Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?


Vaping is the latest trend with people who love smoking but refrain from cigarettes and other tobacco products. Innumerable people in various age groups have taken to vaping as there are minimum side effects of vaping. Now coming to the point of this article – is vaping allowed on a plane? Many people might not know that around 20-30 years back, smoking was allowed on flights – both domestic and international flights. In fact, there have been reports that non-smokers had to put up with the issue of smoking on the flight. However, the problem kept on increasing and a union of flight attendants convinced the authorities that smoking rules should be changed in airplanes. All this happened in the late 1980s. By 1990, cigarettes were banned in most domestic flights. Within some time, all domestic and international flights all around the world prohibited smoking in the flight.

Till the time the concept of vaping and e-cigarettes came, the ban on indoor smoking had been implemented in airports as well. However, some airports had smoking zones and lounges. However, the system was such that no one could smell or see the smoke from smoking. With the coming of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, people can ‘smoke’/vape in the plane again. So, if you are a nostalgic flyer, you can get that feeling again now with vaping being allowed on planes. Just like smokers existed in the past, nowadays vapers exist. The number of travelers traveling by flights is increasing all over the world and it has been well understood that vapers have to be accommodated accordingly.

vape on plane

Is it possible to take a vape on a flight?

There are many people who are regular nicotine vapers. For them taking vape on a flight is quite easy and simple and straightforward. If you are looking to fly with vaping gear, you can do so quite conveniently and simply. There will be no problems in flying with vaping gear as long as some basic rules and regulations are followed and the procedures are known. General vapers might find rules and regulations, which are more or less strict. Strictest rules are valid for cannabis vapers.

Before flying: packing and planning

In this article, the references are specific to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations for people who want to travel with vapes. However, it has been seen that the rules of traveling with vapes are almost the same globally. This is because the rules have been standardized with terrorism-era security threats. However, there can be rare exceptions; thus it is recommended to check with the airlines once regarding vape rules.

Lithium batteries might cause explosions and fires in the cargo hold; hence it is recommended that all kinds of electronic goods and devices should be carried as hand luggage. Or the batteries must be removed and these should be carried in hand luggage. The same rule is applicable for vape batteries. In case you forget and the luggage is scanned under x-ray scanner, the mod and extra batteries will be taken out. The whole suitcase will be roughed up for sure. To avoid all such hassles, the vape devices should be taken in the cabin luggage or carried in the pocket.

Can vape juice be brought on a flight?

E-liquids can be packed conveniently in checked luggage. The only thing you must be careful about is that these liquids should be packed in Ziploc-style bags. In case there is any kind of leakage from the vape juice, it will not spill in the whole suitcase destroying the clothes and other things which are packed there. The reason why e-liquids can be kept in checked luggage is that there is no size-limit for the bottles of vape juice. Many vapers prefer carrying e-liquids with nicotine strength, which is much higher than normal while traveling. This is a good idea as this means that they will carry less numbers of bottles and the need of refilling will also be less. In many countries, there is e-juice nicotine limit. In case you love vaping strong juices, it is recommended to carry the same with you.

The majority of vapers take the e-liquid on the flight in carry-on bags. It is recommended to pack this liquid along with the other kinds of liquids (including gels and pastes) you are carrying in cabin luggage. All these should be packed in one clear plastic bag so that the packet can be removed from the luggage when the security check is being done. The liquid container of more than 100ml is not allowed in the flight. Full and sealed e-juice bottles shouldn’t be taken as the pressure in the cabin might lead to liquid expansion and if there is no free space in the bottle, it might split or leak. There are also chances that vape tanks will leak. If airflow can be restricted completely it is okay. The majority of the modern vape tanks do not close fully. Leaky tanks are a complete mess and it is recommended that they remain empty till the time one reaches the main destination. If vaping is mandatory during that time, it is recommended to use cigalike or pod vape.

Clearing security screening

security screening

Airport security staff are used to e-cigarettes now as lots of people carry these on flights nowadays. Therefore do not be nervous about clearing the TSA checkpoint. All lithium batteries and electronic devices are to be carried with the traveler through security screening. As per TSA, mods and vape pens are other kinds of security threat. You might be asked to turn on the vape mod to check that the device, which is being carried on the plane is fully charged. With smaller devices like pod vapes and vape pens, there are no chances of such checkups. Charging devices on the plane is prohibited and hence you must charge everything fully before boarding the flight.

Vaping in the airport

Vaping in restrooms and common areas in airports are completely prohibited. Though it is not regulated by federal law in the USA, vaping as well as smoking has been banned in airports for a long time back. Thus, there is practically no choice of vaping in airports. If found guilty, you might be asked to leave the airport leading to missing the flight and more hassles. Smokeless tobacco can be an option in this context in the form of nicotine lozenges or nicotine gums. But these are definitely not as satisfying as vaping but these will at least not offend airport security staff.

In many airports, there are designated smoking rooms. If you are lucky in finding such a smoking lounge, just utilize the opportunity and enjoy a vape. In some of the smoking lounges, there are electrical outlets as well, so that you can charge your vaping devices.

