FEELM Unveils The World’s First Ceramic Coil Disposable Pod Solution At Vaper Expo UK 2022


Disposable vapes have gained popularity since 2020. According to Frost & Suvillian, the market for disposable (closed system) vaping goods is predicted to develop at a GAGR of over 28% from 2022 to 2026, making it the fastest-growing segment among vaping products. In 2022, disposables will account for almost 43% of closed system vaping goods, reaching $2.72 billion.

Almost all disposable vapes use cotton coils, which create big aerosol particles, resulting in ineffective deposition of inhaled particles in the lungs, poor nicotine delivery and pleasure, and throat harshness. Soft cotton coils can’t create a solid structure, causing leaking and burned flavor. Inconsistent cotton coils’ heating may weaken taste consistency, reducing vaping enjoyment. Most disposable vapes are sold based on their large-mouth puff count.

FEELM Unveils The World's First Ceramic Coil Disposable Pod Solution At Vaper Expo UK 2022 3

FEELM Max intends to make disposable vapes stronger, more dependable, more efficient. Since the debut of FEELM Air in January 2022, FEELM Max is projected to spearhead another ceramic coil revolution in the worldwide vaping business.

Cotton-free construction and microporous ceramic coil optimize e-liquid consumption in this unique vaping solution. Compared to cotton coil disposable vapes, its puff number is 25% higher with the same e-liquid amount. The ceramic coil creates smaller vaporized aerosol particles, decreasing throat residue. Smoothness is 30% better than cotton coil disposable vapes. This invention claims amazing flavor consistency of over 95%, as the ceramic coil can ensure continual vapor generation, so you get the same wonderful taste till the final puff.

FEELM Max has 46 percent higher overall harm reduction efficacy than cotton coil vapes, with a low leakage rate of less than 0.03 percent. FEELM ceramic coil’s tiny vaporized aerosol particles deposit more in the lung, providing quicker enjoyment. FEELM’sFEELM’s Flavor-Lock technology allows for temperature-zoned flavor release.

A UK vape store adopted FEELM Max in 2022. This store has created an ultra-slim disposable featuring a FEELM ceramic coil. This lightweight, small device helps smokers quit. The two companies joined the world’s biggest vaping awareness campaign, in London and Manchester, in April 2022.

FEELM also displayed non-nicotine disposable e-cigarettes, which are environmentally friendly and mouthpiece sanitary e-cigarettes, which are anti-dust. Green product innovations and avant-garde design won the Red Dot Awards for Product Design 2022. Unlike regular disposable e-cigarettes made of plastic, eco-friendly non-nicotine disposable e-cigarettes are made of recyclable paper and aluminum foil. Anti-dust mouthpiece sanitary e-cigarettes contain a twist nozzle to avoid mouthpiece contact with anything filthy.

FEELM Air is the world’s slimmest ceramic coil vape pod. FEELM has shown regional top companies vaping devices that use FEELM Air to its worldwide clientele. After that, FEELM Air’sAir’s worldwide commercial debut in 2022 will be announced.

This ceramic coil has significantly enhanced the e-liquid usage of this innovative vaping solution. Therefore, the number of puffs per e-liquid capacity is enhanced by 25% compared to standard cotton coil disposable vapes. In addition, the ceramic coil, which creates smaller vaporized aerosol particles and minimizes throat residue, allows for a vaping experience that is unparalleled in its velvety smoothness. The smoothness is also increased by 30%. The invention also claims a flavor consistency of over 95 percent, as the ceramic coil can ensure continual vapor generation, delivering the same robust and delicious flavor until the very last puff.