What Are the Most Expensive Marijuana Strains In The World?


The National Institute of Drug Abuse has released its annual report stating that weed is only getting stronger. In 1976, THC content was just 0.72% and in 2003, it went up to 6.4%. In 2018, the THC content was reported to be 15%, which is a massive increase.

The increase in the potency is due to the production of sinsemilla, the top part of the unfertilized female plant, that also contains the most amount of THC.

Several strong hybrid combinations are being uncovered on a daily basis. Most strains have a THC content of over 20%. At the same time, the price is also becoming steeper.

Like any other popular product, whether in a travel bag or gold jewelry, what you pay will determine its quality. In California, a “medium to high quality” marijuana will cost approximately $231 and will have THC content starting from 26% compared to an average strain with a THC level of 18%.

Expensive Marijuana

For those wanting a serious high, the news of these potent strains is excellent news. What about the price, though? Can people afford the expense of a high-quality weed? The question here is, what are the most expensive marijuana strains in the world today?

The Most Expensive Marijuana Strains in The World in 2021

Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis has come a long way from your grandpa’s pot. Cannabis Caviar is not a specific strain but a concept. This cannabis is the most expensive strain available today.

It is the way it is made, which makes it so prestigious. The process begins by soaking the highest quality buds in liquid cannabis, also known as hash oil. After soaking, the buds have a high concentration of THC. The range of THC goes up from the initial 5-20% to 30-80%!


That is massive!

The price per ounce is $1400.


This Indica strain has an unbelievable 45% content of THC and 20% of CBD. It has two uniquely popular traits –

  1. Its flowers are exceptional because they produce 45% THC.
  2. These flowers bloom in record time.

As a result of these above points, the price of the Oracle has increased to $200 per seed, and the clones can cost $1000.

Loud Dream

This hybrid strain is a rarely found Sativa backcross. It is strong and hits strongly after just a few puffs. The feeling is the same as when sipping espresso. The THC content is between 26-28%. This quantity produces a large amount of resin that helps focus, spark creativity and enhance energy levels.

The price per ounce is $800 per ounce.

White Fire OG

This expensive strain is also one of the most potent hybrids available in the cannabis market. The flower, a cross between White and Fire OG, is known to contain 30% THC. Both these strains are the highest quality and the most expensive of all the cannabis strains. The White Fire OG has almost 60% Sativa strain with several phenotypes.

It has a soothing effect on the body and sells out quickly. The price of the bud in California dispensaries is $640 per ounce. The flower itself is priced at $260 per ounce.

Fruity Pebbles

 This strain with fan leaves produces flowers that contain high levels of THC. This makes Fruity Pebbles highly sought after. The strain has a fruity essence which makes it the first choice for experienced smokers.

This strain also has an impressive terpene profile. The buds offer a taste of sweetness, sugar and fruits. It is a balanced taste not found in other strains.

The price per seed is $1500.


This Californian strain is available in cans containing an eighth of an ounce of the dried flower. The buds are trimmed and then canned immediately so that the buyer gets cured, crispy, and fresh cannabis on popping the lid.

The price per ounce is $800.


J1 is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers an upbeat high. Your energy shoots up, and fatigue vanishes. It gives you a fast wake-up, getting you on track for a productive day. The parent strains are Skunk #1, a hybrid, and Jack Herer, Sativa. The result of this combination is a sweet-earth strain having citrus undertones. The smell is not very strong, but the aroma is quite noticeable and sticks to clothes.

J1’s psychoactive effects make it perfect for mental illnesses since it makes the user happy and gives a sense of euphoria. It is also perfect for those times when you need a shot of creative energy.

The price per ounce in Los Angeles is $350.

XJ 13

This strain is a combination of G-13, a hybrid and Jack Herer, Sativa. The strain has a higher percentage of THCV, a cannabinoid. Studies prove that THCV is helpful in providing relief from diabetes and other metabolic disorders. However, THCV levels are not consistent in all samples. They vary. THC content is almost 22% and XJ-13 is excellent for relaxation and relief from chronic stress and moderate pain.

The Bottom Line

Every veteran marijuana user knows that they can get the best feeling from the best strain. The best strains may not be the most expensive and the most expensive strains may not be the best. The best and strongest cannabis strains may make the process of cannabis usage exciting. You’ll find many cannabis users looking to find good cannabis strains at the local dispensaries.

The price of strains varies by a few dollars for every gram. The price of a good strain will be 10x more than average strains, and they are always worth it.

Although there are several affordable strains available, the best strains give a unique experience. Start with those listed above. It is not necessary to always buy these strains and make a dent in your pocket. These are unique experiences that you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

Marijuana is endless fun but these strains, although expensive, take the fun to an entirely different level.