Cannabis Testing, Prohibited For Most Philadelphia Job Applicants, Starting 2022


As per the new regulations in Philadelphia, job aspirants should not be tested for marijuana use. The new regulation prohibits employers or employment agencies from asking for a marijuana test report. The same rules apply to labor organizations as well in the state.

Similar guidelines were issued in New York in 2020, and it was illegal to ask for a marijuana test certificate from job applicants. In Nevada, employers cannot refuse to hire an employee because the person failed the drug screening test. However, this applies only to marijuana and is not valid for other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Cannabis Testing, Prohibited For Most Philadelphia Job Applicants, Starting 2022 3

It is important to note that the law does not hold good in many circumstances like the recruitment of police officers, commercial drivers, and medical supervisors.

In some cases, the drug testing is done on prospective employees considering the safety of the organization or the clients. In that case, the law does not hold good as employers can use such provisions and still ask the applicants to provide a marijuana test report.

Several states across the US are now in the process of legalizing cannabis use, and this trend is likely to continue for the next few years. As per experts, there is a growing acceptance of cannabis use as many doctors prescribe such medication to treat a few ailments. Some patients are permitted to use cannabis as medication for pain relief.

In some states, possessing cannabis in small quantities for personal use is not a crime. Few states even offer support for hemp growers as it provides employment to many people. Cultivating cannabis at home is also allowed in a few states. The restrictions in most states regarding cannabis are only with regards to commercial production and sales. It is no longer considered a serious offense in many states when it comes to individual use.