How Long Will CBD Stay In My Body?


Regardless of where you live, products that have been infused with CBD have been growing in popularity for some time now. That being said, regardless if they are being taken for legal issues or employment, drug tests are becoming more sophisticated on a regular basis. If you’ve been considering using a CBD oil product, you may have questions regarding exactly why this would matter. After all, everyone who uses CBD knows you don’t get high from using this compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant? If it doesn’t make you high, why would it matter if it shows up on the results of a drug test?

This is where we need to be clear about something. Yes, people have lost their jobs overusing a CBD product. Individuals on probation or parole have been violated for the use of CBD. If someone who drug tests are a part of your life for one reason or another, this can be a difficult pill to swallow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using CBD. Many people have experienced serious benefits to their health and wellness by using these products. This brings up a great question that needs some attention. Exactly how long will CBD show up in my system if I use it?

In order to provide an answer that makes sense to the question that is being asked, we need to provide more detail in regard to the significance and technicalities of the issue.



A cannabis plant can derive from many different species. The chemical makeup of the plant will depend on the details of the species. While they may be in different concentrations, many of the compounds making up a species of the cannabis plant can be shared with another. One of these more popular and sought after compounds is THC. This is the compound that produces the buzz or high someone gets with smoking marijuana. Marijuana, very high in THC, is one of the species of cannabis plants. This is why so many people enjoy smoking marijuana.

The other compound found in cannabis that is becoming just as popular is CBD. This is due to the fact that so many people have been receiving incredible benefits for several health and wellness issues with the compound. That being said, there’s one thing CBD won’t do to a user. It will not get you high, regardless of the amount you are using or the method in which you take it. The effects someone receives from using a CBD product are therapeutic, only. When taken at higher doses, it can also be soothing, but it is never intoxicating.

CBD is usually extracted from a hemp plant. This plant is a member of the family of cannabis plants. It is well known among users and those who do adequate research that you will not get high from using CBD oil. A very wise man once said, “CBD benefits the body. THC benefits the mind.” There’s a huge difference.

CBD drug tests

The majority of the time, the drug tests that are being used, will essentially be looking for metabolites of CBD. These can easily be found throughout a person’s system. This means, without doing something that purposefully cleanses the body, THC will be found for up to 90 days within smoking marijuana. However, according to the subject matter of this article, when this happens, the results of the test will not specify whether THC is in a system due to smoking marijuana or using a CBD product.

When a product is infused with CBD oil, it’s not always pure CBD within the mix. While the CBD is being extracted, other compounds can be mixed within the extract as well. More often than not, THC is one of these compounds. To be technical, a CBD product is legally able to have up to a .3 percent THC level.

When the drug test is sophisticated enough, they are able to pick up on even the smallest amounts of CBD oil, because of the THC that is included. If the product you have been using is not infused with pure CBD oil, this can show up in the results of a drug screen for as many as 90 days. Regardless if it pertains to the law or for employment, this can be a serious issue for many people. The type of CBD we have been referring to is known as “full-spectrum” CBD. If you want to be absolutely sure you won’t find yourself in this situation, you need to be using a product that is CBD “isolate.” These products are made with pure CBD.

This is where a small amount of effort comes in handy for someone using a CBD product. If you’re willing to simply see the word “isolate” on a product’s package and take their word, that’s not very responsible. Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 and the use of CBD oil became legal in the United States, it has yet to be regulated on the federal level.

Because of this, anyone with a printer is able to make a label saying anything they want. There are two things you want to make sure you are doing. For starters, use discernment with where you are purchasing a CBD product. They can literally be found almost anywhere you look. Pharmacies, drug stores, bars and cafes, convenience stores, and grocery markets, I have personally seen CBD products for sale at a video rental business.

If your situation and circumstances are significant enough that drug tests are a part of your life, regardless of the reason, you need to be careful with where you are buying CBD oil. If the product looks out of place for the business you are in, don’t buy it. There are plenty of both businesses and online retailers that only sell CBD products. This is what the do and specialize in. You can trust the products they have to offer.

Also, spend time researching the CBD product you want to buy. Google the brand’s name, as well as the product. See what other users are saying about the product you are interested in buying. Why exactly are you wanting to start using CBD? What do people have to say about the product in reasoning as to why you want to buy it?

Last but not least. Regardless of where you’re buying a CBD product, regardless of why you are wanting to use, the amount of the product doesn’t matter or the amount you will be spending. Always make sure the product you are buying has been tested by an independent, third-party. This holds a brand accountable for making sure their product is exactly what it is being marketed and promoted as.

Here’s the thing. If a company or brand is positive about their product and has paid for this testing, they will want to make sure you’re easily able to find the results. You won’t spend time having to search for them. Usually, these lab results are clearly located on the product’s package. But, many have the information provided on their website. By spending just a few minutes looking over the information they have provided, you will be able to feel confident with the product you are using.

Effects of CBD

There are plenty of variables to keep in mind here. How often you use CBD and the amount you take plays a significant role. The potency level of the product being used plays a factor, as well as the user’s personal genetics. The effects will also vary depending on the method in which CBD is used. The method will not only play a role in the effects a person experiences, but it also changes how long the effects will last.

When you first begin using a CBD product, it’s not unusual for negative effects to happen. While this is very uncommon, it happens from time to time. The most common negative effects include nausea and drowsiness. That being said, these effects will normally go away once you begin to use a CBD product more and more.

It is highly recommended a person start out with a lower dosage, regardless of the method being used to consume CBD oil. This lower dosage should continue the first few times CBD is used. As you begin using a product more and your system gets used to the CBD oil, gradually begin raising the dose with every use.

Also, keep in body, a tolerance will build for CBD within your body as use becomes routine. If you have been using CBD regularly and are no longer feeling the effects you are accustomed to, this doesn’t always mean you need to increase the dosage. When this happens, it can be a good idea to stop using CBD oil for four or five days, maybe even a week. Once you begin taking the product again, be sure you begin by taking a lower dosage than you were using when you stopped using the product.

How long do the effects last?

This precise topic has been the focus of plenty of studies and research. When CBD is consumed orally by eating edibles or mixing it with a drink, the effects can be experienced for up to one, at times even two days. These effects lasted with just one use of CBD.

When CBD oil is consumed intravenously, the study has shown the effects will only last between 18 to 33 hours. When smoking or vaping a CBD product, the effects were felt for 25-35 hours. By using a tincture underneath the tongue and holding for 20 seconds before swallowing, the effects can last anywhere from two to five days.

Again, there are several variables that need to be taken into consideration, here, Also, no two bodies are exactly alike. Because of this, it’s simply not logical to expect that you feel the same effects as someone experiences.