Why is My Vape Tank Leaking And What Can I Do to Stop it?


Beginners usually have the experience of a leaking vape tank. Sometimes even seasoned vapers complain of this issue.

Vape Tank Leaking

It is a common problem that can be fixed in no more than five minutes.

Here are a few easy ways you can troubleshoot a leaking vape tank.

Just read on and follow:

  1. The vape tank was not filled properly in the first place

Not filling the vape tank properly is the most frequent cause of a leaky vape tank.

How can you fill it properly? When filling it up with the e-liquid, make sure you don’t spill any liquid into the chimney.

The chimney is the tube that runs through the middle of the tank to the mouthpiece. If e-liquid is spilled into it, this will cause the tank to leak.

If you do spill liquid in here, just clean out with a paper towel.

Also, do take care to keep the bottom airflow hole while filling the tank.

  1. Check if the O-ring is damaged

The O-ring is a rubber ring found at the top and the bottom of the vape tank. When this gets damaged, there is no air seal, and because of this, the vape tank will leak the e-juice.

These O- rings can be ordered online, and installing them is extremely simple too. Anyone can do it with their eyes closed.

  1. The third reason for a tank leak is storing your vape pen or e-cigarette horizontally

Horizontally storing the vape pen or the e-cigarette horizontally causes the device to leak. When a tank is stored on its side for long, e-juice usually leaks out of the device’s airflow holes.

Always leave your vape tank in a horizontal position for long periods of time.

  1. A faulty coil

This is a less obvious cause of a leaking vape tank. If your device is old, chances are its coil will be old, and will need replacement. A faulty coil will not allow the e-juice to be filled properly, causing the tank to leak from the airflow holes.

You could replace the old coil or make sure that the coil is screwed in all the way. Both will work.

  1. If your vape tank is not maintained well, it will leak

It is more than a recommendation that you clean the vape tank after use. What happens is that the e-juice residue can damage the vape tank’s air seal and cause leakage.

Just clean your tank regularly by rinsing it in cold water. Don’t rub dry with a cloth but leave it to air dry overnight. Also, do keep checking for any breakage in the tank.

Finally, do pay attention to the way the vape tank is fitted. Also, do clean both the chimney and deck frequently to avoid leakage and spillage.

Similarly, check the coil head and the sealing ring that connects to the vape tank.

If you maintain your atomizer well, it will not leak and will last for a longer time. So, it is a double whammy.