and antidepressants can come with major negative side effects that aren’t worth the help they provide.

CBD oil will work very similar to the average antidepressants. They increase the amount of neurotransmitter anandamide and adenosine that is available to the brain. The reuptake of adenosine is limited with CBD oil. Anandamide, known as “bliss molecule,” is increased with the use of CBD. This means more of this “bliss molecule” is available to the body, both lowering the depression we experience and boosting our mood.

How to take CBD for a broken bone

You will want to have a discussion with the doctor who has been treating your injury before starting to take CBD oil. Yes, for the majority of people, it is completely safe to use CBD oil. That being said, there can be a reaction to some of the most common medications. Your doctor will be aware of any antibiotics or antidepressants that will not mix with CBD oil.

A CBD product could be exactly what you need if you have experienced depression, chronic pain, or the healing process is taking longer than it should. Your reasoning for using CBD oil will play a significant role in the method in which you use CBD. For many, taking a capsule twice a day is the best fit. For others, using a vaping device makes the most sense. Others would feel more comfortable taking it with a beverage like a cup of warm tea or coffee.

While there isn’t exactly a right or wrong method of using CBD, you may want to be willing to experiment to find the method that is best for you. Keep in mind, not every method is going to get into your system as quickly. While you may want to think the quicker you can make this happen the better, keep in mind, CBD will normally be out of your system just as quickly as it enters. Again, a willingness to experiment will help you discover the method of use that is best for you.