What We Know About CBD Oil and Motion Sickness


If you have ever taken a boat ride and find yourself seasick or feeling nauseous trying to read something while sitting in a moving vehicle, motion sickness is something you have experienced. This is a condition that is related to human senses, specifically the equilibrium and your balance. More often than not, motion sickness is something that happens when what you are seeing isn’t syncing what the body is feeling. The experience can be rather unpleasant but it’s something you might be able to easily address with the use of CBD oil.

With many people quick to mention CBD’s ability to fight nausea, a CBD oil product may be a successful solution for someone looking for a natural or organic solution for the symptoms that come with motion sickness. The following is what you will need to know if you are considering using CBD oil for motion sickness relief.

Motion Sickness

CBD Oil Benefits Against Motion Sickness

There are a few different means of treatment for you to consider if you are someone who suffers from motion sickness. There are medications such as Dramamine, Marezine, and Benadryl that are popular when it comes to preventing motion sickness symptoms.

As effective as these medications are at preventing motion sickness from occurring, they will normally be accompanied by several unpleasant side effects. If you’re familiar with these side effects, using CBD oil might be just the answer you have been searching for. If CBD oil is something you are considering using against motion sickness symptoms, either by itself or along with another treatment, make sure you take the time to discuss this with your doctor or physician before starting.

There have already been plenty of studies completed that highlight CBD oil’s anti-nausea properties. This shows plenty of potential when it comes to effectively treating motion sickness. Unlike many of the other popular treatments and medications, with CBD oil, there are minimal side effects, if any at all.

How Effective is CBD Oil against Motion Sickness?

Plenty of evidence has been proven, both scientific and anecdotal, supporting the claims of CBD oil and cannabis being effective means of treatment for motion sickness. There has been research completed on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids finding both of these play a significant role when it comes to regulating nausea.

It appears that CBD oil is successful when it comes to minimizing nausea. This happens due to CBD’S ability to regulate our serotonin receptors throughout the brain. Nausea can be brought on by an abundance of serotonin. CBD has been found to bind to our 5HT1A receptors. This causes a signal being sent that reduces serotonin production. This prevents nausea at its source.

While we are still unclear of the exact causes of motion sickness, we have found evidence suggesting activity that has been impaired throughout the endocannabinoid system might play a role in this. Since CBD oil works in this specific system by creating balance and allowing natural cannabinoids to function and be produced, one can easily understand how CBD oil is able to work against motion sickness.

That being said, there’s still been very little research and study completed suggesting CBD oil is a 100 percent effective means of treating motion sickness. As a matter of fact, back in 2008, a study was completed testing THC and CBD effects on shrews with vomiting and nausea that were motion-induced. Those completing the research were able to find that vomiting was prevented with THC but none of the test subjects were affected by the CBD.

With more and more research being conducted through human clinical trials, hopefully, we will find a clearer picture demonstrating CBD’s effectiveness with stopping motion sickness.

Taking CBD Oil for Motion Sickness

There are several different ways that CBD oil can be consumed. Depending on your specific situation, each method of use comes with its own benefits.

Just to provide an example, a CBD tincture or drop will provide both discrete and quick relief. By simply placing the CBD oil underneath the tongue, and in around 20 – 20 minutes and you will begin feeling effects that will normally last between two and four hours with just one use. If a boat ride or long car trip is part of your plans it will be helpful to take a few drops of CBD oil around an hour before the trip begins. With CBD drops and tinctures, you are also easily able to adjust the dosage you are taking.

If nausea creeps up on you out of the blue, using CBD flour or a vape oil will be a more effective option. Inhaling CBD oil will always provide the quickest results because of how quickly it enters your bloodstream. You will feel the effects almost immediately because the CBD goes directly to the lungs. That being said, with inhaling CBD oil through a vape or flower, the effects you experience are not going to last as long before you will need more. On top of this, smoking and vaping is not always allowed, depending on where you are.

Both CBD edibles and capsules are effective products. That being said, time is going to be needed before you begin feeling the effects. The CBD oil has to make its way through your digestive system before it makes its way to the bloodstream. This can take as long as up to an hour to happen. Still, once the effects do kick in and take effect, they will last anywhere from four to six hours with just one dose.

Again, before taking a CBD oil product for motion sickness symptoms, you will want to make sure you have a conversation with a doctor. Yes, it is generally safe to use CBD oil. The World Health Organization makes this perfectly clear. That being said, CBD oil might negatively interact with specific medications. By discussing this with your doctor and letting them know exactly why you are going to consume CBD oil, the two of you can discuss how to use a product as safely as possible.

Dosage of CBD Oil for Motion Sickness

With CBD oil, regardless of why it is being used, there isn’t exactly a dose that is right for everyone. What is working for your friend who suggested you start using CBD oil might not necessarily work for you the same way. There will more than likely be some trial and error involved with finding the dose that is right for you.

Still, it’s always recommended that you slowly start with a lower dose when first starting to use CBD oil. You will want to start with the lowest dose that has been recommended with the specific product you are using. After you have felt how your body is going to respond to the product, you can then begin adjusting the dosage from there.

The majority of negative side effects most commonly experienced with CBD oil are the result of someone who has never used it before beginning with too high of a dose. Start out with a lower amount, and gradually increase the dose once or twice a week until you experience the results you are looking for?