Top 5 Vaping Apps


Vaping has become a common term in society. This is a change that happened with this changing world. Most people become vapers for putting a stop to their smoking habits. Many of the smokers cannot at once stop smoking, so they switch into the vaping instead. This process is just the inhaling and exhaling of the aerosol. The demand for this e-cigarette is increasing with the years.

Vaping devices are available in plenty in the market; some of them are looking like pens and others like atomizers. The people who are vapers are not only smokers but also the youngsters planning to try their chance in vaping. The e-liquid used in the vaping device is opted to consider the user’s interest. The easiness of operation and without much harm as that of tobacco smoke makes this different from other methods.

Vaping mentioned as the digital evolution of smoking has vaping apps for calculating all the activities related to the vaping devices. This feature gives a new experience to the modern era vapers. If you are interested in vaping, there are hundreds of apps available in the App Store and Google play store for getting specific guidelines for the practical vaping and proper usage of the devices.

Why do we need a vape app?

Vape apps are developed for fulfilling the specific needs of the vapers for their practical usage. You can see numerous vaping apps available, mentioning various features that attract you to try that app. The vaping apps are categorized according to the functionalities. One among these categories is the general vape app which has many functions but not specific to one. You can get engaged to the vaping community, learn about more modes of operation and also about the kits using various devices.

Ohm’s law calculators are yet another category, meant for those who want to try sub-ohm vaping. The vape device is a circuit that has voltage, resistance and current which can be customized after each vaping session for getting the perfection. This vape gives accurate values which help in understanding the vaping experience to the fullest.

Another mostly discussed vapes are stop smoking vapes, which, as the term means is a no more extended smoking app. It is done in most of the cases by giving vaping as an alternative for the smoking habit. The app collects the data like the number of days you have stopped smoking, the money you could save with this, the benefits you see in your body by getting out of the smoking.

Vape apps that give you an experience in vaping

Numerous vaping apps available for free download, all does not provide the actual results which are meant with the apps. You can see the reviews given as feedbacks while downloading the app. Some factors are to be considered for making the vaping experience. Before getting the app downloaded, check the credibility of the app and the developer,

  1. Vaffle


Vaffle is an app in which both iOS or Android can be connected purely dedicated for the vapers. Vaffle combines Instagram like the format as YouTube and Facebook is becoming a strange place for the vapers and vaping. The interfacing of the app is perfect and the things you are familiar with are it is for significant apps.

If you are a vaper, you can open the app to get into the social platform of Vaffle. There you have a personal feed, general feed and a tab for the vape reviews. If you are a reviewer, you can upload short videos into the app straight away or connect your vape account to YouTube for more content.

The vape tools available are in the section dedicated to them in an app, and they are in numerous so that you can have all the features that are required about vaping.

The app has gotten full acceptance among the vapers and you can see positive comments in the Google play store and App store. Some minor bug issues related to the apps are there but fixed as soon as the users report the bug.

2. Vape Boss

Vape Boss

Vape Boss is a general vaping app meant for iOS and Android devices. This app is available freely and has a different operational feature. You can get any information related to vaping through this app like data about atomizers, regulated modes, about the e-liquids and many more.

You can also get connected to the other vaping enthusiasts through this new technology platform. The vape boss has features that make it different from the existing vaping apps. This can be customized by vaping retailers to get more local experience. If you upload this app, you will get informed about the stock, price changes or anything related to this without any delay of time.

The beginners are strongly recommended to use this app as it gives the information related to vaping, to get into vaping, and also to be in touch with vaper’s community around them. This app is easy to handle and suitable for your applications.

3. Ohm’s law

Ohm’s law

Everyone will know about Ohm’s law; if you consider this app as the primary tool, then anyone who tries to build the coils regardless of the wire type will require to know about Ohm’s law before vaping.

Slews of Ohm’s law and resistance calculators are available on the android and iOS. The operational easiness and simplicity make this app suitable for everyone.

Even the beginners are calculating the voltage, resistance, current, and power accurately for getting the values. This is a must if you like to build low and crank the power high, for getting an ideal vape and also for maintaining safety. This app is of great support for all those who have the intention of maximizing the vaping experience.

4. QuitNow


Many people start vaping for putting an end to smoking habits. Many apps are freely available in the app store and play store for downloading related to vaping. The app contains standards like days without smoking, several cigarettes smoked, the amount of money saved and time saved without smoking.

Collecting these features in the app will help you to know about the improvement that happened in your life without smoking. Comparing this data, you will get a good idea about the benefits you got for not smoking and the health meter in this indicating the improvement in the health condition. The retrieval from the smoking habit is impressive with this app.

The health section of this app gives you information about how your body is getting benefitted without smoking. It gives percentage information about the overall to the physical improvement. This improvement motivates you and keeps you away from the usage of tobacco cigarettes.

You can find the people who are using vape as an alternative to smoking ad get connected to them through this app.

5. E-liquid calculator

E-liquid calculator

The E-liquid calculator app is the perfect choice for those who prefer all in one application. The app has measurements that accurately measure the ratio of PG/VG and they account for nicotine. These measurements are done at the preliminary state as there are many other applications for the app.

The operation of this unique app is easy and understandable. This has the application to record the most complex e-liquids recipes with ease and enables you to measure the balanced levels of PG/VG. This measured value recommends the appropriate balances of nicotine, flavoring agents and other base ingredients.

The measurement is done after considering the flavoring additives and bottle volume, along with the coil tool which helps to build ideal matching wrap for the new liquid created. The perfect proportions calculated before the vaping helps you to get the best vaping experience rather than guessing the values for making the e-liquid mixture.

Final Verdict

The vaping process is made as an alternation for tobacco smoking as it becomes an addiction and the user shows withdrawal symptoms. The main things in the vaping method are the vaping device and the e-liquid to be filled inside. The user chooses the e-liquids according to the flavor the user requires.

Some people even use the combinations of these liquids to get more effectiveness. These people use devices with multiple tanks. As we are in the gadget era, vaping is also moved with the technology development. The vaping apps available in the Google play store and the App store helps you to get connected with the minute information related to vaping.

The app helps you to get connected with the community of vapers and has a chance of possibility to interact with them. If you are a beginner, then the vaping apps give you crystal clear information to start the vaping effectively and efficiently. So, install the better apps if you have the plan to begin vaping and suggest the app’s you feel is the best to your vaping friends for getting the perfect experience.