Keeping Calm with CBD During Coronavirus


Regardless of where you live in the world, there’s an extreme measure for concern right now. Not panic, but definitely a concern. There have been two factors that have been common with concern over COVID-19, both fear and stress. Not only have people been getting sick, but people everywhere are also dying due to this illness. During this time, being healthy physically, and especially mentally, are extremely important, according to the World Health Organization.

There is now even more reason than normal for people everywhere to be as calm as possible. Easier said than done. Telling others they need to stay calm can make matters even worse. I’ll be honest, if you start a discussion with me by telling me to stay calm, chances are, it’s not going to happen. Being calm is an area where many of us could use plenty of help, especially with the circumstances as they presently are. This is where CBD comes in.

For several years now, CBD has been highly recommended by users as being a therapeutic compound that can be extracted from a hemp plant. It is safe to use and doesn’t come with any nasty side effects. Also, one common misconception, using a CBD product will not produce the high someone gets with smoking marijuana.

With this article, our goal is to show you how CBD products can be used to help you stay calm, especially with the trying times we are currently facing. We will not only focus on how CBD relieves stress but also how these products are to properly be used. We will also go over which CBD products will be more effective against anxiety and stress. Let’s get started!

Immune System with CBD

Beating stress with CBD

Long before the threat of COVID19 became reality, thousands of people, if not more, we’re willing to say CBD products were playing a huge role in helping them beat stress in their lives. The market was and is full of products infused with CBD advertising that they could relieve stress and anxiety. With the use of these products on a regular basis, situations and circumstances instantly became easier to cope with.

There are various types of CBD products available in many sizes. CBD oil has been specifically formulated and extracted with precise methods. When the words full-spectrum are used with CBD oil, this means all of the compounds from a hemp or cannabis plant are included in the CBD oil. Be careful with that statement. Yes, this means that THC is included. That being said, the traces of THC are so small that they are unable to produce the high or buzz that is experienced with smoking marijuana. Legally, the THC level has to be under .3 percent. This is not nearly enough to influence anyone’s mind in a harmful way.

CBD oil is commonly used orally. Oil is dropped in the mouth under the tongue with a small drip dispenser. Also, many people buy a CBD product they are able to mix with a drink or for they are eating. I already know what you may be thinking. If the taste of the oil is too much for you to consider using these drops, you can find CBD oil that includes additional flavoring. If you are going to purchase these drops either from a local business or through a website, here’s some information you will want to keep your eyes open for.

Lab tests – Regardless of the type of CBD product, you are purchasing or the reason it is being taken, be sure you buy a product that has been tested by an independent, third-party. Because CBD is not being regulated on a federal level, any company is able to say anything they want about the product they offer. If they are confident in what they offer and their effectiveness, they will be more than happy to make the results of this testing available to consumers.

CBD made with natural ingredients – Make sure you are buying a CBD product that was been made with only 100 percent natural ingredients. Hemp seed is commonly used and is something you should look for within these ingredients. Hemp seed oil is known as a superfood and has a ton of benefits for your body. Combined with the benefits you will receive from other natural CBD oil ingredients, there are several reasons why these oils should become a part of your normal routine.

Organic and non-GMA – Make sure the CBD product you are buying is free of additives and preservatives. Also, go out of your way to make sure there are not any organisms that are non-genetically modified.

Instantly lower stress with a CBD Tincture

One of the more popular methods of using CBD oil is with the use of tinctures. Because these products are concentrated at a high level, the CBD is felt quicker throughout the body than with other methods of use. When compared to eating CBD edibles or swallowing a capsule, tinctures are easily broken down through the body.

CBD is extracted from a hemp plant. This creates a powerful oil that is concentrated or a tincture. This provides effects that are almost immediate because of how simple it is to ingest tinctures. If you are looking for immediate relief from stress, applying just a few drops beneath the tongue quickly enters the bloodstream and is felt throughout the body. If you have anxiety or stress that needs fast attention, this following is how a CBD tincture can be applied.

Make sure the bottle is well shaken

While this may seem like common knowledge, this step is very important. Shaking the bottle well before using ensures the tincture has been mixed thoroughly. This provides an amount of CBD that is consistent with each use.

Use proper dose

Again, you would think this is a no brainer. Still, it needs to be said again and again. One milliliter is the standard serving. This is easily measured because it will be the amount of a dropper that is completely full. This will give you 25 milligrams of CBD oil. The amount of CBD can also be computed through the milligram amount of the bottle in milliliters. To give an example, 750-milligram bottles, when divided by 30 milliliters gives you 25 milligrams of CBD oil for each dropper that is full, or per milliliter.

