Is Vaping Bad For Your Health?


Most of the smokers tell that they want to stop this habit but can’t do as they are addicted to it. Quitting the Vaping habit is the best thing you can do to protect your body from the harmful substance that will affect every part of your body. Smoking affects not only the smokers but also the people who are near to them, which causes the deterioration of their health. Vaping is the replacement for leaving the habit of smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. Here the e-cigarettes are used, which is less harmful than tobacco. But researchers are not happy seeing the increasing number of vapers as they are finding some adverse effects in their researches. Preventing addiction is better than curing it by getting addicted to another similar product.

Everyone finds it better to switch on to e-cigarettes than the traditional way of telling bye to smoke completely. These e-cigarettes are readily available in the market also, using it properly will give the user pleasure. Because it has the extracts of tobacco in it which is nicotine, that will make you addicted to vaping. Several types of research are going on based on the topic and it seemed to have some effects on our health. Laws and regulations are also made for the usage of e-cigarettes similar to that for the tobacco-based products in the market. Before switching into using vaping, you should know every aspect of it. Otherwise, it will be like making a dangerous decision. We have to know further about this topic.

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Basics about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are operated with the help of batteries and have different shapes. They have a refillable tank where the e-fluid is filled whenever needed to use the device. Numerous brands are selling the equipment to keep people away from tobacco smoking. All devices have the tank which is to be filled with the fluid, then a heating device that helps in the conversion of e-liquid to vapor form so that you can inhale and exhale. The flavors of the smoke are selected according to the requirement of the user and many flavors are available in the market. Some people prefer using multiple flavor combinations, and you will have to keep the e-liquids in multiple tanks if you plan to use that in a mix. The flavors itself points out the usage of chemicals and burned chemicals are inhaled during vaping. Some vape has nicotine in it, which is more dangerous as it is an extract from the addictive tobacco. This deteriorates your physical health and you become more attracted to the regular usage of the vape.

Does vaping ensure safety compared to smoking?

Smoking is more harmful to health compared to vaping, but it doesn’t mean that it is safer for use regularly for a long time. Most of the e-cigarettes have nicotine burnt in combination along with fluids and other chemicals. Nicotine is a chemical extracted from tobacco that has the addictive nature and the person will show withdrawal symptoms if they stop using this. Vaping exposes you to lesser chemicals compared to the traditional smoking practice, but still, the chemicals will harm you in the long run. Nicotine usage is not suitable for people with heart problems as they affect your arteries. It also hurts the kids by changing their memory and in pregnant ladies by causing damage to the unborn babies. Some brands use even harmful substances while manufacturing which affects the body functioning adversely. Different flavors of the vape are also alarming as some of those become dangerous when inhaled and cause lung diseases.

Smoking is dangerous compared to the vaping as it kills the people who smoke and doesn’t drag as it burns emitting smoke. E-cigarettes do not burn, so other people will not get affected by the smoke. Effects of vaping are different in individuals; for some, it is successful in making them quit smoking. Some studies even imply that it can have the reverse effects. People who were not smokers will start vaping just for fun or due to other’s insistence, the addiction to nicotine leads them to become smokers for getting high effects. The market for e-cigarettes is rising day by day which indicates that the vapers are increasing in number.

Does the Vaping affect the heart and lungs?

Cigarettes are harmful due to the presence of tobacco in it. Being an extract from tobacco, nicotine also gives the same effect if it burnt in the vape. This material is highly addictive, and if you try to stop the usage of products containing this component, then you will undoubtedly face withdrawal symptoms and craves you to smoke again. Nicotine has adverse effects on the body like raising your blood pressure, imbalance of adrenaline which can increase the heartbeat and many other effects.

The flavor gave while vaping is created by burning the chemicals. It will have effects on the human body and will have more precise results when you use the flavors in combination for your satisfaction. These chemicals affect the physical health of the user and affect your cardiovascular system severely.

Is vaping the best way to move out of smoking?

The first thing we should understand is regular cigarettes are harmful because of their addictive nature. As the e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes, both have nicotine’s presence, and they show addictiveness. When you start using nicotine at a low rate, you will feel the need to use nicotine at extra strength and you will go on buying the cartridges with high power of nicotine or by taking it in high ratios.

Even if we refer this as an alternative to the regular smoking habit, it is not officially said a smoking cessation device. Most of the people use this e-cigarette for quitting their smoking habit but ends up in taking more massive shots of nicotine by vape. The young people get used to the e-cigarettes compared to other tobacco product. The usage of the product has an increase which says that the people who didn’t use tobacco smoking are also attracted to e-cigarettes. Different flavors of vape available in the market allow the teens to try out their luck in vaping rather than going behind the unpleasant smoke of tobacco. The smell has also motivated many people to be vapers as nobody finds them vaping.

What are the rules and regulations related to the usage of e-cigarettes?

The FDA has made rules to regulate the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products concerning the increasing consumers year by year. The main rules among them include that no one below the age of 18yrs can purchase similar products from stores or online. Another law says that if the consumer is under the age of 27, the seller should confirm his age by checking any approved ID. The free samples of tobacco products are banned to ensure that no one is trying to attract youth and children towards the tobacco product to increase their consumption. E-cigarettes are mentioned dangerous because of the chemicals added for getting the different flavors which can add to the pleasure of the customer. Vaping should be bound to more strict rules when we consider this fact.

Want to quit smoking?

There is no use in going on using nicotine products, telling that you want to quit smoking because this will never work as it has the addictive capacity. Increased use of nicotine will make you again become more addicted to it and you will restart the process of smoking with a higher intensity. Smoking causes many cardiovascular devices and even cancer. It not only affects you, the dangerous smoke that a smoker emits will affect all the people surrounding them. Regular exposure to these kinds of smoke will make the patients. If you genuinely feel that you should stop smoking, then get expert advice and takes the cessation program that will suit your addiction to nicotine.

Final verdict

Vaping is common now, mostly among the youngsters. Many aren’t aware of the harmful effects of vaping completely as the studies and researches are going on in this field. Vaping is the process of inhaling the gas obtained by burning the fluid inside the tank and then exhaling out. The process is more natural if done with guidelines. Vaping if not done with proper instructions, can harm you by overheating, exploding or catching fire.

The vapers have different flavors that suit your taste and make it popular among young people. Some use these flavors in combination to get better effects, which indicates that more chemicals are added to it. These chemical vapors hit your throat at different intensities according to the ratio you choose. Liquid nicotine used in the e-cigarettes for burning can become poisonous. The addictive nature of nicotine, which is an extract from tobacco, can lead you to become a smoker. Better not to get addicted to vaping as well, and not to start using this if you haven’t yet started.