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Chronic pain is becoming a fast-growing disorder among older men and women. In America alone, more than 50 million people suffer from this issue. Among them, 19.6 million are said to have high-impact pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain has no permanent solution.

Our tolerance level to pain reduces as we grow old, and chronic pain can put numerous restrictions on many people. It disturbs people’s daily life and activities. Immobility is a significant problem arising in people suffering from such aches. It affects their quality of life and can result in depression and anxiety. Some people tend to use opioids, which can negatively affect their health.

With persisting pain, it becomes difficult to think clearly. Chronic pain has limited people from being successful in their work-life. A lot of people resort to using painkillers and muscle relaxants that can have adverse effects with regular usage. Are you one of those many million people looking for a natural solution to your pain? Then you should try We The People Hemp Relief Cream. The product is an all-natural remedy to rid you of your chronic aches.

We The People Hemp Relief Cream

About We The People Hemp Relief Cream

Hemp plant belongs to the Cannabis plant family. This CBD cream is made using CO2 extracted organic Hemp, EMU oil, and Coconut oil. Thus, this CBD cream is an organic and safe solution to your pains and aches.

Hemp plants are organically grown without any chemicals or pesticides in America. The cream is clinically tested by experts. The CBD cream is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free, which means that the cream is non-psychoactive. Unlike other pain relief ointments, We The People Hemp Relief Cream is light and gets absorbed quickly into your skin. This helps bring swift relief to the affected area.

We The People Hemp Relief Cream Highlights

We The People Hemp has created a name for itself in the market, with many customers opting for their products. Below are some of the highlights of the We The People Hemp Relief Cream, which has become very popular since its introduction.

Superior Quality CBD Cream: The most significant ingredient in the Cream is Hemp. The manufacturers cultivate and harvest these plants in the US. The hemp plants are organically grown, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Also, they are free of CO2, which is extracted using methods that don’t harm the useful properties of the product. Hence, it is of very high-quality and is safe to use.

Non-Psychoactive: Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana, is known to give people a ‘high’ due to high THC content. Since Hemp belongs to the same family, this plant, too, has similar qualities. However, at the lab, the plant is refined and made free of THC. Hence, it is non-psychoactive and will not have any adverse effects upon use.

Free Shipping Charges: The company charges a minimum shipping fee of $7.99 if you order a single bottle. However, if you place an order for multiple bottles, then you don’t have to pay any shipping charges.

Pricing: The price of one bottle of We The People Hemp Relief Cream is $64.95 plus shipping. The company provides you with packages. You can get one additional bottle upon purchasing two bottles for $49.98 each. If you buy three bottles for the price of $39.80, then you can get two extra bottles absolutely free. The discounted packages make this product very cost-effective.

All-Natural Ingredients: The ingredients used include a full-spectrum extract of Hemp, EMU oil, and Coconut oil. These essential components have fantastic health benefits. They not only relieve you from pain, but they also keep you stress-free and help you focus more. They do not have any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Lab Tested: The product is clinically tested by expert scientists. Only after the cream was approved as a safe product, did the company started selling it.

Manufacturing Facility: The hemp cream is produced in the USA in a facility that is FDA approved. The manufacturing facility is also accepted by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Hence, they follow safe and hygienic methods of production.

Money-back Guarantee: The product comes with a 30 days guarantee, within which you get your money back. If within 30 days of purchase, you are unhappy with the product, you will receive a 100% refund without any hassles. You simply have to return the product in the original packaging, and the company will refund you the money for all unused products.

Customer Care: We The People Hemp believes in providing excellent customer service. You can call them at 1 (877) 432-6262, or email them at [email protected] They will ensure they assist you in the best possible manner to solve all your queries. They will even guide you through using the product.

We The People Hemp CBD Cream

How Do We The People Hemp Relief Cream Work?

We The People Hemp Relief Cream contains 300gms of Hemp isolate so that it starts working straight away. The cream has functions similar to compounds in the body that balance pain and mood. Once applied, the cream gets absorbed into the body almost instantly. This ensures that the nutrients in the lotion act on the affected area immediately, relieving you of your pain promptly.

ECS or the endocannabinoid system regulates all the functions in the body. It is responsible for your body’s actions, responses, cognitive functions, sleep, inflammation, and much more. We The People Hemp Relief Cream works on three aspects of your body, namely physical, psychological, and neurological.

The physical aspect includes relief from inflammation and aiding in regulating pain in the body. It also works on joints and promotes its health. It helps you have more mobility and flexibility.

The psychological aspect involves balancing moods. It helps you in getting rid of depression and anxiety. It also regulates your sleep cycle and relieves you from stress providing you with mental clarity.

The neurological aspect includes providing you with a focused mind. The cream can help you get rid of headaches and migraines, making you more attentive. You can also have a better recall memory because of a clear head.

