Five Workouts CBD Should Be A Part Of Recovery For


In case you haven’t heard, CBD is no longer only being used to treat illness and disease. More and more people who focus on being healthy are taking advantage of CBD products. These people range everywhere from professional athletes to people simply spend a ton of time in the gym, keeping their bodies in shape.

Martial art fighters, professional football and basketball players, and many others who simply take athletics and working out seriously are using CBD products to help their bodies recover from performing. Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll take a closer look at exactly what CBD oil is and how it benefits athletes and other people looking to stay in shape. Then, we will look at five common workouts, used at many different levels, that are a good fit for using CBD to help your body recover.

CBD Balm For Workout Recovery

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, cannabidiol, is one of many components that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Don’t let your mind wander with that. No, regardless of how you use CBD or the amount being taken, you will not get high by using CBD. That’s because unlike many of the other components extracted from cannabis, CBD has very little, if any, amount of THC. This means, athletes and those who regularly workout can use a CBD product to recover quicker from injury, get rid of post-workout soreness, and prepare for the next workout session.

Cannabidiol is very popular within medical communities for being highly effective against seizures among children that otherwise have no cure or medication. On top of this, many people believe CBD could play a major role in fighting the opioid epidemic that has dominated our country for several years now. It would at least provide an option other than narcotic drugs that can be very powerful and addictive, as well as over the counter medications that have nasty side effects.

There is also a ton of research and study being completed backing the use of CBD products for conditions such as cancer, anxiety, psychosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and several others. Because of the fact that CBD is not addictive and doesn’t have negative effects, the World Health Organization believes CBD could end up having many purposes when it comes to health and wellness.

The risks and benefits of CBD and excessive exercise

No, the needed study and research here haven’t been completed, yet. That being said, when numerous people are quick to say something is working and providing positive results for them, we have to be open to the likelihood that with time, research will catch up to what many people are saying they know. If it’s been proven that CBD can be used to relieve pain, why not expect it to work with muscles that are sore from an intense workout?

If CBD is regularly being used to fight inflammation, why won’t it help against the inflammation a body goes through as a result of training at an intense level, lifting weights, and long-distance running?

Another concern many health professionals have is that since CBD is not regulated at the federal level, it’s difficult to make sure you know exactly what you are taking. Here’s the thing. The federal government is not the only source of confirming what something is. Sure, that would be a huge help. That being said, there are ways to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

For instance, the majority of reliable manufacturers of CBD products go out of their way to make sure their products are being tested by an independent, third party. Regardless if you’re using CBD oil to help with seizures or you’re an athlete training for competition, you should never buy a product without third-party testing results.

If the manufacturer is selling what they market and advertise, these test results will not be difficult to find. More often than not, they are placed on the product label and packaging. Companies that are selling legitimate products don’t want you to have to search for their results. They make sure these are posted where they can easily be found.

Another thing, be mindful of where you go to purchase these products. Almost everywhere you go now advertises the fact that they are selling CBD products. Gas stations, bars, cafes, and restaurants, I’ve even seen CBD oil for sale at a movie rental joint. If you are shopping for a CBD product, a general idea is to purchase the product from a place you would normally buy something to take for health and wellness.

Stick to pharmacies and CBD retail stores. On top of this, always do a google search on the brand of the product. Plenty of people will leave reviews. Sure, you will see someone from time to time simply being negative because they didn’t get the results they wanted. Read more than one comment. If many people are saying they have experienced the same significant issue with the product or brand, look for something else. Yes, CBD has many benefits for people who are using it. Also, because of this, many brands and companies are going to market their products as something other than what they are. Use diligence with this. Do your own research.

Now that we have spent some time looking at exactly what CBD is and some of the pros and cons of using it, here are five workouts that go hand and hand with using CBD to help the body recover.

It’s a very common misconception in the gym that you can’t burn calories or lose weight without a highly intense workout. People don’t realize that it’s also very possible to stay in shape with a workout that isn’t considered “high impact.”

A highly intense workout may be able to burn off more calories in less time, but they are also well known for creating serious stress and tension on the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. If you are someone who regularly gets injured working out, this can have disaster written all over it. Especially for those who aren’t exactly in life’s younger years, an intense workout can be hell on joints and muscles. That being said, this isn’t a reason to throw in the towel and give up on a healthier lifestyle. Here are five workouts that with the use of a CBD product, can be fairly easy to recover from.

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If your goal is putting as little stress as possible on your legs and arms, the elliptical could be just what you have been looking for. Don’t let it catch you by surprise. You are going to sweat a lot while melting away serious calories without a long, extensive workout. With a simple 20 minute workout a few times a week, you will both feel and see results in no time at all.


This simple machine will always be one of the easiest ways of burning calories without beating up your body. You can easily see the effectiveness by taking the stairs up a few flights of stairs instead of using the elevator. If that can happen with no effort being planned, imagine how serious the results can be using one of these machines at the gym? If cardio is your thing, this is exactly where you want to begin. Along with burning calories, you’ll also be making great strides when it comes to strengthening your legs.


You would be hard-pressed to find an exercise or workout that can be more beneficial for your body than yoga. You can look back through time for hundreds of years, and those who are in the best shape have always made yoga a part of the routine. If you are wanting to feel the burn of working out without the pain that comes with exercising, yoga is where you want to begin.

For those who are unfamiliar with yoga, it can be described as holding your body weight with the muscles you have, stretching the muscles, and relieving pain, all while calories are being burned. No gym membership is required. Yoga can be done anywhere from a patch of grass at the park to the comfort of your own living room.


Have you ever noticed that people who take swimming seriously are more often than not in amazing shape? If you are looking for a workout that is a very low impact, a few laps in the pool could be exactly what you need. Yes, swimming laps may be rough the first few laps you take. It won’t take you long to increase your heart rate and feel winded. By working out your entire body with a swim, you will be shedding a ton of calories. Your core will be strengthened, as well as your back, legs, and arms.


If you’re a runner, you know the stress a good run puts on your knees and ankles. Regardless if you are on a treadmill or taking a stroll around a few blocks, walking can do just as much good as running, if not more. On top of that, your knees and ankles won’t experience as much stress with a walk as they do a run. If you aren’t satisfied with the way you feel after a walk, start planning your trip where walking up hills will be part of the journey or use light ankle weights. Also, you can always walk at a faster pace to increase the results you will receive.