Top Tips to Stay Productive While High


Being high is commonly used as slang, meaning being at a higher level under the influence of drugs. Different drugs give different types of highs, especially when consumed for pleasure. Drugs are chemicals that alter the working of a person’s body. Medical drugs are totally legal and safe when used under the prescription of a medical practitioner. The others, not so much. Even medical drugs can be used for temporary highs.

Inhalants, hand sanitizers, cough syrups, anti-diarrheal pills, nitrites, motion sickness pills and krokodil are some of the medical drugs used by teens to get high. When it comes to legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco are the most popular. Consuming unauthorized medical drugs and smoking or drinking excessively is neither safe nor legal but carries less risk. However, drugs such as marijuana (though legal in some states of the US and other countries), ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, crystal meth, and heroin are totally illegal and unsafe to use.

Consumption of illegal drugs and inappropriate usage of legal drugs are dangerous to health, particularly for kids and teens as their body is in a growing stage. Consumption generally begins as curiosity or eagerness to escape from reality. Then, temporary relaxation and continued usage makes them dependent and addicted to the drugs. While medical drugs, alcohol and tobacco are commonly found and available OTC, all other forms of drugs are not easy to find.


Cannabis, the most popular drug

By far, Cannabis is the most preferred and used illicit drug in the world. A naturally growing plant that first emerged on the Tibetan Plateau completely changes the perception of humans’ reality. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary psychoactive compound of the cannabinoids that is largely responsible for many effects of being high. The high ranges from mellow to energetic to euphoric levels, based purely on the strain and the quantity consumed.

Most cannabis users do not strike the right balance between getting high and staying productive. They either get lazy or show less interest in undertaking any task. Actually, adding Cannabis to a regular working day can easily enhance the mundane situations that life has to offer. Keeping aside the myth of “lazy stoners”, some of the most highly dedicated and hardworking individuals relish using Cannabis to improve their productivity.

Just a small quantity of this amazing herb is enough to excite the experience one gets while handling general chores and repetitive tasks. It makes one highly functional and adequately high at the same time. But the question that is hard to answer remains, “What is the appropriate quantity of cannabis to use and how high should one be?” Striking the right balance between the two helps enhance focus and fuel creativity.

How to get high

There are various methods that people use to consume Cannabis for work and pleasure. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Smoking

Using organic papers is best if one prefers to smoke Cannabis. Though the body is exposed to harmful carcinogens, Cannabis is smoked by rolling cones, and it’s hard to smoke, which provides an odd satisfaction. Smoking cannabis produces a high within 10 minutes and lasts for a couple of hours.

  • Vaping

This is a great way of taking adequate hits of Cannabis during work without disturbing the odor of one’s space. Vaping gives a high almost instantly. Under the vaping process, cannabinoids and terpenes get consumed while all other components of Cannabis are left out.

  • Eating

Consuming Cannabis through edibles is a highly intense experience through which THC (after it passes through the digestive system into the liver) gets converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, a molecule that takes about two hours to give a high, which lasts up to 8 hours. Edible Cannabis is not one of the favored ways of using it at work.

  • Sublingual

The sublingual way works by skipping the lengthy digesting process and sending cannabinoids straight into the blood. A fast-paced, overpowering experience is felt once the drops of oil or extracts are placed under the tongue and absorbed by the saliva.

Things to consider before being high

Before mixing Cannabis with work to meet goals, it is advised to give oneself a reality check. The following list of pointers can help one experience a responsible high and become a productive stoner.

  • Define goals and deadlines

By doing so, one tends to add some structure to their high. To set achievable goals, create a TTD (tasks-to-do) list and to keep verifying the progress. This is the best way to define goals and deadlines. Setting shorter goals to achieve a large objective is another effective tool.

  • Stay organized

Cannabis is known to possess productivity-enhancing effects. It usually fires the creative side of the brain, which encourages divergent thinking and mutes the organizational side. By staying organized before blazing, one can still get high without the risk of losing focus.

  • Eat well

Proper nutrients, one of the important aspects of success, make the body and brain work perfectly well. Eating a healthy breakfast before smoking, vaping or consuming Cannabis certainly helps.

  • Understand limits

One should plan tasks appropriately to reach their full potential while high. It is important to understand the limitations of not tempting to do all tasks at once but take them steadily and slowly to produce the best results.

  • Choose an acceptable strain

Each strain of Cannabis comes with a certain profile and effectiveness. Depending on the type and number of tasks planned, one may choose a strain that would work best on a particular day.

  • Avoid distractions

Avoiding an area that is full of distractions helps in keeping the focus on the planned tasks. Things such as TV, music, phone, people around are major distractions, and they tempt one to lose focus and concentrate elsewhere.

Staying productive while high

After making all the preparations, one can easily smoke up and dive deeply into work to achieve highly productive results. The following tips can be used to optimize each day and be productive while being high.

  • Increase pace

Keep a close eye on the TTD (task-to-do) list and take each challenge one by one. Move to the next only after completing the current task to the best of one’s ability. Do not make any changes to the existing TTD list; scribble any spontaneous tasks separately for a revisit later.

  • Be realistic

Holding on to goals that are reasonably achieved during the day is the best way of being realistic. While too few tasks will bring distraction, too many will make one rush for completion. Keep experimenting without losing focus and produce the best results.

  • Microdose

Since a small dose lasts only for a couple of hours, one might be tempted to take a massive dose or smoke an entire joint and then crash. Microdosing is the best remedy for this situation, as it keeps one high and sober at the same time. Measuring the exact time for the first dose and repeating it after timed intervals keeps one motivated during the entire day.

  • Avoid heavy snacks

Snacking on light and healthy foods throughout the day keeps one alert and motivated. One can remain full and hydrated by consuming fibrous fruits and enough nutrients for lunch. Heavy snacks or huge meals zap motivation and lead to a sugar crush during the evening.

  • Worktime vs playtime

Working hard so as to play harder is easy to say, but this rule needs a solid boundary to make it really work. Performance drops if time schedules are not adhered to strictly. Resist procrastination and do away with instant pleasures in favor of enjoying real fulfilment on a long term basis.

  • Keep active

Moving the body and brain, however briefly, at least once an hour keeps them working properly and the cardiovascular system healthy. Undertake some physical activity and consider changing posture to feel fresh and ready for work.

  • Plan breaks

Planning a 5-minute break every hour (or using the Pomodoro technique to be precise) helps in structuring work. One should step away and breathe before moving back to the working space with fresh thoughts and newer energy.

  • Love the experience

Incorporating Cannabis into work culture helps one treat work as a practice requiring concentration and willpower to fuel growth and change positively.

Once work is finished

Resting and enjoying life is as important as working for long hours. It is highly important to differentiate between working and free time. Once done with the work scheduled for the day, another joint can be fired to enjoy fun activities with friends and family. These activities can help one unwind from the stresses of the day and motivate one for the next workday.

Some activities that can be used to relax are – gardening, taking a walk in fresh air, reorganizing and cleaning workspace, drawing, painting and writing, reading books or listening to music, and cooking. With Cannabis on one’s side, there are limitless activities that can be undertaken outside of work. Responsible use of this herb can do wonders for one’s professional and personal life.