F.D.A. Seeks Ban On Menthol Cigarettes


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule that would ban sales of cigarettes flavored with menthol as well as flavored cigars. This is an important improvement in the agency’s efforts to reduce the use of tobacco among teens and improve the health of all people.” Experts say this old notion could be a major influence on the health of the public.

F.D.A. Seeks Ban On Menthol Cigarettes 3

Erika Sward, the A.L.A.’s assistant vice-president of national lobbying, said, “I want to emphasize how critical this is. “It’ll change the game.” “The limits will have a significant impact on the decision of young individuals to begin smoking.” “It will save the lives of many people, particularly those of different ethnic backgrounds.” The F.D.A. has been studying the issue of menthol equity for over ten years. It is the only distinct flavor allowed in cigarettes throughout the United States. It was made up of the Tobacco Control Act of 2009, which banned the other flavors of cigarettes, and gave the F.D.A. authority to regulate the business of tobacco to protect the health of the public. The law also obliged the F.D.A. to fund and conduct studies on menthol.

After many years of F.D.A. investigation and feedback from a multitude of concerned parties and organizations, the Public Health Law Center and other groups submitted a citizens petition asking the agency to restrict smoking menthol to a minimum. In a lawsuit in 2020 that was filed, F.D.A. was accused of being in a hurry. F.D.A. has been accused of a disproportionate delay in releasing a definitive response. The F.D.A. made a statement in 2021 that it would seek rules-making.