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With so many spurious products on the market, it is challenging to find the genuine ones. This is especially true of wellness products since most of them make very tall claims, which are not justified by results. There are many people who suffer from the adverse effects of such dubious products, including aggravation of the original complaints for which you might have been seeking relief.

The stressful world we operate in, work pressures, societal and familial expectations, and your own ambitions ensure that the first thing to take a beating is health. Yet, you must ensure wellness, if you don’t already have health issues, to cope with daily life compulsions. In trying to be the perfect offspring, sibling, spouse, friend, employee/employer, citizen, you tend to neglect your own self. However, take a moment to consider this: how are you going to fulfill any role if you are not at your peak condition — physically and mentally?

This is where SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray comes into play. Whether you are seeking relief from an existing health issue or looking for preventive therapy to ensure continued good health, you wouldn’t be able to do better than to try out SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray. It synchronizes with your body’s endocannabinoid (EC) system to deliver the non-psychoactive extract of cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD) for amazing health benefits.

Swift CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

About SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

Unlike many of the other CBD products on the market, which are either tinctures or oils, SWIFT is a sublingual spray designed for swifter, more effective action. It uses a CBD “isolate,” which is touted as the purest form of CBD. SWIFT is brought to you by Nutra Pure LLC. What really sets this product apart from other CBD products is that they have physical stores in the USA and in the UK, which is clearly mentioned on their website.

Plus, the company provides all the information you could possibly need about the product and its action on its website. As a perfectly legal product, SWIFT is extracted from organically grown hemp, which farmed in Colorado. Their method of extraction is a pressurized CO2 extraction process to get pure CBD isolate, which is the cleanest and safest method to get chemical-free CBD, without any THC. Every spray gives you 3.3 mg of an ultra-pure, high-concentration CBD solution.

If you had been looking for a product that provides immediate relief for you while you are on the go, without it being illegal or harmful for your overall health, then this is your go-to formulation.

Highlights of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

The delivery system of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray ensures that you begin to feel its action with two to three minutes of using it. This is especially useful when you have a blinding headache, and must head for a critical meeting in ten minutes. All CBD products claim the analgesic effect. SWIFT is true to its name and works faster to put itself way ahead in the race. The manufacturers guarantee speedier bioavailability, maximum purity, and convenience. If the natural taste of CBD oil turned you off in other products, then this is your chance to enjoy the full benefits of CBD without having to torture your palate.

You are looking at a rapid means of finding relief for an eclectic array of conditions including inflammation, stress, arthritis, nausea, mood swings, joint pains, toe pains, irritable bowels, shoulder pains, hip pains, anxiety, knee pains, migraines, headaches, neck pains, and symptoms like high blood pressure of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiac ailments. SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray comes in a 300 mg bottle of highly concentrated and non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil extract.

Most importantly, it is a non-intoxicant, gluten-friendly, organically grown, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO product derived from hemp grown by family farmers with diligence and love. Additionally, it is free of toxic chemicals like insecticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides to add to its safety factor. You don’t need a prescription to get SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray.

Ingredients of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray is a dynamic and beneficial dietary supplement based on a CBD isolate, which is the purest form of CBD and contains no other cannabinoids. Rapid absorption is assured as the SWIFT formula is atomized and broken down into tiny particles that enter your bloodstream through the lining of your mouth.

Swift CBD Sublingual Oral Spray Review


This is one of the more reliable products as SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray undergoes rigorous testing at various points during manufacture to prevent even a hint of impurity from creeping in. It is tested at harvest time, during extraction at the factory, and once by an independent third-party laboratory for microbiological screening, cannabinoid profiling, and other relevant tests to ensure that you get only a very high-quality product. What’s more, their lab reports are made public.

You can check for lab reports as far back as two years ago. Just enter the lot number of your bottle of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray, found at the bottom of the bottle, in the relevant space of their website, and the result will show. Every batch of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray is tested after bottling to bring you an exquisite, high-potency CBD product.

Further, they clearly declare that “The information found on SWIFTCBD.com is for informational and educational purposes only.” They also advise you to, “Never disregard, avoid, or delay obtaining medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health care provider because something you have read on our Site.”

Swift CBD Sublingual Oral Spray Review

Press Reports on SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray has not been covered or reviewed by any major newspaper or TV channel. However, there are many websites where reviews of the utility, effectiveness or otherwise of CBD products are posted.

Suitability of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray is suitable for most people as it does not have the same adverse side effects of allopathic medicines. Further, as a non-toxic and non-habit forming supplement, it provides numerous mental health benefits, while supporting healthy joint function. As long as you are above the age of 18 years, are not pregnant or lactating, and are not suffering from any ailment like cancer or CKD, you can try it for both therapeutic and palliative usage.