Sublingually administer CBD tincture

With the use of the dropper that should have been included when you purchased the tincture, withdraw the desired amount of oil from the bottle, and dispense the liquid underneath your tongue. Before you swallow the CBD oil, make sure you hold it in your mouth for between a minute to a minute and a half. This allows the CBD oil to enter the capillaries in your mouth and be vital in providing immediate relief from anxiety and stress.

Repeat the process as needed

When necessary throughout the day, repeat the process we have just explained. Having a routine time of day for taking CBD should be part of the daily schedule. That being said, stress and anxiety are not routine. CBD tinctures provide fast relief for stressful situations and circumstances. This process should be repeated as needed.

Vaping CBD flour can help you quit smoking, as well as eliminating stress.

Plenty of unhealthy practices often come with anxiety and stress. Probably one of the most common of these unhealthy practices is smoking cigarettes. Vital organs and systems throughout our bodies are damaged by tobacco, nicotine, and other harmful additives that cigarettes are full of.

More than ever, getting sick is risky because of the virus that is going around and how contagious it can be. Depending on where you live and the number of cases that have been confirmed, getting sick at all right now is much more dangerous than during any other time. Kicking the cigarette habit and beginning to live a healthier lifestyle is more important now than ever.

If you are someone who has made an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes in the past and have had difficulty, using a vape could be the help you need, especially using a vape juice that contains CBD oil. The technology currently being used within the vaping industry makes it very easy to vape a CBD flower. Material from the plant is heated with a surprisingly low temperature. This is because a vaping device is being used as opposed to an open flame. You are then able to inhale CBD in the form of vapor instead of taking in smoke.

With inhaling CBD, the hemp flower has the ability to enter the bloodstream, allowing it to quickly reach the brain. This is where the instant relief of stress and anxiety kick in. You aren’t at risk of many of the harmful materials with smoking a cigarette because there is no combustion. You aren’t inhaling smoke that is full of irritants that are bad for your health. Here are the steps involved with vaping CBD oil.

Warming the unit

In order for a vaping device to work, they have to be properly warmed up. Usually, this process takes around a minute, depending on the device. As soon as the vaping device is turned on, this warming process begins to take place. It’s common for a device to have a light that indicates it has reached a specific temperature. Once this happens and the device is warm enough, you will get the full effects of vaping.

Fill the chamber

Make sure you have ground the CBD flower very fine before loading it into the chamber of the vaping device. The finer it has been ground, the more heat is able to penetrate the material. This is what efficiently activates the CBD. Many vaporizers will have a grinder that comes with it when it is purchased. If not, a grinder can always be purchased separately. You don’t want to grind the CBD flower by hand. This makes the flower less potent and you will not receive the full effects and benefits of CBD. Also, it can be difficult to remove from your fingers.

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If you are new to vaping CBD flowers, it’s highly recommended to begin with a smaller amount and then begin working your way up. The ideal range is between .25 grams and .50of CBD flower that has been finely ground. Once you have loaded your vaping device, make sure that the chamber has been properly sealed.

Adjusting the temperature

When it comes to temperature adjustment, there are two options. You can either go with a vaping device that has a custom control and fixed temperature. The settings for the temperature will include high, medium, and low. These settings will allow you to switch up your vaping experience. More often than not, the preferred temperature is between 360 and 380 degrees.

When the temperature is kept at 350 or lower, you will get more of a mild effect that can be ideal for newer users. When the temperature is 400 degrees or higher, the effect will be much heavier than usual. If you are feeling severe anxiety, this is where you want to be.

InhalingOnce the device has been activated and is able to warm up to the set temperature, use the mouthpiece on the device to begin vaping and inhaling. Make sure this is done at a slower pace. This allows you to experience the effects as they happen slowly instead of feeling everything all at once.


As you vape, the amount of CBD that is being consumed will slowly decrease as the flower’s oil is removed by the vaporizer. The flowers will slowly begin turning from the original green color to brown. Once the vapor begins to lose its flavor, it is time to reload the vaping device with more CBD flowers. Also, if the effects aren’t as intense as normal, you should also reload the chamber. Once you have finished vaping, any flower that isn’t used up should either be used for making edibles or thrown in the trash.

CBD edibles

While you are stuck at the house anyway, why not try making a batch of CBD edibles? You have plenty of recipes to choose from. CBD oil can be infused into what you bake or cook, making this a great way of getting rid of stress and anxiety.

If cooking isn’t exactly your cup of tea, CBD cookies, gummies, and other delicious snacks can be bought almost everywhere CBD is sold. Keep in mind, unlike with vaping or a tincture, you will not feel the effects of CBD as quickly by eating edibles. That being said, you should start feeling the benefits of CBD oil within 30-45 minutes.