How Many Drops Of CBD Should I Use?


If we have learned anything about the effectiveness of CBD oil, it’s that these products provide plenty of benefits being used at doses of a wide range. There isn’t a set dosage that has become the standard for everyone using CBD oil. Because of this, the question is regularly asked, “how many drops of CBD should I use?”

We have put together a few specifics you will want to keep in consideration. To get the maximum benefits of using CBD oil, a person doesn’t need to vape or dap CBD at a high dose. This is a decision that needs to be personal to you.

Also, you need to be willing to take suggestions from others, especially a doctor or specialist. As long as you meet certain age requirements, it’s legal to use CBD. If you have a reason, you should be using these products. Figuring out the dose is a legitimate question for anyone new to CBD to have.

CBD Drops

Are there guidelines for CBD dosage?

There can be trial and error involved when it comes to finding the CBD dosage that works best for you. The majority of CBD products, regardless of the brand or company they are manufactured by, will have the chemical components and percentages of the label of the packaging.

This gives you the ability to properly adjust THC to CBD ratios, or go with full-spectrum CBD, cutting out THC all together. This allows you to experiment and discover the right levels and percentages for your individual needs. You will want to take a dose that is both measurable and consistent. If you are using a CBD product that contains THC, the goal should always be to find a dose that uses as little THC as possible, depending on your reasoning for using CBD oil.

What is working for others doesn’t always mean it will for you.

One of the most common mistakes made by people brand new to CBD is that they start out doing the same thing a friend or relative does. When they don’t get the results they are looking for right away, they naturally assume CBD does not work. Any time you are using a CBD product for the first time, make sure you follow the specific instructions that come with the product. As a matter of fact, if you have never taken CBD before, it might be a wise decision to start with even less than is recommended, and slowly work your way up as your body gets used to the CBD oil.

You have to realize, with CBD, it’s common for the results you experience to vary with different doses. Depending on the method you are using CBD, the effects can range with your body. When you start with too much, it’s very possible the effects you feel will be negative. For questions concerning dosage, regardless of how long you have been using CBD, it’s always better to talk with a doctor than it is to speak with a friend using CBD. After discussing with a doctor your exact reasoning behind using CBD, they will better be able to recommend a dosage for you to begin with, and how frequently and how much the dosage should increase by.

All that being said, you might find success with strategies for dosing that are common in the CBD world. FOr instance, the first day of use, start with only using a single drop that first day. Make sure you pay attention to the reactions of your body and how you are feeling. There’s rarely irritation, but both nausea and being light-headed can be common. It is crucial that you are taking the time to monitor exactly what is going on with your body.

If you are satisfied with how your body reacts following the first day of use, use two drops on the second day. Use this dosage for the next seven to 14 days. It’s during this time that you will discover rather CBD is providing positive effects in your body and if you should continue using it. Because of this, with the first product you purchase, you will want to buy the smallest size available, just to make sure money isn’t being wasted on something that isn’t going to work for you.

Some of the first CBD oil symptoms

Once you have completed these first two weeks and are comfortable with what you are doing, consider taking one drop, twice a day at different times. For instance, one with breakfast and one with dinner. If nothing changes as far as the effects you experience, slowing begin increasing the amount you are taking every day. The secret is always finding the perfect dose for you. Again, this more than likely won’t be exactly the same as with the person who led you to try CBD.

Regardless of the tincture brand, you are using, be sure you hold the oil under your tongue between 20-45 seconds. Also, when you are increasing the amount of each dose, this should only be done every two to four weeks. There’s no reason to raise the amount of CBD oil you are using more than once every two weeks. Also, if you do begin experiencing negative side effects, instead of being done with CBD altogether, try decreasing the dose you were using when the effects began going negative.

How many CBD drops should I take each day?

It’s almost always recommended that someone new to taking CBD oil begins with a low dosage and gradually work their way up to a dose they are comfortable with. Once your body is familiar with the CBD oil, begin taking smaller doses throughout the day as compared to taking it all at once every 24-hours. Again, what’s most important, don’t expect what is working for someone else to work for you.

It’s key to make sure that you stay calm as you begin using CBD oil, as you would with any medication prescribed by a doctor. You want to spend time examining how your body is going to naturally respond to the CBD you are taking. If you fail to stay calm as this process gets underway, you’re simply not going to know how your body is naturally acting.

Gradually begin increasing the amount you are taking, raising the dosage once every two weeks. Again, this will be different for each user. You may not need to increase the amount you are taking. Or, this may need to be increased a few times. It’s crucial you go about this the correct way. Again, you should not be increasing the dosage you are taking more than once every two weeks.

Depending on the size of the dropper you are using, your drop count may look different than someone else’s who takes the same exact dose. It’s imperative that you know the exact size of the dropper you are using. This is imperative when it comes to your drop count. No two bodies are alike. Because of this, no two people are going to be affected exactly the same by a specific dose. Avoid mimicking the dose someone else is having success with, especially when they have been using a CBD product for a longer period of time than you have.

The right CBD dosage

To take the right CBD oil dosage, you need to find the optimal dosage, for your unique body. Naturally, your size and shape, tolerance to CBD, and other variables will play a role. When you are trying to discover the right amount of drops you should be taking, sure, you can consider what’s working for others similar to your size who have been using CBD oil as long as you have. Still, this doesn’t equate to your body working exactly the way theirs does.

The most popular method of using CBD is taking it orally. This is done in a tincture format. When consuming the CBD oil, be sure you are holding it under your tongue so it is able to absorb the mouth before it is swallowed. Because some of the CBD oil gets broken down by the body’s digestive system, this is important. If you’re not holding the oil underneath your tongue for 20-45 seconds before swallowing, you’re not going to receive the full benefits of using CBD oil.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there will be trial and error when it comes to finding the dose and how many drops work best for you. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake and learn a valuable lesson. Sure, there can be some negative effects if CBD is being used. More often than not, these aren’t any more severe than nausea and lightheadedness. While these effects can be common when you first begin using CBD oil, they normally go away within just a few uses.