If you are under any kind of medication, it would be advisable to consult your doctor before ordering a bottle or more of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray to ensure that there are no contraindications.

Price, Shipping, and Handling Charges

The starter pack costs $49.99 per bottle. The most popular pack is SWIFT CBD for three months. At 3 bottles, it works out to $39.99 each. That means you save $30 as it costs only $119.99. However, you enjoy the maximum savings when you buy a six-month supply. Six bottles of SWIFT CBD work out to $34.99 for each. Thus, you save $90 as it costs only $209.99. The payment gateway is “verified by Visa” as a secure gateway.

When you place an order, they will seek your credit card information (to facilitate the gateway), name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and information about your health goals or other information as required to process it. You are liable to pay any sales, VAT, or nexus taxes applicable in your geographic area. Orders are shipped to only US addresses and countries which permit the import of CBD products via USPS, UPS, and other third-party shippers who deliver at your address.

You must inform their customer support immediately if you don’t receive the order within seven to ten days; receive in a damaged condition; or require an exchange. They warn you that, “Failure to contact us in a timely manner may affect your ability to return any products to us”. Any correspondence you need to carry out should be directed to Nutra Pure LLC, 800 NE Tenney Rd, Suite 110-326, Vancouver, WA 98685.

Swift CBD Sublingual Oral Spray Review

Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company has such unshaken faith in its product that they “offer an Unconditional 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the unused portion for a 100% refund.” Note this is very different from other sellers of CBD products who allow you to return only unopened bottles. “Returns should be mailed to the following address: SWIFTCBD Returns, 2555 N Coyote Dr #112, Tucson, AZ 85745.”

You are promised a hassle-free refund after they receive the returned bottles. However, they warn that it might take up to ten days to process it, and for the refund to reflect in your credit card.

How It Works

Free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive portion of cannabis, SWIFT works on your body’s reproductive, nervous, hormonal, muscular, immune, circulatory, and digestive systems through the EC system. This means that it actually acts on practically every part of the body. Traditionally, most CBD products need to go through absorption in the gut and depend on the metabolic process to act on your body. However, SWIFT bypasses that to ensure greater effectiveness.

CO2 extraction is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic process as it is free of harsh chemical solvents, and utilizes very high pressure for extraction of pure CBD from organic hemp. SWIFT is formulated from CBD phytocannabinoids, which exist within luscious, vibrant hemp plants.

My Experience of Using SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

I was beginning to feel the adverse effects of living life on the edge, even if it is cutting edge technology. I needed my mind to be very clear and focused always. So, when I heard a colleague about the wonders SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray had worked on his brother’s mobility issues, I decided to look it up. Since I wasn’t accepting just any old explanation, I ordered only one bottle. A few doses later, I ordered an entire six months’ supply as I wanted to enjoy its benefits fully.

Side Effects of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

You are likely to suffer adverse reactions only if you overdo it. Since it is THC free, there is no fear of your getting high.

Recommended Dosage of SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

Two quick sprays under the tongue do the trick. However, read the label to ensure that you don’t go over the limit. The website warns you against taking too much of it.

Where Can You Buy It?

You have the option of ordering online or buying from their stores physically.

The addresses and phone numbers of the stores are:

Nutra Pure LLC

500 Broadway Street, Suite 480

Vancouver, WA 98660, USA


Nutra Pure Limited

Kemp House

152 – 160 City Road



What I Like About SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

I loved the way SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray improved my creativity and ability to recall even minor details. This has proven invaluable in my professional life. Further, it stabilized my mood, and everyone around me loves the new calmer and more cheerful me. When you suffer a panic attack just before a critical match or interview, a quick spray, and you are set for action.

What I Don’t Like About SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

It is rather pricey. Also, since it is a high demand product, occasionally, it isn’t available.

What Do Users Say About SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

Rodney Sharp of Houston says, “I am like a new man. I had accepted that I could no longer be the active man I used to be and had resigned myself to simply pottering about the house doing nothing. Now, I am as energetic and frolicsome as I was 20 years ago. Playing a hectic round of tennis, gardening, going for long walks are back in my life.”

Phyllis of Las Vegas has this to say, “My life had begun to seem pointless, and my wild mood swings brought on by menopause made me a holy terror for my family and colleagues. After I began to take SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray, my moods have stabilized. No more snarly, or weepy. I have found a new motivation to lead a fuller life.”


If you are looking for nothing more than undisturbed sleep without taking any sedatives, you should try SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray. You will be calmer, more focused, quicker on the uptake, and painless to enjoy a sense of well-being.

Would I Recommend SWIFT CBD Sublingual Oral Spray?

Very definitely. The difference it has made to my professional and personal life is too great to ignore or sweep under the carpet.

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