Is it okay to vape on a plane?

The answer to this question is quite obvious, in reference to the above segment. When vaping is not permitted in the airport, how can it be permitted in an airplane? Vaping in the flight is illegal just like smoking cigarettes is. There are many things which might result from vaping in a flight – from being fined to being banned from using an airline for whole life, from being sued to being jailed. In case the fire alarm on the flight goes off, the plane might be diverted and might lead to jail stay for the accused. You are permitted to carry various kinds of vaping devices and accessories with you, but vaping on the plane is strictly prohibited. Arrive at the destination and only then think of vaping. This is the safest option and you will face no hassles whatsoever in the flight.

Tips for packing vape for traveling

Packing vaping gear for traveling by flight needs special skills and knowledge. You have to understand certain basics for the packing so that there are no problems in having a safe and trouble-free flight. Mentioned below are some most effective tips for packing vape for traveling:

  • Separate the vaping devices – It is highly recommended to compartmentalize the vape gear. Make sure that your vape starter kits, batteries, and e-liquids are all kept separately. This should be done so that there is no confusion by the security staff. Also, this helps in keeping the things organized so that when you reach the destination, you can enjoy vaping instantly.
  • Batteries – Vape device batteries should never be packed in the main check-in luggage. The lithium rechargeable vape batteries should be carried in cabin luggage. There is a strict restriction that lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have limitations to the rating of 100 watts hour per battery. This is applicable to all kinds of lithium batteries used in general electronic devices. If possible give protection to positive and negative terminals in the battery.
  • Battery case – The best thing for keeping batteries safe and without any problem during flight s by keeping them in a battery case. Ensure that the batteries do not come in contact with one another. They should not be touched by any kind of metal body.
  • Clear bags should be used for storing e-liquids/e-juices – If you are carrying e-juices or e-liquids on the flight, make sure that these are kept in 3 oz. clear plastic bag. Only plastic bottles of e-liquids should be taken. No glass bottles should be taken as there are high chances of breakage of the same leading to ultimate chaos.
  • Mods and atomizers – As the vape device can be packed only in cabin luggage, it is recommended to place the same in clear small bag. When packed in a small clear bag, the thing remains organized. In case TSA screening takes place, there will be no issues or problems of any kind. Another important point is that the vape tanks should be kept empty and this is highly recommended. In case there is something in the tank, it might lead to leakage of the tank. If that happens, there will be a complete mess. Don’t make the mistake of putting the atomizers and mods in the check-in luggage.

Refrain from charging vaping devices on the plane

USB ports are very common in almost all flights nowadays – both domestic and international. These USB ports are mainly given for charging phones, tablets or other kinds of electronic devices. However, this does not mean that you can charge the vaping batteries or the vaping device in the USB port. It is recommended to be safe on the flight and refrain from charging any vaping device or accessory on the plane. There is a high risk of fire hazards in this.

Is it permissible to take cannabis or weed vapes on a plane?

For the majority of the part, the same kinds of rules are applicable for weed vape devices just like e-liquid devices. Any kind of vaping device, which uses a battery has to pass and clear the security check. Also, the device has to be carried in the cabin luggage. Basically cannabis cannot be taken on a flight.

Cleaning the weed vape is important

Though cannabis and marijuana have been legalized in many states in the USA, there are still many countries and places where it is considered illegal and banned. Whatever be the form of cannabis, it is considered illegal. Even concentrates and residue of cannabis flower is illegal to possess in many places. In such a case, if you want to carry your dry herb vaporizer on a flight, clean the same thoroughly. Before you get ready for flying, take out some isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips and start scrubbing the vaping device thoroughly cleaning every millimeter of the same. You must clean the air path, the herb chamber, the mouthpiece and also the outer surfaces. If you have slightest of doubts that the cleaning has not been proper and there are chances that traces of cannabis can be found on the vaping device, it is recommended to leave the device back home. This is the safest option in such a situation to avoid any kinds of risks and hassles.

Important tips for traveling vapers

This is kind of summarizing things for traveling vapers. Mentioned below are some important and effective tips for vapers, who are traveling in flights:

  • First and foremost check with the airline with which you will be flying. Some of them have unusual policies in these matters.
  • If you are traveling internationally, inquire about vaping laws in the country for sure.
  • In e-liquids are being carried in checked-in luggage, make sure they are double-bagged.
  • Carry e-liquids with high strength nicotine so that you have to carry less bottles and you will need to refill less frequently.
  • Empty vape tanks before boarding the flight.
  • For avoiding leaks, leave some space in the vape juice bottles.
  • The vapes should be charged before going through security.
  • Extra or additional batteries should be kept protective plastic battery cases.
  • The devices should be turned off and batteries should be removed while being on the flight.
  • Never ever vape in the flight or even in the airport.
  • If you are addicted, carry nicotine gums or snus on the flight. Manage with these till you reach your destination.
  • Never travel in an intoxicated state.
  • Follow the cannabis laws seriously in order to be safe from any kinds of problems or hassles.