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My Experience With We The People Hemp Relief Cream

I recently had a knee injury, which was healing though the pain was persistent. I had heard of CBD oil, but I wanted more of an ointment. Upon some research, I decided to use We The People Hemp Relief Cream.

The cream is smooth, and I could use it with ease. I massaged it in for 30 seconds or so, and it was absorbed into the skin. The effects started showing after about fifteen minutes. I felt more relaxed, and the pain subsided considerably.

I definitely think it was worth spending on this cream. I have decided to keep it handy in case of any injuries or sprains in the future. However, I would suggest you experience it yourself before deciding on its benefits as your reason to use might be different than mine. But for minor aches, this cream can really be a good value for money.

Another thing about the product that I appreciated is that the manufacturers tell the truth when they say it is THC free. Although it was relaxing, it wasn’t psychoactive, and I did not get high using it. So, I could use the cream without having to worry about that.

The website also suggests some other beneficial effects the cream may have on users such as:

  • Relief from pains and aches
  • Keeps you calm and stress-free
  • Provides focus and clarity of mind
  • Helps you sleep better

What Are The Side-effects?

Since using this product, I have personally not felt any harmful side-effects. But then again, each body is different, so it may react differently with your pain than it has with mine. So far, the customer reviews that I have read haven’t mentioned any adverse effects after using this product.

If you have purchased the product and are using it for the first time, you can always consult your doctor on the dos and don’ts. You can, however, always start by applying only a little on the affected area. Then, you can decide on whether to use more or less lotion the next time. That is how I started using the cream too.

How Do I Use We The People Hemp Relief Cream?

The cream is easy to use. All I did was apply it on my knee, where all my pain was. Then I slowly massaged the cream in till was completely absorbed into the skin. Within a few minutes, the pain subsided. I felt more relaxed and calm, and I could move around comfortably.

Compared to oils and pills, this hemp cream works faster as it is directly absorbed through the skin. It doesn’t have to undergo a digestion process, and hence the effects are noticed almost immediately. You only have to figure out how much cream you need to use to fix your issue.

Where Can I Buy We The People Hemp Relief Cream?

I would recommend buying the product from the company’s website only. This is significant because there are similar products in the market that may not have the same effect. Also, you might end up buying a fake product that might harm you.

Moreover, the We The People Hemp website offers discounts on bulk orders, which you might be able to avail to if you try buying this product from other sites.

We The People Hemp Relief Cream Review 3

To Sum It Up

  • We The People Hemp Relief Cream reduces chronic pain and aches.
  • It regulates your mood and aids in fighting depression and anxiety.
  • It helps you improve your focus and provides mental clarity.
  • It assists you in having a good night’s sleep.
  • It is non-psychoactive. So, you will not get addicted to it in any way.

What Did I Like About We The People Hemp Relief Cream?

The thing that I like about this product is that the cream is light and soaks into the skin quickly.

What Didn’t I Like About We The People Hemp Relief Cream?

The product webpage has a very minimum explanation about the product. So, there are no clear instructions on how much cream to use or how soon you will start feeling the effect. You have to buy the product and understand these aspects mainly by trial and error.

What Do Users Say?

“I had sprained my ankle after managing to trip and fall. The pain was quite bad. I used We The People Hemp Relief Cream on the sprain. Within a few minutes, the pain reduced considerably. I could walk around without help and finish my chores.”

“We The People Hemp Relief Cream is an amazing product. I have suffered from back pain because of my sitting posture. I applied the cream at night and slept peacefully through the night. The ache was as good as gone.”

“I had injured my wrist while playing baseball. My friend immediately applied the CBD cream on my hand. It worked so well! The pain subsided in a few minutes. Once I was back home, I rushed and ordered myself this CBD product. I use it even for sore muscles now so that I recover faster.”

“This product is definitely worth buying. I have been using this for my arthritis for months now, and I feel so much better. My aching joints have found relief after using this product. I can now move around with ease and feel so relaxed. The product is just amazing.”

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My Take On We The People Hemp Relief Cream

We The People Hemp Relief Cream has helped me in more than just relieving me of my knee pain. Although no drastic changes occurred overnight, there are gradual changes that I have noticed.

I am a calmer person and sleep better at night. The knee pain was significantly reduced after using it for a few weeks. Not only that, I can focus better on my work after having used this cream. The product certainly has its benefits.

My advice to people who want to try We The People Hemp Relief Cream is that they shouldn’t expect things to take a turn dramatically. For anything to work, you need to give it a little time.

Would I Recommend We The People Hemp Relief Cream?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this cream. It is better than continually relying on addictive painkillers and muscle relaxants. This is a safer method of getting rid of your chronic aches.

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