Vape Battery Safety Tips


For those new to vaping, the batteries you will use for these products are unlike the ones you would use for a tv remote or toy for a child. The cells in these batteries need to be handled with extreme care due to how powerful they are. If you are using a regulated vaping product such as a mod that is powered to a 18650 battery or something similar, the rest of today’s article is for you, especially if you are a vaping newbie.

The rest of the information we have will provide you with the basics concerning safety with the batteries you use. That being said, please keep in mind, this is not intended to be a safety guide for mechanical mods or vaping projects in general. This information specifically pertains to the batteries that are being used in your vaping device.

Vape Battery

Keep Wraps Intact

It is a must to be sure the battery wraps are in top condition. Saying top condition is putting it mildly. These wraps need to be in their best condition. If you are able to see any kind of a nick on the wrap of the battery, it is in your best interest to re-wrap the battery. These wraps can easily be put on and they are very inexpensive. They can be purchased at the local vape shop where you buy e-juices and other vaping necessities. Often, many of these shops will go as far as wrapping the batteries for you at no extra charge. This can be done in just a few additional minutes.

Using the Correct Batteries

If you enjoy low wattage vaping, there are specific batteries you will want to use. The same can be said for sub-ohming. Be sure that you are using a battery that suits your particular style. When you are selecting batteries you will use with your mod, be sure the batteries come in the correct specs. Take your time with making sure the batteries you are buying are right. Don’t simply trust the numbers provided on the battery wraps. These can often be wrong for one reason or another.

Using Battery Cases

When you have batteries that are not being used, it is imperative that you never store them in a random bag or put them in your pockets. Instead, buy a few battery cases made of plastic. This keeps them from short-circuiting. This can cause a battery to vent. They could potentially end up exploding.

Look out for Counterfeit Batteries

Sadly, yes, there are counterfeit batteries that you have to be on the lookout for. Because of how high the demand is for a few specific brands, Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung, there are many counterfeits being made. Whenever you are buying batteries for a vaping product, be sure you are making the purchase at a reputable vendor. These businesses make sure they are going out of their way to provide you with the real thing. Never buy your batteries from a place you can not return to, such as someone who simply has a bunch of batteries to get rid of.

If you do find yourself at a business where you haven’t shopped in the past, pay attention to details in the store. Do they have a lot of top-name products that are popular in vaping communities, or do they have a lot of brands you have never heard of before? If red flags are raised and you have questions, don’t hesitate to take your business where you are confident with what you are being sold.

Never Leave Batteries Unattended to Charge

Never under any circumstances do you want to leave your batteries charging while unattended. This is especially true of leaving your batteries charging overnight while you are sleeping. While it is very rare that it happens, an electronic device such as a battery charger has failures from time to time. If left unattended, your battery could be damaged while charging, possibly even exploding.

Make sure you are always in close proximity to your batteries while they are charging, preferably in your view. Once a battery is fully charged, if it is not being used right away, make sure you are storing the batteries in a battery case.

Using a Dedicated Charger

With the majority of vaping devices, it is possible to directly charge the batteries while they are still in the mod. That being said, using a dedicated charger is always recommended for safety reasons. More often than not, one of these chargers can be bought for less than you spend buying a 60 mL e-liquid bottle. Also, for a little more, there are plenty of these chargers that can be bought as a battery charger with additional features such as battery health and data monitoring.

Don’t Let your Batteries Over-Drain

What at all possible, make sure you are not running your batteries completely down to the point to where they are dead. If they are lithium-ion, they have a tendency of their capacity decreasing the longer they go without charging. The majority of mods in the market today will feature a form of indicator specifically for the level of your battery’s power. You will prolong the overall life of your batteries by taking them out to recharge before they become completely drained of their power. In short, by regularly charging the batteries before they become drained completely, you will get more cycles out of them over their lifespan.

Don’t Use the Batteries in Extreme Temperatures

The batteries used for vaping products have been manufactured with a tolerance for both high and low temperatures. That being said, you don’t want to try and push these batteries to their limits. The batteries will be strained at a higher temperature, causing the battery to age faster as a result.

The capacity of the battery is what is affected when they are used in colder temperatures. When it comes to storing your batteries, you will want to keep them in a safe, cooler place out of sunlight. A smaller insulated cooler should be used for storing a vaping device if you live in a place where temperatures reach extreme limits.

Make Sure You’re Using Married Batteries

It is important that you are using two of the exact same batteries if your vaping device requires more than one battery. For instance, if two batteries are needed, make sure they are both the same brand and style, such as Sony VTC5s. Make sure they are always used in the same pair, at the same time. This practice is recommended for all vaping device models and types, Not only will this delay any imbalance in the performance and capacity, but it will also make sure the cells are getting the same amount of charges and discharges.

Replace Old Batteries

Regardless of the brand, you are using, battery life is only good for so many cycles. A lithium-ion battery will begin to lose strength and capacity when extensively used for a longer period. If you start to realize your battery is needing to be charged more often than usual, you may want to go ahead and replace the battery now. Keep in mind, if your vaping device uses two batteries, you want to replace both of them at the same time. Even if your device is working as it should, you will want to make sure the batteries are being replaced every six to nine months, at the longest.

Make Sure you Recycle Old Batteries

We know we know. It’s so easy just to simply toss old batteries in the trash when it is time to replace them. There are two great reasons why you should take the time needed to make sure they end up being recycled anyway. For starters, this is much better for the environment. No, no one is going to save the world on their own. However, if all vape users took the time to recycle the batteries they are no longer using, think what a difference this could make?

Most vape stores will do this for you if the batteries are brought in when you are buying e-juice or other vaping products. Now, keep in mind, they don’t want your mess. Make sure the batteries don’t have junk on them. When you take a battery out of your vaping device that has been used for the last time, keep them in a baggie or some kind of contained specifically just for batteries needing to be recycled. Get in this habit. No more than your batteries will need to be replaced, how hard can it be?