The Best THC Cartridges To Buy


If you want to be fancy about getting high, a THC pre-filled vape cartridge is exactly what you have been looking for. Not only are these cartridges high tech, but they are also much more convenient than taking the time to roll a joint or a blunt and can be far less messy than patiently packing a bowl or pipe. Also, these cartridges are available in many different terpene-rich, delicious favors. Because a vaping device produces vapor and not smoke, you won’t be left with the smell that accompanies smoking marijuana. Usually, the pre-filled cartridges are 510-pods or cartridges.

Our mission today is to explain exactly what these THC oil pods and cartridges are. How exactly do they work? Also, we have a few tips on what you should be looking for when you go to purchase one. Before we get started, you need to know, you will only find these in areas where it is legal to use cannabis. We will also review a few brands that are currently the most popular among users.

justCBD Vape Cartridge

What is a THC pre-filled oil cartridge?

To keep this simple, these cartridges are best described as a miniature tank used for vaping that is willed with a weed oil. Depending on where you live, they may be commonly referred to as hash oil. Within the tank, there is a small coil that is powered by either a standard vape pen, a pod device, or a 510 thread battery. The majority of these THC cartridges have either half a gram or a whole gram of oil that is THC enriched. Normally, the oil has been produced from a hash or a cannabis plant. Generally speaking, with one of these cartridges, you will get anywhere from 200 to 400 pulls off of the vaping device.

Every now and then, by mistake, a THC distillate cartridge will be referred to as a dab or wax cartridge. While there are some brands making a 510 tank for dabs and wax that can be refilled, these are not nearly as convenient. Using a dab pen or an e-nail is far more popular when it comes to vaping wax or dabs.

How THC cartridges are used

If you are using a THC oil cartridge for the first time, here’s a few tips that will help you get started:

There is no learning curve when it comes to these cartridges. Simply attach the cartridge you will be using to the battery. Just a heads up, the majority of devices will require the fire button to be pressed five times. To enjoy the full effects, make sure the battery you are using is completely charged.

There are many devices that are activated with a simple draw. Others need the button to be pressed in order for the vape to be used.

If you are using a device that allows the voltage to be adjusted, make sure you start out using the weakest setting available.

At first, start with drags no longer than three to five seconds. This will allow you to see exactly how strong the oil is and how you will be affected by the THC. You don’t want to overdo things. You can always take another pull if needed.

Once you feel comfortable with how you will be affected, the voltage can be raised for a stronger pull. But, if you start to get a burnt or dry taste, lower the voltage just a little or you could end up damaging your coil.

You can refill the majority of these cartridges with your own THC oil, e-juice, or CBD vape oil more than once before the cartridges need to be replaced. With a 510 cartridge, the mouthpiece can be unscrewed to fill up the tank you are using. To be more accurate with your measurements, you may want to use a small syringe.

Once you are getting a burnt flavor, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Advantages of a THC filled cartridge

Convenience is by far the greatest advantage of using a THC prefilled cartridge over dabbing or smoking. There is nothing that needs to be filled. Simply attach the cartridge to your vaping device. There may be a slight odor with an oil pen. That being said, the odor is normally gone within a few short minutes. SO, if you plan on a longer session, these cartridges will be perfect. On top of that, there are flavors to choose from when it comes to these cartridges. You now have the ability to take your favorite cannabis strain to a whole new level. When it comes to taste, these cartridges are much purer than using a dry herb vaporizer or a bowl. These cartridges set a new standard when it comes to vaping THC. A few more advantage include:

The disadvantage of THC cartridges

There is still a downside when it comes to using these cartridges. For starters, while they all have between just half a gram and a gram of oil, there can be a drastic difference when it comes to how potent they are. On top of this, compared to dabbing or smoking, these cartridges can have a much more subtle effect. Also, there is usually a limit concerning the strain selection. And probably the biggest disadvantages, these cartridges aren’t cheap. It can be much more cost-efficient to smoke or dab.

What to look for with THC cartridges

Terpene Specific – A plant receives its personality and flavor through organic compounds known as terpenes. This is also how the determination is made if a cannabis strain is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. A terpene will synergistically interact with other cannabinoids, creating different effects. The flavor is enhanced with terpenes as a natural filler, keeping down the viscosity.

Thinning Agents – The majority of these THC cartridges will contain some type of thinning agent. This is needed so that the oil maintains a consistency that makes the oil vapable. Some of the most common thinning agents are propylene glycol and vegetable glycol. Both of these are very common with e-juices in general. While there are starting to be more and more brands using other thinning agents, these two are most commonly used.

Extraction Method – CO2 extraction is currently the best method of extraction when it comes to THC oil. This is also the safest and most popular method when it comes to making cannabis oil, live resin, and distillate cartridges. The reason behind its prevalence is THC oil does not have a residual solvent such as butane or alcohol.

Cannabinoid Specific – The oils used in many of these cartridges are cannabinoid specific. Other than THC, the most common cannabinoid that is used is CBD. According to a lot of research that has been completed, THC is actually able to enhance the CBD oil’s effects and benefits. You normally will find these oils in a ratio such as 80/20 or 50/50. Often, other cannabinoids are incorporated such as THCv or CBD, providing even more benefits than you are able to get from a CBD or THC vaping oil.

Quality –THC can be bought at pharmaceutical grade, high level if you are living somewhere that it is legal to use and purchase cannabis. If you are new to using THC cartridges with your vaping device, be sure to spend some time doing your research before buying something. Stay away from the cheaper cartridges using fillers.

Compatibility – If you plan on starting to use THC cartridges, you have two primary styles to choose from. A standard 510 tank with connections to standard CBD vaping pens and e-juices is more common. The other cartridge style is referred to as a pod. Pods will need specific devices such as the GPen Gio or PAX Era to give an example. You need to be sure to get the correct cartridge for your specific device. Having an extra to use as a backup is never a bad idea.

Potency – If you are wanting to take your high to the extremes, a weaker THC cartridge filled mostly with fillers isn’t ideal. Instead, you want a cartridge as potent as possible, preferably a live resin or a distillate. These have the lowest amount of fillers with a much higher THC level with a natural terpene.

Last but not least. We have a few cartridges you will want to keep an eye out for. This by no means are the only cartridges available. They are simply the ones getting more attention right now.


The PAX Era was one of the original pod-style vaping devices to hit the market specifically aiming at weed oil users. The pods used to run the device have plenty of varieties when it comes to the strain. This pod is both clog-free and leak-resistant. This is one of the most reliable vaporizers you will find.

ABX Live Resin

CCELL Dart technology was taken to the max with ABX Live Resin. This vape experience is one of the highest qualities you can find. These pods are full of high-THC cannabis oil, strain-specific, with 500mg. A magnetic connection is utilized with a proprietary battery and is draw activated.


If flavor is what you are after, the Rove is what you want. These THC oil cartridges have some of the best-tasting terpene blends you will find with a pure THC oil. There is a specific cannabis strain used here that can only be found from the country’s top farms.

Kurvana Ascend

If the buzz means more to you than the flavor, this is the route you want to go. This by no means it is a bad taste, it’s simply one of the most potent cartridges you will find.